078 – Tang San’s Left Hand, Clear Sky Hammer

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    • I want to reply so the “translator” could see me comment. Thanks for a great chapter though. Epicness to a whole new level. How fluent are you in this language to be this fast?


      • That’s indeed too much for you to be asking. The translators have provided us with their translation for free and have never forced any of us to give them money. Who are you to demand something like that of them? Maybe you’re some son to a great clan whose fame once shook the entire continent? or maybe you’re the third prince of some holy imperial kingdom to the east? Or maybe you’re the direct descendant of some hero able to pull out a holy sword lodged deep inside some sort of pitch-black boulder? or maybe you’re an almighty Archmage of destruction capable of bringing an entire army down to their knees shaking in fear? or maybe you’re a genius scientist who’ve earned tens or probably more Nobel’s prizes, and has created the one and only conjecture about the existence of mana? or maybe you’re a reincarnation of a deity died in some sort of holy war fought by the gods in a war against the force of devils of the lower realms? or maybe you’re one of the ‘Ten holy protectors of the ancient forgotten kingdom of Nelhalla’ who has been frozen and being preserved inside a magically infused block of ice and has been sleeping for the last ten of thousands of years? or maybe you’re the protector of the nature, some sort of entity whose being was directly constructed by the nature goddess of Nui herself?

        If not then please stop asking that kind of thing to the translator, if you want more then find yourself a friend who could understand Chinese and brainwash him so that he can privately translate the novel for you. or else just buy yourself a time machine and throw yourself to the future and read the completed translation there.

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  1. thank you very much for the new chapter, i think i really needed this after the cliffhanger of the last chapter….XD


  2. Bagelson. I hate you. You let out another unexpected chapter only to to have it end on a cliffhanger. You should just translate it all and release it at once!

    P.S: If you do decided to release it all at once be sure to changed chapter parts so that there are no cliff hangers. That would be best.

    Anyway, thanks.


      • the craking is the early stages of exp gain for a level, in this case a level maxes out once it fully breaks open and gets integrated, then it sits around waiting for the next level to be triggered xD there’s no distinction between earlier lvl2 and end lvl2 ;P like how most skills start at lvl1 0exp, despite him not breaking any yet, it maxed once his 1st broke xD

        but it was a personally leveling system anyways so lvl2 is correct 😛


  3. Thanks for the chapter. So we finally get to see the secret behind Tang San hammer. I was really curious about the Blue Big Hammer Tang San holding in the manga cover so maybe now we get to know.


  4. Leave aside his hammer secret and his father background…Good lord! I was wrong that Tang San’s can shoot beam, instead Tang San now got Sharingan!

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  5. I read the machine translation and Clear Sky was Haotian on it. Haotian sounds cooler. xD Thanks for the translation.


    • Clear Sky is the literal translation of haotian (好天). I think its best to translate it like this to keep consistent with all the other names, haha 🙂

      Again, thanks Bagelson!


  6. do u mind using “Boundless Heaven” instead of “Clear Sky”? for me Boundless Heaven just sounds more formidable and fitting as the strongest of the great clans. you dont have to though if you don’t want to.

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  7. Thanks for the chapter, I’m interested to help out with translating the novel, is there a way I can contact you?
    Also, I’ve done part 1 of chapter 79 you can take a look and see if I am able to help out with the translations :X
    Thinking about all of this, Tang san remembered his father leaving him a letter before he left. Placing his hand on the twenty four moon bridges, he takes out the already yellowed letter from his belt. “Senior, do you recognize this handwriting? When I was six years old, my father left this letter behind and left home and never came back.”

    Tang San shows the letter to Tai Tan, which he often takes out to look, this is the only traces of father. Every time Tang San takes out this letter, he can’t suppress his emotions(yearning) he has of his father.

    “ xiao san,

    By the time you see this letter, I have already left.
    Do not bother trying to find me, you can never find me.
    Although you are still small, you are able to live on your own.
    Young eagles must spread their wings on their own and fly, only then will they soar to great heights.
    Do not worry, you who has inherited the delicacy from your mother,
    father is a useless man,
    You have grown bigger, father has to go back to get some things that originally belong to me.
    Someday, we father and son will meet again
    I wish for you to become strong, but I do not wish for you to become strong as well. This is your own path and your own choice.
    If one day you feel that becoming a spirit master is not the job for you, you can return to holy spirit village and become a blacksmith like me.
    Do not miss me,
    Tang Hao”

    Tang San always has a longing for his father whenever he sees this letter. However, when Tai Tan saw this letter, the contents of it seem to hold another meaning.

