31 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 038 – External Spirit Bone

  1. Thank you very much sir, this series is really good.

    One question, is there any chance for you to pick up another series? If so please consider this series Battle Through The Heaven (I’m sorry for posting this here).


  2. Is there a donate button somewhere? Obviously money doesn’t speed up translations but I really appreciate the work you guys have been doing since reading this series has helped me through a lot of tough times recently and I don’t feel like a comment is enough to express my gratitude


  3. Its hard to see how the ESB will be helpful outside of life-and-death combat, unless he can find a way to make the tips dull enough to climb over terrain without piercing it and make the poison go away so that it’ll stop killing everything anywhere near him.

    Is the poison absorbing the spirit power of the things it kills? If so, it could help him speed up his cultivation, if he had no morals that is.


    • Seeing How Easily It Went Through The Tree, I Suppose Whatever The Terrain.
      Would Be Quite possible To Cut into Allowing Traversing,
      Not Having To Be Dull At All.

      After All It Is From A Spider


  4. I wonder what will happen if he kills another spirit master( Spirit Grandmaster or Elder) or spirit beast(Thousand Years) using his spiders legs. Will he be able to absorb the whole power of what he killed???


  5. I know there’s more to the eight spider legs than what was said. However, its already awesome. Thank you for the chapter. ✈️


  6. Oho glad to see Grandmaster in such high spirits. The spider legs are so cool. If he can learn to retract or turn off the poison element in them then they would be exceptionally useful especially when turning on the poison element on contact it would be quite the surprise.


    • If Quoting, GrandMaster:

      ” Its effect is precisely storage for the toxin of that Man Faced Demon Spider you killed,
      If my thoughts are correct, then you should be able to control the poison on the spider legs ”

      My Take On This Is Pretty Obvious, But, how I Decide to Read It Is

      ” Your Back Support For the Legs, Is The Storage Container
      If I Am Correct, Then you Should Be Able To Controll The Distribution Of Poison As you see Fitt ”

      I May See It Wrong But Thats My Estimate, As, I Do Take into Account Its A Translation

      In No Way Meant As Any Disrespect To “Bagelson” Translation, It Is Just How I See It

      I Am Thankful For The Translation,


  7. For 红包, it’s more of red packet than an envelope. Its typically filled with money that is in even numbers and something you give someone on New Year or an auspicious occassion as blessing.


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