084 – Fatty’s Fourth Spirit Ability, Phoenix Cry Sky Strike

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40 thoughts on “084 – Fatty’s Fourth Spirit Ability, Phoenix Cry Sky Strike

  1. Thanks for the update 😁
    also i think you shoud not post partly on google drive and even if you put it on google drive you should not let anyone to have access on it except for the editor and translators.
    if it’s not for this i think your website page should have already reach 5m view long ago. Just sayin.. and thanks again for the update.


    • I agree, also should post updates here instead of the comments file. A lot of people don’t know you’re studying for exams and thus the slower pace.


    • Ah! That’s a really good idea, now I’m hoping it’ll happen >~<
      Though,it'll be fun to see everyone's reaction if Tang San loses him memory, not that it's related but it'll be interesting don't cha think?


  2. MUAHAHHAHAHHAAH they still think fire can be a weakness for tang san how wrong they are hahahahhaha i wanna see their face when they found out MUHAHAHHAHAHAHHa


  3. I’ll put this here since this is the most recent chapter. sir, the link for volume 11 in the chapter list is wrong 😀


  4. If your studying for exams then good luck. I know the feeling all to well. Thanks for the updates even though you probably have a crazy timetable. Everytime I see an update my day gets that much brighter. Good luck!


  5. I think Bagelson is having his exams. Maybe he’ll get back to the same pace once it’s over.

    Thanks for the translation! Can’t wait for the next one 🙂


  6. thanks for the awesome translation m8, just so you know, i probably refresh you g-folder like 1 an hour atleast to check for updates, i always had problem reading chapters from you website on mobile phone, 1-3 words per line is killing the mood when reading it, so i always use g-folder to read u r translations, i hope you can fix this issue so i can visit you site more oftern


  7. Any news about the next chapter? :/ Is Bagelson, DTAndroid or Organicity busy with RL stuff? Been f5ing every 2-3hours.


  8. i cant help but feel disgusted with grandmaster at this point.
    I was understanding of his reasons and feelings when he told tang san, but now hes just being a cowardly little ass.
    especially if he intends on leaving to see a woman that apparently has affections for him as well, and his wife knowing.
    God thats gunna hurt her a buttload


  9. It seems like the blue silver grass’ greatest weakness is gone. Except for ma hongjun, why did no one else noticed that? Haha.

    Thanks for the chapter. 😄


  10. […] Chapter  84 – Fatty’s Fourth Spirit Ability, Phoenix Cry Sky Strike Chapter  83 – ‘Giant Earth King’ And ‘Pink Queen’ Chapter  82 – Scarlet Dragon Stepping On Giant Earth King Chapter  81 – Xiao Wu: Ge, Brush My Hair Chapter  80 – Mystery Of Twin Spirits Chapter  79 – Lifetime’s Riddle Of Clear Sky Douluo Chapter  78 – Tang San’s Left Hand, Clear Sky Hammer […]


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