Douluo Dalu – 042 – Grandmaster Is A Devil

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16 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 042 – Grandmaster Is A Devil

    • Though I’m not sure of the 3 months of physical training, Grandmaster did say for him to be training the ESB everyday, and Tang also mentioned practicing with the hammer during the fight against the spider. It is probably just not being mentioned.


      • Thanks For The Translation, Bagleson!!!

        Also Do Keep in Mind, GrandMaster Is A Genius Strategist

        My Take On the Situation Is Pretty Straight Forward

        The Hammer By It Self, Almost Depletes Tangs Spirit Power And Strength As Of Now,
        Simply to Powerful.
        So Ignoring The Hammer,
        We Need To Focus On What the Grass, Truly Is.

        The Blue Silver Grass, Is A Control Type, Meaning:

        * Learning To Control The Blue Silver Grass Gives Him Total Control Over His Spirit Power
        ( If He Continues In Like This)

        * He Can Use This Knowledge And Make It Second Nature
        ( Just Like As Easy as Breathing, Hearing, Feeling )

        * As He Grows Stronger In Mind, Body, Mentality
        He will Grow Even Stronger
        ( Preparing For Control Of Something Monstrous )

        Would Not This Strictly Mean,
        His Feel Of Control, Should, In Turn “Tame” The Wild Nature Of The Hammers Power, In The End!

        After All: ” What Is Power Without Controll? ”

        Simple Life Leason In A NuttShell


  1. Hmm, not sure how i feel. I mean, it feels our mc is quickly losing his awesomeness. Before, he was clearly the strongest, and even then that was because of his hidden weapons, of which he’s now intending to give and teach to others. So now he’s fairly average among the others.
    Ofcourse i could be mistaken, as itd been so long since i read this (a year?) and i read threw the new manga version as a brush up.
    EH, it also could be im just irritated at no op mc. but then again, in an action story, if the mc aint awesome, whats the point?


  2. It’s funny that someone already get beaten up on the 1st day of vacation after 3 mos of devilish training. I know that the enemy is a spirit ancestor. But i think you know what i mean.

    Anyways, thanks for the chapter. ☺️


  3. The training was so necessary. Training montages are important to advancing characters to the next level and allowing a player to take on greater challenges.


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