Law of the Devil Chapter 0 and 16-20

I’ve been releasing them quietly until I had enough chapters to deserve an update, but I’ve picked up Law of the Devil as a side project where A013 left off. Presently translated chapters are listed below, or found under Law of the Devil in the menu.

Enjoy, and point out any mistakes.

Chapter 000 – The Earl’s Son

Chapter 001-015 (By A013)

Chapter 016 – Intractable Problem

Chapter 017 – Three Hundred Gold Coins

Chapter 018 – A Different Path

Chapter 019 – Beginning! The Devil’s Road!

Chapter 020 – Half Horn City’s Magic Beast Incident


17 thoughts on “Law of the Devil Chapter 0 and 16-20

  1. Thanks for translating! Looks interesting so far, though kind of a standard premise for a reincarnation fantasy story. Reminds me of Mushoku Tensei and Arifureta.


  2. yessss yessss yesss thank you thank you
    I’ve been reading this for several days and suffering from MTL broken language
    But hyped because the story is interesting. I’m glad somebody take it up.

    I hope you will continue till the end


  3. Thanks for pick up the novel/series!
    I have be looking forward to see how he grows and becomes stronger!
    Keep up the fantastic work! 😀


  4. I really like this series, it is different from all the others of its type that just treat it as a chance to OP the main character with new magic. I enjoy this series that has thought put into it, using intelligence instead of just OP magic. THANK YOU. pls keep it up!!


  5. WOOO
    Thanks for the chapters
    Much appreciated

    Ho Ho Ho
    To the people who read broken machine translations I might have some good news
    I think in the near future Google translate is going to change a bit
    It might start supporting example based machine translations
    That is you give it some documents which are already translated with the original document and with the help of that it tries to translate more documents
    I think it should be implemented in Google translate in the next 1-2 years
    Not to soon but still it is something
    This will help as then the translator will be able to adapt to the unique style of writing of the author
    Which helps in identifying phrases and metaphors which some authors like to dish out everywhere
    Well this is my current knowledge anyway
    If I get any updates I’ll try to keep them posted



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