Douluo Dalu – 013 – Father’s Message

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14 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 013 – Father’s Message

  1. “Ok little sister, here’s something you can kill people with!”

    And so his dad is a Title Doulou or something? That would be neat. I honestly didn’t expect that.


  2. Wait a second… in the last chapter the Smith-San said he’d pay Tang-san 1 silver spirit coin [presumably once per month although it didn’t actually say] as well as meals… how is this any different?

    Was there a mistranslation in one of these two chapters? [Perhaps it’s 1 silver coin per day, plus bonuses for good business?]


  3. Thanks For the Translations

    Hope This “Chart” Helps Someone

    10 Copper – 1 Silver
    10 Silver ~ 1 gold
    1 Gold ~ 100 Copper

    Xin-San Said I Will Pay you 1 Silver Every Month +% For hard Work
    Buisness Whent Well, He Ended Up Earning 5 Silver

    5 Silver ~ Being 50 Copper A Month
    1 Gold Stipendi ~ 100 Copper

    1.5 Gold
    15 Silver
    150 Copper

    Seeing As He Makes His Hidden Weapons
    Meals Are Paid By The Smithy
    Knowledge From GrandMaster Free
    Cultivating Cost Nothing Just Time

    He Dont Need to Spend Cash, Meaning More To Save

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