    Especially the part about wanting him to become stronger and not strong, shows the mixed feelings Tang Hao had when he wrote this letter. Also, the thing that Tang Hao wants to take back, what can it be?

    After reading the letter, Tai Tan had a listless look in his eyes, and could not help but muttered “Oh master, how can you say you are useless? In my old slave’s heart, you will eternally be the pillar of our clan.”

    Tai Tan looked down at Tang San in front of him, he carefully returned the letter to him and said “young master, there’s no mistake. This is master’s handwriting.”

    “Then my father really was a member of the Hao Tian clan? Senior, I implore you, tell me the truth about this matter. Since we he was a member of the Hao tian clan, why would he live with me in the soul spirit village? What happened in the middle of his life? Please tell me, I must know the truth.” Said tang san.
    Tai Tan looked at Tang San, tears could not help but flow from his eyes once more. He could fully imagine how life had been like without a mother, and having his father leave him when he was six years old. All these years, Tang San must have been leading a helpless life. Tai Tan could not help but hold Tang San in his arms. “ young master, my poor young master, all these years you must have suffered.”

    Tang San felt erratically agitated, the sudden information has completely overwhelmed him. Hao Tian clan these 3 words has brought him much shock.

    “Young master, what happened back in the days I am unable tell you. That secret belongs to master himself, even I am unsure what happened. All you need to know is that master was a man with an indomitable spirit, a most terrifying existence in this world, no in the world could compete with him. My strength one clan originally belong to one of the strongest four clans affiliated to the Hao Tian clan, however because of master, I chose to leave the Hao Tian clan, and bring up my strength one clan’s reputation from scratch in heavenly dou city. Since Master has reappeared once more, the strength one clan will once again recognize master and become his subordinates. Although Master is currently not around, there is still you young master. From now on, the strength one clan will be yours to command. A total of two hundred and seventeen spirit masters who will follow you to the death.”

    Tang San’s eyes blurred, his father has left for eight years and without a word these past eight years.
    If it was said that there wasn’t a trace of resentment was impossible, but Tang San could feel how helpless his father must have felt. If he was really from the Hao Tian clan, and the owner of Tai Tan like he said, yet lived in the holy spirit village as a blacksmith and a drunkard for six years.

    Just how deep was his sadness and helplessness?

    Reminded of during his reincarnation, his father’s screams during his birth, Tang San to have understood something.
    Grabbing a hold on Tai Tan’s palms with his, “ Senior, My heart is in a mess, I need some time to cool down and think.”

    Tai Tan quickly replied “Young master, you must not call me senior. Just call me old slave Tai Tan.”
    Tang San smiled bitterly and replied “You are Tai Long’s grandfather, he and I are school mates, and I am younger than him as well. If you do not mind, I will call you grandfather Tai.”

    “But…” Tai Tan hesitated.

    Tang San promptly replied” even if my father were here, he would approve of me addressing you like this. Grandfather Tai, I need to meet Master ning, let us meet again. Regarding my life since my birth, please keep it a secret. I need to calm down and think about what you have just said.”
    Tai Tan spoke in a grave tone” Young master, you must definitely be careful of Ning Feng Zhi. The owner once said that the 7 treasure glazed tile school’s Ning Feng Zhi is a man with great potential, His 7 treasure glazed tile school will certainly flourish. However, you belong to the Hao Tian clan, you must not join the 7 treasure glazed tile school.
    Tang San nodded slightly, “Grandpa Tai, you do not need to worry. Even without our talk today, I would not have decided to join the 7 treasure glazed tile school. I am not going to give up my own freedom for power.”

    Listening to Tang San’s words, Tai Tan’s eyes went blurry seeing how calm Tang San is, reminding him of the old Tang Hao back in the days.

    Walking out of the room with Tai Tan and his family, Tang San took two deep breaths, wiped clean the moisture from his eyes, and calmed himself down, walking into the other meeting room.

    Ning Feng Zhi was seated at the front of the conference room, drinking tea while being at ease. By his side, Bone douluo was seated with his eyes closed until Tang San entered the meeting room. He gave a Tang San a sweeping glance, and seem to see through him. Ning Rong Rong stood behind Ning Feng Zhi obediently, sticking out her tongue at Tang San.

    “Hello uncle Ning, I have made you wait.” Tang San lightly bowed towards Ning Feng Zhi.
    Ning Feng Zhi slightly smiled and said “It’s nothing, have a seat. Little San, can I call you that?”
    Tang San nodded and replied “Of course, you are Rong Rong’s father, of course you can.”

