10 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 024 – Three Five Combination’s Establishment

  1. Xaio Wu’s and Tang San’s first fights were too easy. Good thing their 2 on 2 fight has been more of a challenge.


  2. Well, The First two Fights Being Simple, Is Rather Easily Grasped

    As Mubai Said

    Each fight Is Betwen Ranks:

    30-39…. And So on

    San & Wu Has Both Rank 29, Being On The Verge Of Entering Next Tier
    Can They Really Meet “Much Stronger” Opponants? Highly Unlikely

    As Also, Both has reached Maxed Ages On Thier Spirit Rings And Full Innate Spirit Power Makes Them Even More … Monsterous


    Under circumstances where rank was not much different, when Blue Silver Grass tangled the them the other side basically would not have a chance to struggle free

    Hints they are Clsoe Power Wise


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