27 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 035 – Tang San’s Tyrannical Third Spirit Ability

  1. Thank you for the Chapters! An amazing job is what you guys are doing here.

    Is Tang San becoming SpiderMan or Dr. Octopus ? I guess he gained some of the traits of a beast spirit or something around those lines.
    I wonder if he can use the poison from his new spider legs on his hidden weapons. That will be cool, no more need of foraging for poison plants or animal in the forests 😀


  2. Thanks a lot for translate this novel… i love it so much. Wait for ur next update…. every day i always see my google drive or ur web to see the new chapter….


  3. Thanks a lot for this chapter, love your work!

    Just a thought, since it says even with Zhao Wuji adding his spiritual power and Uncle’s sausage, they couldn’t push back the poison, could it be a weapon Tang San could use against people higher ranked than himself? I remember it said when he faced off against Zhao the poison from his blue-silver grass was useless, but this time, even he couldn’t push back this new poison. Or maybe it’s because it’s the body of someone else. Makes me wonder…


  4. Well is one thing to interfere with someone else that to protect yourself. It’s a good chance that Zhao Wuji will resist the poison using Vraja or just overpowering it with brute spirit power.

    Also Zhao Wuji has no delicate control over his spirit power, he’s just a brute lol. Tang San removed the poison form the Chicken Guy applying the same skill he used on Grandmaster when he got bitten by that Snake that’s why it woked.

    Well it may be that the poison will work on masters that have around 20 levels over Tang San depending on their spirit abilities.

    Well i still get the feeling that those hidden weapons are more potent than the spirit ring’s ability when fighting a opponent with a large level difference. Sadly without reaching the higher levels in the mysterious arts Tang San can’t create the most deadly weapons form his sect.

    At the same time when Tang San levels up he should unlock a new repertoire of hidden weapons to blow our minds.

    Still those spider legs bug me since if they will give him similar abilities to those of beast spirit master he will become cheat like with 2 tool (blue silver grass is considered a tool spirit or plant ? cant remember) spirits and a beast spirit master’s body i wonder what the next spirit ring will bring since this one was awesome.
    Ha ha! can’t wait for more.


  5. hah… already finish all of the chapters!!! thx for translating this awesome LN… really love it… hope u guys keep up the good works!!


      • lol… is that so…. i thought this is the last page because the next page is a discussion… haha… i can continue reading it !!! more chapters for me!!! xD


  6. Oh man,,, I’m so hooked to the manwha now.
    Can’t wait till the next release! Kudos to the translators.
    Can’t thanks you peepz enough for all your hard work.


  7. i’m against tang san explaining his hidden weapon on everyone no matter how he trusted them
    that’s what i feel right now


  8. Am i the only one who feels that something is wrong everytime tang san discuss or reveals his hidden weapons to other people?

    Anyways, thank you translator for the translation. 😁


  9. Well at least now he is technically getting closer to being physically a spirit beast than a human. At this rate he will gain many traits of creatures and become the vaunted CHIMERA! Actually that would be badass. Considering he can change his shape back to human why not right? Plus its a Xianxia story so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if the MC gets all sorts of op power ups but only have surviving by luck or skill death defying deadly situations. I honestly look forward to the unique power ups that people can come up with. I really don’t care about the whole idea of an “OP” character. Op is only Op if there is no one stronger. Considering he is only around 31 32nd level compared to the humongous gap that each 10 levels of spirit power contain and how the gap gets exponentially bigger per latter 10 levels its safe to say this is a necessary power up to survive coming shit storms.


  10. @ daimyokage: I Would Like That Idea To Be True As Well “The Only limit Is Ones, Imagenation”

    Regarding The Hidden Weapons:

    He Seems To Want People To Respect The Power They Bring
    Just Barley Keeping The Construction Of The Powerful ones Close To Mind

    The Weak Ones, As “The Penetrating Bone” Is Easly Made nothing To Fancy, In His Eyes,
    It Would Not Be bad If Word Spills Who Made That One And Seeing It Has Power

    As He Seems Inclined To ReForm “Tang Sect” He May Use This Very Same idea Above As A Kinda Marketing Tool, As In
    “If He Does Manage To Start one, He Would Need A Way To Want People To Join In On The Secret”

    Just His “Person” Makes People Wanna Relay on Him, Yupp,
    Shu (Dragon Cane, Guy) Was Right Indeed,
    The Power He Represents So Far, Would Indeed Make A “Family” Powerful Just having Him

    Kinda, Genius Rather Then Silly, Who Wouldnt Wanna Join A Powerful “Family” As They Seem To Call “Sects” These Days


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