Douluo Dalu – 019 – Tang San’s Hidden Weapons

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20 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 019 – Tang San’s Hidden Weapons

  1. I wonder if Tang will ever be able to combine his two spirits. It would be amazing to see him using the blue grass as a pseudo-handle for gripping the hammer and have it whip around the battlefield.


  2. Wow he just showed everyone the hammah.
    Holy shit even I wasn’t expecting Tang San to put up this much of a fight… imagine if he kills him…


  3. This is not even my final attack! haha wow this chapter was intense! Literally all out attack and he’s doesn’t even have the other 9 top tier weapon yet. Anyway Thank you for the translation!


  4. Thanks for the chapter. I was hoping that this part is different from Manhwa, it’s kinda silly to start afresh with the incense time. They made it such a big deal about the age and power gap in earlier chapters, it’s a bit ridiculous. It would make more sense if he could persevere through half of the earlier incense.


  5. This whole fight is totally ridiculous Tang san is the biggest cheater I’ve ever see…even tho I read many recarnation novel/story none of the main character has so many cheating skills like this guy that comes from his past life. I would understand if he did has some skills from his past life but too many overpowering skills. He even had it all in a very short amount of time is just too ridiculous. If he already like this ridiculous. ..just imagine later on…if right now he beat the heck out of the strongest guy in the world in the novel at age 13 I wouldn’t be that surprise after all he is a big cheater just others don’t know and will think he is a impossible genius in existence at age 13.

    All I want to say is it is aledy already ridiculous that he can already beat up a big shot seventy something rank giving Zhao Wuji a hard time by himself at age 13…so far he is unbeatable none had even really beat him …Mc like that is like impossible human…. what fun if there not a single rivarly or opponent for him if he alway end up winning. Sometimes it good to give the mc hardship in fighting to be stronger but here I see none. This mc is straight up Super ridiculous overpower.

    Thanks very much for the chapter.


    • He was actually trying to kill Zhao Wuji while Zhao Wuji was trying to avoid badly injuring him. Tang would have been overwhelmed in the long run if it continued. All his tricks simply slowed Zhao down. I do think it was a bit overkill to have him solo the test though.


    • He’s an assassin. Pulling poison and other tricks is what he does. And Zhao Wuji was specifically trying to not kill him, or even seriously injure him. Besides, you can’t cheat in a fight. If you think there’s honor in a fight, you don’t understand combat. To fight is to abandon your honor.


  6. Freaking awesome. Love his mastery of hidden weaponry. Can’t wait to see the upper tier weapons in the future. I feel that he had to spend so much time getting up to the level that would allow him to even use a basic amount of his previous life skills. Very interesting battle.


  7. Just finished part 2 and I must say it is like Tang is an idiot or something… It wouldn’t be an understatement to say he was trying to lose, I mean ffs light another one? WHY!!! WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO GIVE YOURSELF A DISADVANTAGE? WTF! He said they lost? How?? Tang was hardly injured! Did Wuji just forget his own rules? And Jesus why am I always feeling like Tang really is just a 12 year old little shit? Oh maybe it is because he acts like one in his stupid little hero spurts and in times of importance it is like he completely forgets about his past lifes teachings and skills! God…. I…. Just want to not feel like my MC is a complete retard…. Is that so much?


    • He held back because if you didn’t notice all his moves after not holding back has a high chance to kill people, it’s overkill and unethical to use killing moves in a sparing match unless the other party is in no danger of you wana kill them.also tang and the pagoda kid have no way of stoping Zhao within the required time unless tang went full power mode. Also technically tang is 12 years old and his teachings if you paid attentions have taught him to act like that( you clearly did not pay attention) is it too much to use your brain and see all the hints and info given by the author that explain/ answer your questions? Also you are like one of those morons on you tube you watch a vid half way and comment asking bout things answers in the later half( sorry if this is mean but commenting after reading part 2 without the other parts strongly indicates this)


      • Dont Mean To Sound Rude, But, Rather Help If Someone Else Feels The Same Way….

        Actually I Agree, The Hints About His Priciples Is That He Uses Them As They Should
        And Always Was In Old Times!

        You See, Principles To Day IS More Of A Way To Show Respect, Some Times Set As Rules

        In Old Days, Principles Was Someones Personality, Something YOU NEVER BREAK
        Kinda Like A Part Of Your Personality, Having This Line Of Thought My Help You Understand:

        The “Hevanly Record” Better, Here Are The First Ones Mentioned So Far

        【Tang Sect Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record general principles, first item:
        Never let a person you cannot completely trust
        know how much strength you really possess.】

        “Hide Your True Power, Thus Seemingly Forgett His Past teaching To Hide Them”
        (Only Let Xiao Learn about the Power And Details about The Weapons)

        【Tang sect Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record general principles, second item:

        what are hidden weapons: employed surreptitiously,
        a special martial weapon to vanquish the enemy and win victory.
        If the enemy knows you want to use it, like that, it is no longer a hidden weapon,
        rather an overt weapon.】

        【Tang Sect Mysterious Heaven Treasure Records, general principles, third item:

        determine that the opponent is an enemy,
        if they are then aim to kill,
        if not then show mercy,
        otherwise only increase your worries.】

        “Dont Mindlessly Kill Other People, Unless They Threaten You Or Shows No Mercy”
        (Kinda What Wuji Did To Tangs team During The Test)

        【Tang Sect Mysterious Heaven Treasure Recordss, overall key lines:

        in anything less than a moment of crisis,
        absolutely cannot lightly use, (Hidden Weapons) nothing more.】

        “Think Before Using Your Hidden Weapons, Its Only For Crisis, If So Show No Mercy”
        (Kinda Like What Wuji Did To Tangs team)

        【Tang Sect Mysterious Heaven Treasure Records, overall key lines:

        one forever must not try to disguise as a hog eating tiger,
        otherwise one very easily will really become the hog.】

        “Never Lossen Up In A Fight Beware Of The Situation And Enemies Intention”
        (Kinda Like What Wuji Did To Tangs team)

        With This Info Its Easy To See Why Tang Lost It In This Chapter


  8. Truly ridiculous. His hidden skills from his past life really are a joke. They don’t fit in that world and give him an enormous advantage.
    I will never understand why those authors give so much advantage to the MC. Either they take us for dumb people, either they think (and maye are right) that the major part of people who read this kind of stories have inferiority complex in they real life and love to read a story with a MC that beat the shit out of everyone even if it’s not credible and believable.

    Those guys are already geniuses. The MC has already two spirits, which already make him more incredible than the others, and will, later on I guess give him a huge strength when he will farm black rings for his hammer spirit.
    But no, let’s also give him hidden skills that gives him strength, speed etc, right now, cause it would not be interesting if we were to see a MC that loses.

    I mean, how the hell would it be interesting to see a MC lose, train and rise again later ? /sarcasm off
    It’s like the author thinks he will send all the readers away if we are to see the MC lose. Man, again and again, universes that really are interesting, but god, always MCs that are too powerful. (at least in this light novel, he has friends, generally, the guy is alone…)


    • If you think yhat os so stupid why you read it? I think 50 Shades of Grey is stupid so I don’t read it. Even tried couldn’t and simply gave up.


  9. I just don’t know how xiao Wu could maintain a close distance to Tang San without being hurt all along.. with that much hiddepn weapon.. a hedgehog indeed, with ghost perplexing moves.. is he sonic?
    Thank you so much for translation.. if only this is published in my country, I would definitely buy this to support the author


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