Law of the Devil chapter 20 part 2

One thing this WN doesn’t do is consistent chapter length. On one hand it means translation times get highly inconsistent, but it’s not like I’ve been doing release consistency before. On the other hand it means you get massive chapters like this one every now and then.

Link below or in the menu.

020 – Half Horn City’s Magic Beast Incident II


15 thoughts on “Law of the Devil chapter 20 part 2

  1. so does the fact your translating these mean you are bored with douluo dalu and taking a bit of a break? or are you going to switch back and forth? can you give a little idea of your plans for the near future?

    Not that I mind. This new story actually isn’t too bad so I don’t mind either being released. Just thought I would ask to see what’s up. Keep up the good work though I look forward to your releases 🙂


      • You know this is my third time reading the raws, but even though it is addictive I always stop at certain points, 50-70 chapters after from frustration. 1st time reading raws and still cursing progress speed- even though it is good. Not talking about your update speed b/c the chs are a pretty sizable meal 🙂 and come come steady


  2. Well this is a suprise in itself, pretty interesting viewpoint of a reincarnation type story. This may be rude but, how frequent will the update for this series be? Just a rough estimation if possible, just wanted to because I got really hooked to this story.


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