Douluo Dalu – 036 – Grandmaster’s Arrival

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25 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 036 – Grandmaster’s Arrival

  1. thanks for the update!!!!
    grandmaster feels more bad-ass now that we’re starting to learn more about him. anyway, im not too happy about tang san selling off his hidden weapons. he wont be special anymore if everyone has them


  2. Thank you guys! I enjoy this web novel very much. I am refreshing the Google drive page at least once an hour when i am at my PC :D.

    I can see that already chapter 37 is on it’s way. I bow before your speed! I can wait for the full release to read it.


  3. My limited Kanji knowledge tells me that there are currently 336 chapters of the web novel, so there are like 300 more chapters of soul candy.

    Well it will be cool if you guys are planning to translate all of this web novel, otherwise I’ll have to start learning Chinese.!

    I wonder if the WN is still ongoing.


    • 300 chapters left is correct, at least of Douluo Dalu. The WN has ended, so it will stop at 336.

      However, there’s also a sequel, Douluo Dalu 2, which also finished just three days ago at 622 chapters.


  4. I wonder; does Tang San no realise that releasing his hidden weapons into the world will greatly affect the balance of power wherein lead to great misfortune – war and death.

    BTW, Thanks for the chapter.


  5. I wonder if sky blue bull python really exists. Also, grandmaster and xiao wu. They’re both xiaos.

    Anyways, thank you for the chapter! 😊


  6. I wonder if there would be a way to help grandmaster achieve elder status. He seems like a really cool guy. I was pretty happy to see him reappear in this chapter.


  7. I To Get A Pretty Soothing/Gentle Feeling About GrandMasters “Person”

    @daimyokage; Again Has Something Nice To Say, Can Not Help, But, To Wish For That To BeCome True

    That Snake, Imagen It Becoming Someones Actual Ring (If It Exists)
    Like The Relationship Betwen The Ape And Xiao (~ Glittering Eyes *)

    Again Thanks For A Fantastic Translation Work, Love It


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