Douluo Dalu – 000 – Prologue – Tang Third Young Master Crossing Over (v2)

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54 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 000 – Prologue – Tang Third Young Master Crossing Over (v2)

  1. Are you planning to redo all of them? Personally, I didn’t think they had enough errors to bother.

    “serious faced elders coming arriving in front” coming isn’t needed.


  2. This was slightly disappointing, was expecting the next chapter. Ah well there was a triple release so I shouldn’t be too greedy.


  3. Wow. That’s an impactful first chapter. If it carries on like this, I can understand why I see people raving about this series.


  4. Dude thanks for the effort..
    Any other way to read chapters like in normal window? It is too tiny… You put effort into this, why not make it easy to read?
    I am on mobile device, viewing full site version, very tiny box…

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  5. Feel free to block my IP, but i will say this..
    Which idiot in the hell decided to put text in the tiny box??? This is idiotic…. Looks like japanese writing from top to bottom…
    Seriously, whats the meaning of this? WordPress has a very basic simplest option of posting text the screen wide…. This is stupidest thing i have ever seen in the internet…
    Is this due to my device? No!!!
    I tried PC, tried mobile device, tab… Everywhere the same, stupid tiny box….
    Whats the point of translating this then? If u dont want people to read it??? You have issues…
    Thanks for the effort of translating it, but it is worthless…
    Is it webpage issue? Just put a word about it.. So people like me dont ridicule this…


    • Because I don’t want to make any edits twice, I use iframes that link directly to the Google document in question, and the free WordPress doesn’t give any access to css or the switches required to change how the iframe presents the text.

      If you have issues with it, I’d recommend reading it from the Google Drive folder linked in the About section.


        • I installed the reader plugin for firefox, then clicked on the direct link and used reader on that page (click on the extension). It looks way better, like reading a book. We’ll see how tedious this gets, if I have to do this for every chapter.

          TYVM translators! I discovered wuxia/xianxia novels about two weeks back, and it’s good to come across one that is completely translated.


  6. Please upload the LN to BakaReader EX.
    The only blocking issue for me to read this is because it’s very hard to read in mobile phone.


  7. i think the imagery of the hells peak is hilarious… as a mountain, it reaches towards the heavens. falling usually denotes a fall from grace towards hell, neither are places for mortals. i don’t know… the name hell’s peak doesn’t fit the superstitious nature of the culture. if anything i’d expect it to be called xxx heavenly cliff or something like that. i guess hell’s peak could serve as a warning to commonfolk to stay away like
    it just seems kind of ironic. perhaps i’m reading too much into it


  8. to a kind soul – thank you very much for the setting change of text box, this is much better than before and i can finally easily read it, i mean i can start reading it. i am sorry for venting my frustration in the above post, this is after all how much me (and others) care about novels generally…hungry leechers are very dangerous))

    i checked mange version of the novel and it is awful, just f0cking awful, i felt like retard reading couple of the chapters, it is literally made for minor retards who likes stupid flashy drawings…anyway, i hope the story is not exactly like it is in the manga….


  9. bashu –> sichuan
    tang sect –> tangmen

    The Tangmen are located in Sichuan and are run by the Tang family, who are famous for their poisons and hidden weapons, you can google it.

    just a suggestion

    and the prologue title “Otherworldly Tang San” or “Otherworldly Tang The Third” (san = the third)


  10. I’m now, for the first time, rereading a Chinese Light Novel. Douluo Dalu was my second manhua and my first CLN, so what better series to reread? As of now, only chapter 186 is out, so it won’t be that long of a reread. However, quality over quantity, right?

    Douluo Dalu is my favorite CLN, and right now, I can’t explain why except for sheepishly admitting this was simply the first one I read. Hopefully, starting today, I will find a more deep and meaningful appreciation of this series.


    • you should really try coiling dragon, it is completely translated and has ended, it is 21 books, a total of 804 chapters. It really is a badass story, i just reread it for the 2nd time and I cannot complain 1 bit. Please dont compare it to the manhua, the light novel is 100x more better! 🙂


  11. if anyone was interested, the rock echo took 19 seconds, given g=9.8 m/s/s and the speed of sound is around 300 m/s, and ignoring wind resistance, the mountain is only 1135 meters tall

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