Douluo Dalu – 043 – Vulgar Strange Uncle, Bu Le

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35 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 043 – Vulgar Strange Uncle, Bu Le

  1. Well, while what he did to Fatty definitely didn’t deserve that, what he planned to do to Xiao Wu deserved that plus death. After all, even if he never touches her again (unlikely if he can find her) he’ll probably still try to rape some other little girl if given half a chance.


    • 100% agree. Rapists and pedophiles should die slowly. Rapist pedophiles should NOT die, because that would be too lenient.


      • Well… even the most despicable humans of society dont desrve to be tortured. If people accepted a logic that allowed torture then that would just be chaos since other people would just find sorry reasons that are slightly justified.

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        • IN the end people will justify whatever they want even if its just to themselves. How do you think rapists, pedophiles, molestors, murderers, and serial killers work in the first place? Its all about making it seem ok to yourself even if the effort to do so is minimal.


          • Am with daimyokage in this, but torturing physically is too much only through mentally punishing them will they change they dont deserve death but at least give them something akin to experiencing death


        • You apparently have no idea about how long term the damage a rapist causes. Or how even more massive and long term a pedophiles rapist actions causes.

          A little torture isn’t even the least of what they deserve.


  2. Xiao Wu… wooo… still, she was justified in what she did (Bu Le was about to rape a 12 year old little girl). As for Fatty burning off his manhood… um… that was messed up. He would need a fair trial before doing something like that. Now, as Tang San predicted, he’s probably going to get revenge. No guy would stand having his manhood burned off without getting revenge.

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  3. That time when tang san’s group closed their eyes at the same time when bu le was smashed by xiao wu to the ground. Priceless.

    Thanks for the chapter.


  4. Man loved the 8 drop move. So good. I’m rather sad little san didn’t stealthily finish off the target as they were leaving. I love Xaio Wu’s personality. She behaves completely indifferent and even hostile to many types of humans while only her close family is worthy of attention, bravo. And this is also very wild in nature. Probably has much to do with her past and upbringing. Such a thing that I am interested to learn of in the future.


    • Thanks!, For Yet, Another Translation!

      Yupp, I Actually thought That Would Be The Case, Seeing, As Tang Really Love His “Family”
      ” No One Messes With ” The Tang Family ” God Help Them All ”

      He Really Turned Into A “Vulgar Strange Pile Of Garbage”

      About Xiao Wu, ” Everything Has its Time And Place ” Hopefully Everything Will Fall into place Sooner Or Later

      Would Also Like To Know More, But, also More, About the Other ” Little Devils “


    • Some but is it really worth making a fuss over? Probably not in this case. It’s a piece of fiction which someone has written with absolutely no bearing on reality and, as such, I can’t say that as a reasonable, rational human being that I really care enough to give it comment or even to try to explain why a piece of Chinese literature might be as such.


  5. The Follow thing should go off if you are already following, gets annoying when you are reading.

    Thanks a lot for the traduction.


  6. Haha great chapter ty for translating :D, I was thinking “Bruh,bruh your life as a man is over! haha rofl” from what happened to the now smoking pile of unidentifiable :D. Keep up the awesomeness and thank you very much.


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