22 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 041 – Not Abandoning, Not Giving Up

  1. Shit this was awesome started reading like 2 days ago caught up already so sad 😦 thanks for the translations 😀 ill be back to keep reading


  2. please change extreme by limit, extreme makes no sense ^^
    it should be reaching their limit, not reaching their extreme…
    thanks alot for translating, your translations, altough a bit shoddy at first,
    are getting better and better =) it’s fun to bot only read a good story, but also be able to follow your increasing grasp on the english languuage =D


  3. Love The Story, And Like Wise Your Translation Quality Seemingly Growing

    The Groups Team Work, Grows Also Stronger, They Caught On To The Point Of The “Punishment” Right Pretty Fast

    I Cant Help To Think That, GrandMaster, Knew They Would Fail.
    Maybe Not Necessarily To Which Extent, But, Obviously Planned Thos Baskets Ahead

    Kind A Went “Captain Obvous” Here, But, It Just Goes To Show How Well And Precise GrandMAster Can Be
    Regarding His Level Of Studdy And Analytical Skills

    ” If The Kids Are Monsters, Would Not That Mean GrandMaster, Is Really “OverLord” “

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  4. Tbh I feel them going 10 laps, altogether around 60 km kinda surreal… An average person walks 4-5 km per hour. This way, they would need around 12-15 hours to finish. But oh well. It’s fictional so who cares.


  5. Friends, I’m loving the story but the continual use of Metric Units is annoying me beyond all Precedent. Are the Translators British or Something? Use Imperial Units!


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