086 – Thousand Year Unicorn Armored Beast And Ten Thousand Year Demon Spider

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65 thoughts on “086 – Thousand Year Unicorn Armored Beast And Ten Thousand Year Demon Spider

  1. You beautiful bagel!

    Now I am going to cry myself to sleep…

    Hope exams are going well though, that shit can kill you! (Thank God for never having to do those again)


  2. I have mixed feelings about Tang San’s choice. It would be awesome to see the improvement to his eight spider legs and abilities, but there is no denying how badass it would be when they are at the tournament and everyone sees his 10 000 year spirit ring. And that reason alone makes me support his decision.

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    • Honestly, I think it would be really boring if he just improved his 3rd ability and lances. First, his 3rd ability would take MORE spirit power which decreases its utility. Secondly, even if his lances improve, it’s a one hit KO ability already so it would just be overkill. Getting the pit spiders ability suits his control style by being a master of traps and hidden surprises. It’s already outplaying Flender and Zhao Wuji.


      • Not really, the lances’ attacking capability is not the only one that would increase but also its defensive ability, you remember the orangutan grandfather? the lances helped him decrease the effect of the (what was it called again?) spiritual pressure by shielding him and supporting him, it would not only helped him but who knows? he might get a OP skill again, also the reason why Grandmaster chose the Man Faced Demon Spider is because he not only consider the advantages but also the disadvantages, you do know the risk of dying by choosing a spirit ring that doubles your limit (the limit is around 4k to 5k but Tang san chose a 10k+ spirit beast)


        • yes but the lances already grow in strength as tang grows in strength. them 8 niggas are op.


  3. Things are becoming more and more exciting. Can’t wait for the following chapters.

    Thanks for translating this awesome story. 😀


  4. This is my favorite light novel being released (and I read a shitload of em) but it’s so short each time!!
    It just feels that way I guess.


  5. Thanks for the translations . I I’m not a big fan of literature but I can’t get enough of this light novel


  6. thanks for the chapter.. dam.. need to know what happens next.. need to know what happens.. AHHHHH.. been waiting to see his 4th ring since his 3rd LOL


  7. Thank You for another awesome chapter of Tang San’s great adventures. Looking forwards to more chapters and action. I’ve fully converted into this story’s fan…


  8. Are they continuously referring to that 4000+ year old armored beast as a thousand year beast because it will generate a 1000 year ring, or because of a typo?

    I wonder if they’ll try to hunt that spider down or just settle for the other one?


    • It’s because of 4000 is still in the thousand range so it’s called thousand year beast,it still would generate a ring fitting to it’s age, a 4k+ year ring. if it is a 51k year old beast then it would be referred as ten thousand because it’s still in the ten thousand range, here how the ranges work.

      hundred year beast 100-999
      thousand year beast 1000-9000
      ten thousand year beast 10000 – 90000
      hundred year beast 100k+

      and about the second question well who knows?


  9. Tthanks for the chapter 🙂 Damn, if he absorbs that 10k year ring he’ll probably be the first one ever to jump 5k years in absorbing the ring 😀 Everyone would be so shocked their hearts would explode 😀 Especially those guys from academy and that foolish prince 😀

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  10. God damn it, every time I tell myself that I’ll wait a month for a whole batch of chapters to be translated so I can read them in one go.

    And every time I come here back to read the latest chapter.

    Thanks anyway.


  11. Everyone: Your spirit rings should be no more than this many years.
    Tang San: I’m going to take twice that amount.
    Everyone: But that’s dangerous.
    Tang San: So?
    Everyone: You could literally explode.
    Tang San: And…?


  12. why even spoil it for anyone?Just cause you read shitty mtl.Funny how you are mixing real stuff with fake…as if it makes it OK to spoil


    • i cant tell, was that directed at my comment? if so ive only read up to ch 93 no spoilers from me. that was just the typical way shounen-esque stories are written. most the time the protagonist gets overpowered beyond regular means, and still yet to maintain enemies who somehow keep up to his already bizarre strength.

      in no way did i spoil anything, its all just farfetched guesses. if anyone has read up this far, they know his arms are nearly unbreakable, why not his body. his eyes are already able to see into xiao wu for whatever reason(i assume a spirit beast variation). so lasers isnt impractical, he can already use a stronger version of her confuse ring just by looking at people. and he better not get a 100,000yr spirit on 6th ring. thats just overkill… his poison weapon is already able to kill a title douluo, soon enough will most likely absorb it into his spirit bone and tool. they just talked about having double the rings just a few ch’s ago so again no spoilers. and the lightning out the ass, well thats just a common way of saying its all bull haha(grandmaster anyone?)
      but no matter how strong he gets he will still have to have an enemy; stories without meaningful conflict are boring.

      …and what is mtl??


  13. Can’t help but laugh when i think of flender and wuji’s reaction being outsmarted by the pit demon spider. Haha. Also, i think Liu Erlong needs to be at least kissed by grandmaster to keep herself restrained. Lol.

    Thank you very much translators. 😄


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