081 – Xiao Wu: Ge, Brush My Hair

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63 thoughts on “081 – Xiao Wu: Ge, Brush My Hair

    • Why ????? Why not only does Tang San have a good love life, a small fortune, but look at how humble and intelligent he is. Tang San also carries great sadness, but that is comforted by the warmth of his friends. He is kind, modest, strong, brave, and will do anything to protect his friends. Sure, he is ordinary looking, but he is perfect. Who wouldn’t want to be Tang San ? So, my question: Why not ?


  1. Thnx a lot for the double release.. oh man these are the best days.. dam almost time to get their 4th rings.. Ahh can’t wait to find out what they get.. need to be patient..


  2. Ha. Now that’s the way to wake up. Two chapters to read with breakfast, lol.
    I wish someone would just clock Grandmaster over the head and drag him back to Erlong’s room….

    Thanks for the releases. @_@

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  3. I hope Xiao Wu not end up bicoming Tang San real sister
    (Tang San Mother :??????)
    (Xiao Wu Father: ????????)
    it just some random tough


      • Well, true. They can’t be direct siblings, but I wonder if their clans/families aren’t mortal enemies or something (like Xiao Wu and Poison Dugu). In my opinion from Tang Sans side everything is pretty much clear/explained, but from Xiao Wu side’s – she’s almost a complete mystery. Getting a 1000year old ring with cultivation only? How?


        • P.S. I know everything will be explained so please no spoilers 😀 I just hope that it will be cleared rather soon.


          • Its been a theory of a few of us that shes like the cat woman at the auction, a spirit beast or half spirit beast of some sort. it would explain things like the king ape incident, and her reaction to the catgirl being auctioned.
            as for the poison guy.. i dunno. maybe title douluo’s can absorb her kind? can half humans be absorbed?
            argh, too many questions, not enough chapters translated. i cry everytime


  4. Does anyone has a vague idea of what their next spirit rings be taken from…….and how would xiao wu hide her secret when she reach lvl 40…..im kinda curious


  5. Reading This Chapter, Make Me Unable To Stop Smiling

    I Love The Relationship Betwen Everyone
    Thier Power, Knowledge

    But, Mainly Because Of The Level Of Detail Compared To The Manhuwa
    It All Makes Sence, And Well Put Together

    Seeing Most Peoples Theories, Brings Another Smile
    Some Got The Info From The Chapters, Others Dont

    Just Adding To The Smile On My Face

    Take Care Everyone & Of Each Other

    Thanks For The Translation !


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