28 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 034 – Limit Surpassing Man Faced Demon Spider Spirit Ring

  1. As a note – 風雲 , in old Chinese texts, is also a euphemism for sex, sexual intercourse.

    Considering the poem you reference, this tidbit may be entirely inconsequential and irrelevant. But it does make me wonder about their teasing Meng Yiran after that. 😛

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      • Haha, it’s a seriously old (Ming/Qing? dynasty) usage. The euphemism is used this way a lot in “Dream of the Red Chamber” (one of the four classical Chinese novels; Romance of Three Kingdoms, Journey to the West are some of the others). I wouldn’t even consider it a possibility, usually, but given the genre…

        One of those strange pieces of trivia you pick up from a university course and never think you’d use again.


    • Doesn’t take much to set you off, eh? She clearly has a secret she can’t easily talk about. What is she to do other than make something up? And I don’t recall her ever betraying anyone of them.


    • I guess having a special ability that someone could be killed for/hunted down for and not wanting people to know is a bad thing. Let’s not forget that Tang San is doing the same with his hidden weapons and parentage (later on). I’m sure there’s a reason why she’s keeping her knowledge and abilities hidden. For all we know, maybe she has the same thing as Tang San (previous life memories).

      Oh wait, I guess some people just don’t like the idea of female leads being as strong or stronger than the male protog.


      • Please don’t make this a gender issue, I think what this person above was ticked about is the fact that our MC is human and while he has a leg up by knowledge of cultivation from before he still has to put in his own effort to use that knowledge and make it his strength. On the other hand rabbit girl is pretty obviously not human (I’m thinking the moonlight rabbit princess from mythology) and as such can grow her own rings and can cultivate just by existing, very much not the same thing, then to top it all off she can probably jump past him in strength but that would show her hand and make it so she can’t hang out with him but she repeatedly steals his thunder and accomplishments.


  2. Curse that bitch. Lying to em all even San then surpassing his record even after he has been so damn nice to her. Hope she dies in a hole but doubt she will

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    • What is the problem with you? She clearly did not planned to be kidnapped. To her, it is also an accident.

      She did lie, but clearly because she has some secrets. It is not that she intends to betray or harm anyone. Even Tang San also needs to lie sometimes regarding his identity.

      And what’s wrong if she broke his record? Do you mean she should wait for another 7 months to level up to be considered a nice girl?

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  3. True story , bruh. hahaha I’m not sure why ppl don’t like Xiao Wu, i like her mystery. I think spirit master will eventually use her “technology” to upgrade rings, so they dont have to cause animal extinction. At least, i’m hoping they’re heading toward that solution.

    Thanks for the good work and effort in translating.


  4. Too bad nothing was mentioned about shrek academy side’s expressions and reactions after tang san displayed his BRILLIANT skills. Hahaha i bet they were still amazed even though they knew of his skills. I mean throwing knives without looking at the target. Too much OP.
    Thank you translator! 😁


  5. That is just to sad. SHe just randomly overturns his record like that. I don’t think anyone knows whether to laugh or cry. Sigh. Its realy too bad. She is such an interesting character yet her secret will likely be the cause of some major arcs coming up in the future. Ya know save the princess reconcile with her type thing. Or just a major training arc where they become one with nature. Druids I tell ya.


  6. I’m curious about the 4 meter long cane… that is over 13 feet, that probably means it is twice as tall as its owner…is there a typo or translation error, or is it really a 13 foot staff?


    • According to the raws it should really be 4 meters long. It probably gets bigger with more soul rings, while the body also gets stronger.


  7. Did Most Of You Skip A Chapter or Two Back There, ” Pointing Behind, Over The Shoulder ”

    AnyWho… Love The Translations So Far, ” WordPicture ” Stil Fine ´n Well

    ~ Hope You All Have A Good One ….


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