Douluo Dalu – 046 – Control System Spirit Master’s Power

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24 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 046 – Control System Spirit Master’s Power

  1. Great work at translation so far! Thanks for all your efforts!

    About the fight, I was thinking… the Mad team doesn’t have any long-range attacks, but the Shrek Seven do. While they were flying, couldn’t Ma Hongjun use his Evil Phoenix Fire to carpet-bomb the enemy? He might not pierce through the Rhino hide, and the Monkeys could probably dodge, but surely he could have kept the Control System lady and the Sheep too busy to think for that one minute or so while he was in the air. I mean, if he was planning to retreat anyway, and had no other fights that day, might as well use up all his Spirit Power to keep the enemy unbalanced and help Tang San later.


    • They didn’t know how long the frenzy buff would last so it would be better to save his spirit power just in case. Since it would be 1v5 against frenzied spirit masters, Fatty’s fires most likely wouldn’t last anyway. If he got too close, he risked getting brought down and killed. Two minutes of flight really isn’t that long.


      • Err, I mean, Fatty’s fires wouldn’t hit their targets if he was too far. Carpet bombing is an option but if his opponent just has to dodge without worrying about the other four, I don’t think it would have done much. It might have helped a little, but I don’t think it would be worth it.


        • True. but what i wanna know is why the team all left so damn early.
          I get its to avoid everyone getting hurt, but they left the stage so bloody eary, adding too much risk. sure, the frenzy ended first, but what if the side affects werent as bad as they thought?
          then they just left tang san to deal with all of the enemies by himself


  2. Soooo, is there any chance of an update schedule? I don’t mean to pressure anyone, it’s just that between the google drive folder and this site, my f5 button is starting to look a little sad.

    If I at least knew what days to check for new additions, it’d make my f5 button less sad.

    I love and appreciate the work you all do regardless, so thank you for your efforts!


    • Under fanaticism’s effect, the 1st two buffs would last for another 1 minute after the wishful disk spirit master became unconcious. Fanaticism itself would last for 3 minutes.


  3. Poor mad xi. Not given a chance to show off his skills. I really wanted him to clash with dai mubai. Anyway, thanks for the chapter.


  4. Why didn’t tang just go fight alone earlier while they back him up from the air instead of wasting the effect of mushroom


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