079 – Lifetime’s Riddle Of Clear Sky Douluo

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52 thoughts on “079 – Lifetime’s Riddle Of Clear Sky Douluo

  1. Thanks for the chapter. Hahaha…May Love Bloom between Ning Rongrong and Oscar. I guess the secret for why Tang San can’t get a Spirit Ring for his Clear Sky Hammer will still have to wait for a long time.


    • I had assumed he wont put a spirit ring on his hammer until he reaches level 90+. Then he will put all 90k+ year spirit rings on it.


    • If he waited long enough to get rings for hammer then he will be able to get maybe 5 black rings and 4 red rings or even all red’s because he could handle it after upgrading his blue river grass with enough rings especially if he obtains the black and red rings too.


        • Please Reffrain From Spoilers, Meaning Infomation Beyond The Chapter Your Commenting On,

          I May Have Shared My “Original Thoughts” Sometimes Even Info
          (Ring levels As Stated In The Chapter Some Had missed, etc)
          , But, Never Ever Shared Anything Beyond The Chapter I Commented On

          Like The Swedish Saying Goes:

          ” Speak Is Silver, Silence Is Gold ”
          Knowing Whether To Speak or Not, Is Worth More Than Speaking Without Forethought

          Anywho, I Dont Mean To Sound Rude Or Anything, Just A Heads Up For Future Comments
          As Reading The Comments After Reading The Chapters Big Events Etc, Is A Hobby Of Myn

          Take Care Everyone, And ” Asphyxia ” Nice Work On The Chapter

          Oh, Thanks For The Translation !


  2. Thank you for the translations ! Keep up the good work.
    I just hope that their plan to exploit Tang San will bite them in the ass big time. And can’t wait for Grandmaster & team to return to help make more sense for MC. Somehow I think that Tang San and Xiao Wu should sit down and come clear who’s who – their clans are probably enemies (Just my thoughts so far).


    • I dunno…what’s worth in US dollars if it is converted to US currency? Maybe it worth more or less in the US money. Does anybody know?


  3. Ning Fengzhi said:
    “I still remember the rising winds and scudding clouds of the Spirit Master world in my youth. Seen and unseen struggles happening everywhere. But in the last twenty years struggles like these have practically disappeared. The whole Continent, the Spirit Master world of the two Great Empires is frightfully quiet. But I vaguely feel the signs of mountain rain on the wind. Perhaps, in just a few years, the Spirit Master world’s situation will change.”
    thank for chapter,,

    and some fishy line,,
    is this some hint for future event,, huhuhu


  4. Thanks for the release.
    Rongrong’s father is sure in for a surprise if he really believes he can win Tang San away from Xaio Wu, lol.
    I guess it’s possible though. But if it did happen, I’m pretty sure I’d quit reading the series…..


    • Well, his final goal is connection, and there’s already one with Shrek’s Seven Devils.

      And I think Xiao Wu’s secret will be the biggest one of them :v I mean considering the Titan Ape part alone is already something mindblowing.


      • Eh. That wouldn’t be winning Tang San over though. And I’ll place my bet on not being able to get Tang San drunk or drugged with his new found poison resistances and mysterious jade whatever power increase. ;p
        But anything is possible. That’s why I said I’d probably quit reading if Tang San did end up with Rongrong. Something would have to go horribly wrong for those two to end up together.


        • The Only ” Family ” That Seemed Somewhat Genuinly Interested
          In What The Girl Thought About Tang,
          And Seemed Somewhat Interested In The Matters And Not Just His ” Power “,
          Wich By All Means Is A Huge Plus,
          Was The ” Meng Family ”

          The Girl Also Gave ” Cute – Cuddly ” Feeling
          Shes After All The One, I Want Tang To Be With

          … One Can At Least Hope


  5. My thanks for the translation.
    It is good to finally, finally see some hint of greater events on the horizon. Growth chapters are all well and good, but I’m looking forward to when we finally get to see all this growth paying off on (presumably) a battlefield.


  6. Fiew! I finally caught to the last chapter.
    I know it is hard to translate this.
    Fast, nice description.
    And the English is good to.
    You’ve worked hard. Thank you very much.
    (In my own opinion. Tan San should make tang sect big first.
    Bigger then then clear sky).


  7. What the F, Tang San got 5 mil but I didn’t read in any of the chapters pass this did he use that 5 mil I’ve already reached pass 120 and didn’t have any thing where he spent an insanely large amount of money, how can you not buy anything with 5 mil or even slightly use it I’ve already reread all the chapters pass this that can have mentioned him spending that money but nothing


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