Douluo Dalu – 021 – Evil Fire Phoenix

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25 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 021 – Evil Fire Phoenix

  1. Why does this feel like a machine translation 😦 I’ve caught more than 16,000 errors in the last 21 chapters alone, not even counting the sentences that make no sense. It’s really depressing.

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    • Probably because the language wasn’t made to be translated into english, so of course their will be points when a sentence that makes sense untranslated will be a little off translated.


      • Though the way words are arranged are similar between Chinese and English, Chinese has the ability to create run on sentences with multiple meanings, which can appear depending on how it is punctuated and where commas are. Also the idioms in Chinese are a lot different. These four character structures might make no sense immediately and often require knowing the story those four characters are derived from to fully understand.


        • the thing is that now that it’s in English the translator should try to change the sentence structure and wording so that it makes sense in English.


      • Sorry but that’s the most ridiculous excuse I’ve ever heard. No language is made to be translated into another language. That’s what translating is. Your reasoning is not valid. I’ve read countless Chinese and Japanese novels that have been translated perfectly. This work is merely amateurish and poorly done. If he wants to be taken seriously as a translator, then he should invest in hiring an editor, as his own English is certainly not up to par, or else he would easily be able to catch the hundreds of glaring errors in each chapter.

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  2. Xiao Wu was stunned a moment, somewhat glossing over it said:

    “I’m guessing. After all, how would a Spirit Douluo possibly appear at such a small tranquil place.” LMAO and cannot stop! thanks for the hard work, you are great!!


  3. So basically….Evil Fire Pheonix makes him need to fuck a lot or he will die from immense lust implosion. Wow. Is he an incubus or what?


  4. The author sure does know how to make badass hidden weapon names,elegant yet at the same time ferocious, beautiful yet deadly, simple yet unique


  5. err i need someone to explain this to me. Please. what exactly is his defect? i thought he had to consume a lot of food (manhua) but if i understand correctly, in this chapter (I’m very sorry author I really didn’t understand much) he hast to do *that*? Are you serious?

    Oh and Thank you for translating this chapter. I didn’t really understand everything but thanks a lot for your hard work!


    • Yup, it seems the girl couldn’t handle him *wink* x). I’m guessing the manhua was made more child-friendly; since the sausage was also changed


      • Thanks For The Trandlations!

        I Dont Get This “Frustration” About The Translation Quality Being Bad, In Any Shape

        It Is Done Well Enough For Me To Picture the Scene, Per Seperation

        Sure This Was Perhaps The Worse So Far, But ,Far From Receiving Such Comments

        But, I Do Understand if Some Kids Cant Understand It
        Or Even Someone With A Certian Analytical Mind Cant Puzzle It Together

        So Heres Something To think About:

        Remember To Read One Seperated Part At A Time, Then Puzzle In Your Head, Together What you Read

        Ignore The Commas, Dots And Just Think Of The Whole Part You Just Read And Think Of A Logical Out Come, That Actually Makes Sence

        This Is Considered A Simple Exercise Dealing With: Bad Spelling, Typpos, Translations
        or Even Understanding your Own Mistakes Writing Something

        This What Many Reffers To:
        “Respecting The Writter By Trying To Understand Whats Being Read By You
        Before Commenting On Spelling / Grammar

        Unless You Cant Do This Im Sorry To Say, Some People Do Have Problem Understanding Explanations While Reading Or After They Read Something

        Just As Some People Cant Remember Well What They Hear
        Like Wise, some Cant remember What They Saw

        Practise How Ever Can Help This to Some Degree

        Im Not Perfect In Any Way, I May Use Faulty Grammar,
        Or Bad Word Choices, Some Say Its Good Enough To Get A Clear Understand,

        I Always Use This Method To read At All Because I Want To Understand What I Read
        But I Type Like This To Help People With Dyselexia To Catch on To The Text Easier
        (If Your Wonderig)

        I Do Wich You Luck, And Enjoy The Story


          • “I Always Use This Method To read At All Because I Want To Understand What I Read
            But I Type Like This To Help People With Dyselexia To Catch on To The Text Easier
            (If Your Wondering)”


        • We can understand what’s happening just fine. Doesn’t change the fact that this translation is piss poor. Shouldn’t have to suffer through each chapter.


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  7. Gosh this translation is bad. I think that whoever translated this chapter did it word by word. Most of the sentences don’t make sense, the syntax is all over the place and the sentences are unnecessarily long. It’s a pity that such a good story is wasted by the poor translation. I almost want to rewrite the whole chapter in a more comprehensive way.


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