Douluo Dalu – 030 – Oscar’s Third Spirit Ring

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13 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 030 – Oscar’s Third Spirit Ring

  1. That is exactly what i’ve been wondering for a while since spirit beasts were introduced. How come in this time there are still thousand or ten thousand year spirit beasts? (Probably no one can handle a hundred thousand year). Since humanity discovered spirits, spirit rings etc., they probably indiscriminately killed spirit beasts to achieve a more formidable power. I understand that there are only few people who can handle formidable spirit beast. However, spirit masters probably already existed for a very very long time. Well, just saying. 😏


  2. That fight was kinda cool. I”m surprised they didn’t choose to allow the other side to have it in exchange for a favor later. Plus there are other thousand year spirit beasts and it is likely they may encounter others suitable to Oscar since he is a food category spirit master.

    I enjoyed that bit at the end concerning the declining population of spirit beasts. Its too true what they say, you can’t keep farming them without some way to replenish them as otherwise the creatures will die out of existence. I’d be curious to see if there was not someway to allow for an infusion daily of spirit energy from lvl 50 and higher spirit masters being able to slowly increase the rate at which spirit beasts cultivate therefore being able to create within 10 years time a 100,000 year spirit beast by assisting in their cultivating. After all, the humans seem to cultivate super fast and are able to regenerate their cultivation rapidly. Another thing would be looking into artificially creating spirit rings using spirit power and simply dropping a few drops of blood from a corresponding creature without killing it would then ignite the type of ring while the ring when being created would be created with the requisite amount of energy that would cause it to become whatever level spirit ring you cultivated it to be.


  3. I can feel a family bond type feeling reading this chapter, you could say zhao wuji is the arrogant yet overprotective uncle while flender is the straightforward and cunning father


  4. My Original First Thought At This Point Following This Chapters Final Conversion
    Caused Mind To Go Crazy, Thoughts Flying In All Directions

    What I Thought At this Point Was:

    10 Year Rings Are Even White At 99, With A Slight Yellow Shine

    Tang Hao´s Ring Was Black (10 Thusand) Slight Red As It Was close To 100 Thusand

    What Happens if We Keep Going?
    Wouldnt That Also Implay The Same At the 100 Thusand Year Ring , Being 999.999 Year Stil being Red?

    Then What Could Happen Once It Reached Past That Point?
    Could It Even happen
    Seeing As No One Mentions It, Whats Going On?
    Do They Just Cease to Excist?

    Questions Are/were Many


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