Welcome to Blue Silver Translations


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Blue Silver Translations

  1. I’ve started this series recently and it’s been enjoyable so far. However, the grammatical errors/strange sentence structure, at least those in the chapters, have been bothering me. Would you mind if I polish up the grammar a bit before sending them back? Thank you very much for your time, and please continue the good work.


    • By all means. E-mail me at b.bagelson@gmail.com. The early chapters are especially bad, and going through them is on my to-do list, but since that takes away time from translating new chapters, I’ve only had time for the prologue and chapter 1 so far.


      • I also know a bit about Chinese figures of speech from living in the household, so I might adjust the sentence based on what I think it was trying to say. I will mark those instances and run it by you, of course. Thanks for giving me this chance, I look forward to working with you.


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