Douluo Dalu – 048 – Emperor Team

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21 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 048 – Emperor Team

    • That wouldn’t be very sporting, it would also publicize Tang San’s abilities for anyone who cared to do the research. The Arena is just a game, it’s better to keep the trumps for when it’s time to really throw down.

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    • He can’t control his hammer and hasn’t really spent enough time developing or training with it to be able to use it in a critical match where he needs to maintain control. His hidden weapons are too lethal and would probably get him disqualified at best for killing his opponents, or at worst will make everyone so fearful of him that they wouldn’t compete, thus making him unable to gain any more combat experience against people.

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    • 1st tang san can’t control his hammer
      2nd the hammer don’t have ring attached so the power of the hammer cant be measured(maybe he’ll get 100.000year ring for each lvl after grass ring completed?)

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      • Actually, I think Grandmaster forbid him from cultivating the hammer precisely so his first spirit would at least be a 10,000 year spirit. Or, you know, it could be because there is a hidden pre-requisite for twin spirit masters. But I’m inclined for the first of this two theories.

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        • No he can use his hammer but takes all his spirit powers just to use it for a few minutes and drains twice or even thrice the normal blue silver spirit hearts spirit but also at the same time thrice as powerful and more direct,leaving it at that he would be much more useful using his control type grass spirit which is more efficient and can restrain the enemy and quickly support his teammates than the quickly draining heavy small hammer to wack his opponents to a bloodypulp.he can’t use his hidden weapons because it’s restricted to use anything other than their spirits and skills.

          if any of you ask questions like this again I’d advice all of you to reread all the previous chapters especially,notably grandmasters and Tang San’s father Tang Had or Hao Tian as all of you call him, specifically said that not to “REVEAL” it to anyone so casually and only use it when “NECESSARY” or has any of you remember him saying don’t put spirit rings on it may have some important meaning which we will learn in due time so don’t immediately make assumption

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  1. Why wouldn’t the arena just set the odds so that people betting on the Emperor team could, at best, break even if they won? It’d be a lot less shady and very hard to argue with.

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  2. Finally, a good start in introducing the great clans. I can’t imagine the effect on tang san’s team if they win. Popularity boost activated. Hahaha. Thanks for the chapter. 😁

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  3. Such powerful people. Though I get the feeling Tang San could easily absorb that poison should he wish it and make it part of his own and even be able to produce said special Jade Serpent poison.

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