Douluo Dalu – 014 – Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai

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23 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 014 – Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai

    • Mmm, I thought that size was a bit odd as well, if he continues to get growth spurts when he absorbs new spirit rings, will he be a giant as an adult?


  1. Thanks for the translation. There is a minor mistake in the middle of the chapter, the two words “his” and “even” are missplaced.

    Xiao Wu discontentedly said:
    “Why? I will do it myself, I will hit him so his even mom doesn’t recognize him.”


  2. I personally think that if Tang San didn’t have his cheat skills from his past life he mostly really will had no chance with Dai Mubai before thier spirit power battle even start…since what got him so far was because of his cheat skills, it gave him the big advantages over others. I was wondering the whole time why no one questions the skills he uses which clearly doesn’t come from his spirit tools. And because he don’t have a spirit beast so the skills he uses was totally questionable.

    Thank for the chapter


    • Why do you say that like you think it’s a bad thing. Personally I don’t think I’d even be reading this if the whole past life twist element wasn’t the cornerstone of this web novel. Also I’m not so sure but I’m assuming the hammer has some decent attack capabilities so I wonder what the outcome would have been if he used it.


  3. What a beast fight. The plants are so useful. Shame though that Dai Mubai has his White Tiger beast. I’d be curious to see if there is someone with a black dragon spirit beast. It must be incredibly hard to work with haha.


  4. I’m wondering about his eyes. Here they are described as “twin pupils”, and they are origininally blue, goto dark blue and then red. In the manga he has normal pupils but from the beginning one eye is red and the other one is blue…


  5. Love This Novels Detail Even More.

    The Manhuwa Whent By Every Fight In A Flash, (Even Skiped ALOT Of Them)
    Well Only Some Fights Were Detailed, But, Far From This Level.

    That Ghost Vine: Is One Hell Of A Complement Together With The Datura Snake Attributes

    As For “The Cheat Skills”.
    I Think They Are Indeed PowerFul, But, Just Think Of Them As “Spirit Abilities”
    Every One Has Them (Perhaps not This Early) But, Then Again He Has Full Inate Spirit Power,
    So No Suprise, Even Xiao Wu Has Some


  6. by all means thank you for the translation but that fight scene was translated so wierdly it felt light I was reading them off of a machine translations site. Which is strange because usually your translations are pretty good aside from the small mistake every now and then.


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