Douluo Dalu – 031 – Forest King, Titan Giant Ape

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16 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 031 – Forest King, Titan Giant Ape

  1. By revisiting the story, one will undoubtedly learn things that are not apparent before. I have now, I believe, understand more than I did before… for the actions taken and possible reasons for them.

    (I cannot be more specific for that will make me spoil the future development of the story to new readers.)


  2. Agree With: Shuurei,
    Although I Didnt Read The Manhuwa Very Far,
    It is A blessing To Re, Read it Yet Again In Novel Form

    If No One Has Done So:

    “Go Read The Manhuwa After You have Reached The Final Chapters Of This Novel”

    Oddness And Master Peice Comes To Mind ( In A Good Way )

    All My Thoughts & Comments Up Until This Point
    Has And Always Will Be A Helping hand, Understanding The INFO
    As Some Confussion Has Happened,

    As For My Thoughts:
    They Are Written as They Originally First came To Me.
    Thus I Dont Count Them As Spoilers.
    As They Were My First Thoughts, Just Sharing.


  3. So I’m rereading. Of course I am.
    There is a missed sentence. I doubt it’s highly important cause it doesn’t look like dialogue.
    It’s so interesting to read this again knowing all that I know now. 🙂


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