Douluo Dalu – 047 – Spider King’s Dominance

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21 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 047 – Spider King’s Dominance

  1. Seriously what kind of only weakness is that it like another way to say he had no weakness at all…beside the phoenix guy I saw no one use fire related spirit skill….even if the Phoenix guy is fire related skills he still lose to Tang san…Tang san is so a ridiculous overpower cheater…he didn’t even really lose to anyone yet..not even once but he keep getting power up so much in a short time every time.

    Thank for the chapter.


  2. As far as 2 man teams go, couldn’t they all make several teams with each other, like Tang San/Dai Mubai, Tang San/Ma Hongjun, Tang San/Zhu Zhuquing, Tang San/Oscar, Tang San/Ning Rongrong, etc, with everybody teaming up in pairs with everyone else to get as many battles as possible? Or did it say somewhere that you can only be in one 2 man team and I just overlooked it?


    • The Way I Understand It:
      Everytime You Create A Team Your Bound To That Team, Further Meaning.

      If You Start A New, You Need To Disband The Old, Thus Loosing The Points Accumilated So Far.

      Got To Think That Way, After “3 5 Combination”s Name Incident,
      I Think It Would Apply, Even To This.

      I May Be Wrong, But, It Sorta Make Sence.


      • It never said that they couldn’t be in multiple different two man teams; However it did state that each individual person could only participate in one battle per category per day. So they can only participate in one 2v2 battle per day.


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