    Ning Feng Zhi laughs “Looks like after hearing about you from Rong Rong, and talked about your business, plus how I’ve met you before once. I can certainly say that you are more accomplished than your father when he was your age. Honestly, I came here ready to bring you into my clan at any cost, however I did not expect you to be the son of the enemy.”

    “Uncle Ning you know my father?” Tang San who had taken great pains to suppress his heartbeat once again his heart was stirred again.
    Ning Feng Zhi nodded his head “I naturally know him. Da lu’s youngest title douluo, in the spirit master world, not many know of him”

    Although Tang San had guessed his father’s strength, yet when Ning Feng Zhi said title duoluo, he couldn’t help but be shocked.

    The father of his who would drink cheap ale and feed the family by being a blacksmith, how could it be that he was the title douluo referred to by them?

    When Ning Feng Zhi brought up about Tang Hao, the bone douluo sitting by the side couldn’t help but show an admired expression on his face towards Tang San.
    Nothing could be hidden from Tang San’s eyes, and after seeing that only reinforced that what Ning Feng Zhi said was true.

    Ning Feng Zhi continued “Your father has been missing for many years, do you know of his location? We brothers have not met for many years, when there is a chance, I will definitely visit him.”
    Tang San bitterly replied” I also do not know where my father is right now, eight years ago, he has already gone missing. Eight years later, yet there’s not a word from him. If what senior said about my father being a member of the Hao tian clan, perhaps he should be at the Hao Tian clan right now.
    Ning Feng Zhi and Bone duoluo both showed an expression of surprise, however Ning Feng Zhi’s expression quickly returned to normal and asked of Tang San” little san, I have come to recruit you to my clan and give you the best treatment, however you are the son of the enemy, thus this is obviously impossible. However uncle here is still interested in your hidden weapons, would you be willing to sell the production method to us? You can name your price, I will not bargain.”
    Although Ning Feng Zhi looks rather handsome and refined, the way he spoke has a charismatic and wild feeling, this is clearly not something an average person can have.

    Tang San shook his head without hesitation and said “This cannot be done. I will not sell the hidden weapon production method. However, I promised Rong Rong that I can sell the method to forge the hidden weapons. However, the final assembly must be done by me. Firstly, it’s because I do not want to sell the method, another reason would be that to be able to become a master in creating hidden weapons, a good amount of years must be put into training. I do not have the time to teach as I still have to train.

    Ning Feng Zhi never thought that Tang San would reject him, reminded of how giving a man a fish and he will live, but teaching a man how to fish and he will survive.
    The hidden weapons would always have its bad points and good points.

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    • oh,,
      i hope bagelson stop joking around (in my mind),,
      how come servant came to slave,, well, it’s equivalent but..
      tai clan are something like a ‘one of retainer family’ for haotian right..?something like servant family to a big and famous family,,

      so servant sound better,,
      well leecher can only take what been give. merry merry….


  8. Thank You for the chapter

    Can’t wait to hear more about his father and Tang’s background.

    As well as what The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda School has to offer

    Keep up the good work Bagelson !


    • I’ve been catching glimpses of ahoge by quite a lot lately… So that was all you, i see. That ahoge of yours is quite distinct, if i must say. i really like how they bounced around just like an energetic hamster.


  9. “If his father was born from the Clear Sky School, and was directly blood related, then……”
    then?, Then WUT??! NNNOOOO cliffhangers!!!

    Great chapter as always BTW, Thanks Bagelson-san~

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  10. thanks for the chapter m8, i have read all chapters on google drive in one go, hence didnt get time to comment xd, it’s so hard to read from your website on mobiles, even on note 4, for some reason i get 2-4 words per line, thankfully google drive pages are fine to read.

    BTW where can i Donate ?


  11. When I started reading light novels I started with the Japanese ones, and I thought they’re godsend reads!
    Cause you see, like all of you I love reading!How wrong was I, after starting with the Chinese light novels almost everything else seems plain and boring!Never have I been so hooked up on reading something as Doulou Dalu and Coiling Dragon! Thanks for the chapter and for the translation!

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    • There is a forum. It’s linked in the About section. It’s not very active, though. Most people just use the §Comments document in the Google Drive folder.


  12. Thanks for the chapter!

    I noticed this:
    “His father’s mien…”

    Did you happen to mean:
    “His father’s face” ? Since from my understanding mien is the pinyin for face/look/expression.


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