Blue Silver Forums

After some 250 answers to our previous poll, the results were fairly evenly split across readers wanting to continue using the old §Comments document in the Google Drive, the WordPress comments section, and a forum of our very own.

Since the reason we started considering other means to begin with was that §Comments no longer was a feasible option for the volumes we were seeing, that alternative was right out.

Using WordPress comments lacks some cohesiveness, as comments are spread across any number of posts, making it hard to get an overview, so we didn’t find this option all that enticing.

This left us with the option of setting up our own Blue Silver forum for the purposes of discussion, which was swiftly handled by one of our unofficial editors, creating

There will of course still be a §Comments document, but we envision it more for quick and casual comments and reader corrections than an arena for full length discussion. WordPress comments will naturally be open to anyone, in just the same manner they have been so far. But for those of you looking to join in (or lurk at) more cohesive and lengthy discussion, commentary and rampant speculation about Douluo Dalu, join us at the forum.