23 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 006 – I’m Xiao Wu, Wu of dancing

    • Late response, but no, it’s really not a harem. There are moments when feels like there might be a harem in the future, but no harem ever actually happens.

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  1. lmfao. That little girl was freaking hilarious. I guess our Tang San has such little understanding of outside martial arts that are separate from the Tang Sect. It would have been curious had he come to this world knowing a number of different skill sets and with lots of worldly experience. But then again with what he has he is already formidable and it also means he will get to enjoy this world to the fullest as it would be his first time living life itself. Curious on the Hammer. Only thing I can think is so crazy bout it is the idea of “Hammer Time” in which the user makes everybody, the buildings, and all the surroundings get rekt.


  2. Wang Sheng: “I earnestly wish to pass on this duty to you.”
    So you mean to say, you really want Tang San to become the punching bag for all of you guys ’cause he’s strong and you are weak? How’s that fair? Just ’cause he’s strong he must take hits for you guys? As if!


  3. Thanks for the chap
    Little Bit Dissapointed Tang San Went easy on a girl, Good Mc But going easy on girls is something reserved for the strong


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