9 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 029 – Unrivalled Dragon Serpent

  1. Its good that tang san isn’t abusing his hidden weapons. Its much more interesting to see him have tough fights. Then when its life or death use them as a last pinch move to take the win, that’s how it should be. Trump cards need to stay trump cards. How then can it be a trump card if its used all the damn time.


  2. Regarding The Hidden Weapons The Rules Are As Follows

    【Tang Sect Mysterious Heaven Treasure Records, overall key lines:

    one forever must not try to disguise as a hog eating tiger,
    otherwise one very easily will really become the hog.】

    【Tang Sect Mysterious Heaven Treasure Recordss, overall key lines:

    in anything less than a moment of crisis,
    absolutely cannot lightly use (Hidden Weapons), nothing more.】

    【Tang Sect Mysterious Heaven Treasure Records, general principles, third item:

    determine that the opponent is an enemy,
    if they are then aim to kill,
    if not then show mercy,
    otherwise only increase your worries.】

    【Tang sect Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record general principles, second item:

    what are hidden weapons:
    employed surreptitiously,
    a special martial weapon to vanquish the enemy and win victory.
    If the enemy knows you want to use it, like that, it is no longer a hidden weapon,
    rather an overt weapon.】


    For Simplyfing

    *Never Hold Back During A Fight, Or It Will Cost You
    *Dont Use Your Hidden Weapons Unless Your Life Depends On It
    *Kill Those Trying to Kill You, Save Those Whom Are Close, Stay Alert to The Rest
    *Hidden Weapons Shouldnt Be Used To Much Or Else They Wouldnt Be “Hidden” any More

    These are the Simplest Explanations, As they do Have More then One Meaning, List would Just go On & On


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