16 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 040 – Special Training First Stage Start

  1. That’s probably the weirdest fight in the history of light novels.
    Two guys, floating up in the air, eating sausages summoned with vulgar phrases and spitting fire at a tiger man.


  2. I wonder whose fight did the spectators focused their attention to. Both fights are weird. Haha thank you for the chapter.


  3. that actually seems like a rather fun position. I will call it the potential butt bounce in which one uses them legs on their lovers chest to initiate a low bouncing motion.


  4. Hilarious, Just What Did I Just Read.

    It Is Easy To See That GrandMaster Wanted To Show Them, Their Weaknesses, But,
    COME ON! This Is Just To Good.

    I Imagened It To Be Fun (Playing The Fight In My Head)
    But, Not This Fun, HAHA!

    Thanks Bagelson, For The Translation As Always, HaHa.

    Just Like Tang San I Think, I Will Just Simply Go And ” Laugh In My Heart “


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