Douluo Dalu – 017 – Academy Only For Monsters

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20 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 017 – Academy Only For Monsters

  1. “I your father has a big sausage.” Fucking perfect.

    With all these girls being introduced… I kinda hope this doesn’t turn into a harem. But if it does, that’s ok too, as long as he remains faithful to his little sister.
    And I totally forgot about his dual spirit thingy… but wow I wonder just how strong his grass and hammer will be as he levels up?


    • What I’m wondering is whether or not the Hammer can receive Spirit Rings on an independent track from the River Grass.

      We’d have ourselves a case of Severely Overpowered Main Character if that is the case and he eventually pursues it.


      • I think the hammer can receive different spirit rings because remember both tangs father and his teacher said that he absolutely cant level it up or whatever.


        • I think it has something to do with the burden of absorbing a spirit ring. His second spirit ring for river grass could only be 700ish because of the burden on his body (grandmaster explained this before he got his first ring but the limit was 400ish). If the limit of the first spirit ring for his hammer at that point was also 700ish he could be able to fill it up with hundred thousand year old spirit rings when that becomes his limit.


  2. Damn this is so different from the manga. Well not big differences so far but a bunch of little ones like in the manga the guy with the beard summons tofu and I dont think he had to chant that phrase. Hopefully there wont be a big difference between the two that’ll cause a huge change in story or some shit


      • Keep In Mind That This Is Like “Above” User Said: The Original.

        Wich I Belive Is Resticed To Adults In China,
        So In Short The Manhuwa Wich Is Deemed A Teenager/Child, Comic Book.

        Is “Censured” Down A Bit, Thus, Sausage Became Tofu,
        There Are Other Changes Just Like These. (So I have Heard)

        Another Is The Figure And Looks Of The People
        Example: The Girl Behind Xioa Wu, Whom Was Called “The Tigress”

        Sounds Way Sexier In The Explanation Here, Shes good looking In The Manhuwa
        But, Damn, Shes Sexy Here!


        • I was surprised myself, too. Since the girl described as a “tigress”, in the manga, can only ne described as a slender and tall beauty. She didn’t have rich bosoms or a sexy figure.
          And Oscar, seriously? A sausage?! I couldn’t keep myself from laughing from the chant. XD


  3. I don’t want to be a grammar nazi or anything but can you edit it please? Some of the phrases seemed pretty awkward and it disturbs the flow when I have to backtrack to really understand. I really want to read this since I’m already reading the sequels. Pretty please?

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