Douluo Dalu – 045 – Tyrannical Opponent, Mad Battle Team

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21 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 045 – Tyrannical Opponent, Mad Battle Team

  1. I wonder if his disk gives a stronger enhancement since it doesn’t seem to effect as many people?

    Also wondering why they didn’t have at least one person watch the other fights. They’ll probably have to face those teams at some point and its better to not go in blind.


    • It says it affected his other 6 comrades… I don’t see anything saying that it has a limited use capability, I would assume it is a bit lower in capability. I don’t know if they are allowed to leave the preparation room if they have registered for a fight. In the previous fights it also mentioned that they stayed in the preparation room.


    • What spoiler can’t find where..
      is it chapter 46? By the way is this series release every week? I mean 2 chapter evrry 5 days right?


  2. Naaaaa, what happen to me I actually read the spoiler!!! I was looking for 46 spoiler and stumble to a really really big spoiler. Huhu 😦 i must have have gone mad to actually read it. Now i feel depressed ugh! (*sigh*)


  3. It seems fortunate that they aren’t facing a team with 10 people. It clearly stated before that teams were made up of 7-10 people. Could have been outnumbered, but not this time I guess.


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