18 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 037 – Blue Silver Grass’ Post-Evolution Might

  1. Thank You so much for the Translations! One of my favorite Lite novels, and the second Chinese LN i’m following (the first being Unique Legend).

    Again, thank you.


  2. “those days we lived together, was something I cannot forget in a lifetime. That memory was the happiest time in all my life. If we could always keep living so happily and carefree, it would be great” sound gay….

    Thanks for your translations!


  3. It just occurred to me that maybe they didn’t want him to add any spirit rings to the lil hammer because they’re waiting for the time that he can add black (10k+ yrs) rings to it instead. Imagine a tool spirit at lvl 90 with 9 black rings, that’s like jaw-dropping power there.

    Thanks for the chapter as always.


    • Dont Mean Anything Bad But, To Clearafy Your Explanation Further

      White 0-99
      —– —– —–
      Yellow 100

      1 423
      2 760
      —– —– —–
      Purple 1.000

      3 1.700
      4 5.000
      —– —– —–
      Black 10.000

      5 12.000
      6 20.000
      7 30.000 To 50.000 (Being Determined By Different Spirit Attributes)
      8 50.000
      —– —– —–
      Red 100.000

      9 100.000

      Also For Thos Who Missed It
      (As Explained At Chapter: Chapter 34, Part 3)


  4. I’m not surprised that tang san didn’t have any fondness towards the spider legs. Those are creepy.

    Thank you for the chapter.


  5. Spider San Spider san does whatever a Spider san does. Sounds like Grandmaster doesnt wanna be with that woman cuz he fears menstruation. Smart man. Though in their 50’s now she would likely have it no longer.


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