April Fools’ Day

So today is the first day of the second quarter, which I suppose means I’m obligated to pull some obnoxious trick on you all.

Like saying I’m quitting, or that I’ve secretly translated the next volume as a surprise, or post a GrandmasterxFlender slashfic.

But I’m no good at any of that, so you get a regular joke instead:

Tang San and Duwei walk into a bar, but they’re both minors so they had to leave.

……I’m no good at that either.



69 thoughts on “April Fools’ Day

    • Absolutely. I agree 100%.
      I know another translator that literally wrote an entire false chapter for his April Fools prank, but it was so well done that most readers didn’t know it WAS a prank until it got near the end.

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      • Even though I didn’t fall for it, it was very well done… the other crap is just infuratingly obvious and obnoxious… not a fan. Not a good day… really not… even gravity had 0 chapters today, because of this ‘prank’.


      • Me too. I always get close to getting a heart attack when the translator decides to the traditional joke on April 1st….I can’t even tell if they are joking because sometimes some of them are so hardcore that they don’t translate for months….There are others that just shutdown their sites and open a different one; after April 1st, they redirect user to the new site from the old one…….


      • as I remember a year or two ago, a manga I read also had a totally fake chapter, even though it’s totally obvious I really fell for it so hard that I almost gave up on the whole story thanking it’s tuning in to a BL, all becuz I forgot it’s April 1st…..:-D
        but this year I knew that it’s fools day and I almost gave my aunt and cousin a heart attack with my crazy jokes…. even so…. I fell for ren’s fake chapter so hard that if I didn’t bother to read the previews or comments I still would believed it! which makes me soooo frustrated! 😦
        so I’m really glad that you’re being so considerable as to not to make those pathetic quitting jokes or heart freezing crazy jokes! 😉
        I for one like your simple joke cuz ren’s joke is enough for me for whole another year!
        I feel like I had a divine punishment for my bad jokes! I’m soooo stupid 🙂

        PS. hope you’ll update laws of devil soon! I really love it! thank you! 😀


      • Yeah, I fell so hard for that chapter. I didn’t realize it a prank until I look at the preview. But I know another translation website that make an elaborate prank. They first write a fake chapter that contain a song, then there a recording of the song that automatically come on. One was a parody of let it go, the lyric was really funny to me at least. Then they torture us by gave us the real chapter but have a password that lock with a hint in the fake chapter.


  1. That’s a good different joke/prank. I mean when you see six differents posts one following another in the wordpress reader saying the same thing or something similar about quitting, hiatus or pet dragon having cancer, it’s kind of lack creativity.

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    • you know, instead think of it as lacks of creativity, why don’t you think of it as “F%$@!, all of this translator are definitely working together on pranking us.” “Something big is gonna happens, brace yourself, mates.”


    • You should remove that last one. That was the first time I’ve ever read of a dragon having cancer, lol. It was just another ‘I’m quitting’ joke, but at least the content was original.


  2. THANK YOU!!!!! you don’t know how many pranks I seen, got messaged, told, and facepalm myself for who knows how many times today already and its only noon


  3. “Like saying that … I’ve secretly translated the next volume as a surprise…”

    I won’t lie, that one did almost bring a tear to my eye when I realized it wasn’t true. =.-)

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  4. I think they’re more likely to trash the bar than leave, because of something small like age. Lol
    happy April 1st!


  5. Hmm an april fools day joke:
    Saying you translated the next chapters on april 1 and that’s you’ll release them tomorrow. People think you’re joking, but then you actually do release them tomorrow.
    Hah! Joke’s on them :p


  6. Thank you. This was so much nicer than, say… translating a manga chapter to have a bad Cockney accent all the way through it 🙂


  7. thanks for translating this awesome LN m8, i would prefer to know if tang san gets 10k age demon ring for this 4th ring more than anything else atm, cant want for the next part.


  8. The other translators were busy with their April Fool’s prank while Bagelson is busy doing triple chapter release for us XD


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