Douluo Dalu – 016 – Plate Crystal Hair Gold Dragon Beard Needle

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16 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 016 – Plate Crystal Hair Gold Dragon Beard Needle

  1. Tang san got a top hidden weapon that be able to counteract Dai Mubai skill so fast …they just met in chapter 14 but already got a hidden weapon to counteract him….it sound so ridiculous. I do love and enjoy this just that the Mc got things to power him up so easily and fast…his skills like heaven skill and demon eye and I forgot the others…it is cheat enough but now this….it would had sound a lot more better if he obtain the top hidden weapon later on.

    Thank for the chapter. Thanks very much for translating.


  2. I love the hidden weapon idea. I also like that no matter what he would never actually use it in a fight with Dai Mubai even if it could counter his Vajra Tiger form. Mainly because to use it is to remove it from being a hidden weapon. Only in a death match is it worth using.

    That school sounds hilarious. That families fault for not checking the age limits.


  3. I Thought It Was Clear And No Need To Sound Rude

    Hair Gold, Is Hair Looking Like Gold,
    As Xiao Wu Asked Why Not, Gold Hair

    Tang Explained Why That Would Be Wrong
    Reading How He Explains The Method And Attributes
    He Said Its Not Made Of Gold
    The Feel And The Flexibility Is All The Same As Hair Even The Shape And Size
    However, When Imbued With Spirit Power The Hair Shines Like Gold
    Becomes Sharper Then A Needle
    Thus Making It easier To Call “Hair Gold” Even “Needle Gold” Would Sound Good

    It Would Be To Long And Sound Stupid To Call It “Crystal Hair Gold” sounds like something Else Entierly

    As Of The Use Of It Is Very Limited He Did Mention That They Are Only Allowed to Use Deadly Weapons and Hidden High Grade Weapons In Face Of Mortal Danger

    And Should Always Be Hidden At All Times Due To How Rare And Powerful They Are,
    Easier Cheaper Less Powerful Is A Daily Weapon Used In Similar Situations As Well

    Tang Is Fair, Just, And Polite, So Using These Are Strictly Prohibited
    Prof Would Be That, He Doesnt Use Them Loosly, He Always Has His Wits About Everything He Does
    About The Part He Mentioned Using It On “Evil Eyes” Was A Way To Explain How Useful/Powerful
    They Could have Been If The Need Would Present It Self

    Only, Unless Someone Threatens Or Highly Insults Him Or His Family ( Xiao Wu & Hao )

    About The Fee, They Didnt check The Age Requirements Wich Is An insult to the rules, but,
    To Even Add A Refund Is Yet Another Insult To The Rules, Hence Mubais reaction.


  4. Why doesn’t xiao wu question how tang san knows about hidden weapons? She knows he’s just a blacksmiths son and shes seen his impoverished upbringing.


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