Douluo Dalu – 032 – Wicked Butcher, Man Faced Demon Spider

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18 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 032 – Wicked Butcher, Man Faced Demon Spider

  1. so after reading to chaper 32… why there were still no explanation about his other spirit tools? the golden hammer or something. i think tang san should really focus on the hammer also because that skill also good to increase his offensive ability. all i read was how painstakingly increase the level of his blue silver grass. i also eager to read about the hammer and how strong it is.


  2. I get the feeling there is a certain cultivation method that can only be learned from Spirit Beasts that considering humans innately fast speed in cultivation would allow humans to cultivate spirit rings should they be able to learn said method. Apparently Xiao Wu is also an individual who has learned this special method. I’m very curious if she will share this ability with Tang San in the future to prevent him from needing to go hunting spirit beasts. He already states he does not enjoy killing them and would prefer to leave them alone. I feel it would be beneficial in the end to do so. Also, if spirit masters could do this method then it would probably create quite the paradox in economic matters pertaining to spirit beasts. After all who would need to pay money to get a group to hunt for a spirit beast ring after this? And who would still need to hunt spirit beasts as often for materials? IN this respect Spirit masters could become similar to Druids while those who hunt SPirit beasts for mats would be like adventurers.


    • Maybe it’s a really difficult method or a method passed down via bloodline? Because Xiao Wu seems to really trust Tang San, but at the same time, she doesn’t seem very willing to tell him about this. The ability being either blood-line or extremely difficult to learn would also explain how Xiao Wu is able to keep up with Tang San and possibly exceed him. Not only that, the fact that she needs a spirit ring already means that she probably exceeded the thirtieth rank some time ago and simply just did not say anything or she’s able to suppress her actual rank and make it look like it’s only at it’s twenty ninth.

      Although I think Tang San will probably learn how to eventually because he still has to cultivate his Hammer Spirit Tool. I think the reason why he was told not to cultivate it was because if he maxed out his blue grass, it would allow him to work on his spirit tool with insanely high leveled rings. But the creatures that would provide those rings would be rare and hard to find, so it would benefit Tang San to learn Xiao Wu’s ability rather than hunt millions of years old monsters.


  3. Staring One Self Blind On One Thing, Yet Neglecting Whats Happening Is Truly A Skill, I Will Not Understand


    Thinking Of The Connections And Events Going On, Before,
    What Lead Up To What startled Ones Thoughts.

    Might Be The Right Approach,
    Seeing That Would Explain The Current Situation

    If That Cant Be Understood, Why Not Simply:

    Ignore What Was Said Could Also Have Some Positive Effects As Well,
    Like Continue To Read The Story, Gaining Knowledge And Then Being Suprised Is After All A Nice Feeling

    Hint And Life Leasson In One Comment, Multi Tasking, Yea, Thats Also One Positive Thing … Supposedly


    No Offense To Anyone
    Just A thought I Got While Skimming Through The Comments.
    Wanted To Leave A Small Clue Without, Spoiling It To Much

    Thanks For The Translations And Very Well Made ” Word Pictures ” ( Cant find the English/American Word )


  4. I love how everyone is that “Whoa, does Xiao Wu have this special technique that lets her create Spirit rings?!”, and I’m over here like “No, it gets better than that”


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