A translation of Douluo Dalu 2

User pandafuq has started translating the sequel to Douluo Dalu, called a close approximation to Douluo Dalu 2: Exceptional Tang Sect, and has already finished the prologue.

Before I post the link, I should let you know that DD2 contains major spoilers for DD1, the prologue alone has spoilers the size of a Titan Giant Ape. If you have any concerns about spoilers and haven’t already read through the rest of DD1 with MTL or other means, do not click this link.


Of course, as many have pointed out, by the time DD1 is finished there should be quite a few chapters of the sequel ready.


69 thoughts on “A translation of Douluo Dalu 2

  1. Well hopefully we don’t have to wait too long till Douluo Dalu 1 is done. I appreciate the work very much. I know im a little spoiled by how fast ren translates so everyone else feels slow.

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  2. Request for change on the site.

    For reading light novel use of the additive called Readable (readable.tastefulwords.com) is a great addition unfortunately, because how a light novel is displayed on your website, Readable is not working.
    Is there a chance to change the way the chapters do not display in the “window”, but as part of the site?


    • Not really. For my convenience and to avoid having to make edits in multiple locations, the chapters are posted using iframes that link directly to the source document. Unfortunately this version of WordPress doesn’t support the switches necessary to make them useful.

      I’ve started adding Direct Links to the published versions of the Google Doc, and those should work with Readable. Adding them to the early chapters is still a WIP, though.


  3. thanks for the link bagelson, wiill wait u to finish all the chapter of DD1 >< . Even i dont know how long it will be but compare to another tl out there i think DD1 have more fast or steady translate chapter every month. Im just happy enough there is person who translate this chapter and no sign of hiatus or else hehehe. so thank you bagelson 🙂


  4. well… here’s a couple of things!!! first of all… I honestly am out of light novels to read… i don’t know what to read… so i’m really really tempted to read DD2….

    on the other hand… i really would rather not to spoil what’s to come in DD1….

    so I was wondering… can you tell me like how many chapters are left of DD1? if there aren’t that many, and within a few months it’s finished, I would rather wait…. if it’s not finished for like a year or 2… i think i’d rather read it especially since i have nothing else to read…

    and thanks for letting us know btw.


  5. Thank you for all your effort at translating DD thus far. My only question is this, and you may have answered this somewhere else already, but when you finish DD are you going to start DD2? Especially with the appearance of this new TL.


    • I have no intention of starting on DD2, especially now that someone is TLing it. If I ever finish DD, I might go on to working mostly on Law of the Devil or maybe Douluo Dalu 3, unless someone has picked them up first.

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          • Still, assuming it maintains a level of quality and keeps my interest that is a very heartening thought as I love to read. Especially when long series are involved because that means I don’t have to go looking for something new quite as often.


          • I love you for translating, but right now I’m honestly wondering if it would take me less time to wait for translations or to learn chinese…


  6. As much as I want to click that link for more DD to read, I don’t want the spoilers. Thanks though for letting us know about it! Keep up the great work! Even if it takes 3yrs to finish DD we’ll be with you for every chapter along the way lol

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  7. Not gonna go there yet, but it’s great that a lot of chapters will be waiting for us after finishing the first one.


  8. Thank you for the heads up!
    Looking forward to the end of DD1! Then I’ll check it out.

    Heard it wasn’t from the original author and isn’t nearly as good as DD1, though. Someone some info on that?


  9. Well, I’ve waited this long and not read DD2, but I finally (mostly) ran out of stuff to read and am giving in. Especially considering it’ll be a few more years before DD1 is done.
    Hopefully I don’t mind the spoilers too much. haha

    An off topic note: The manhua for DD is terrible… Don’t read it. I’m serious.


  10. Hi kyle here, so I’ve been waiting for pandatranslation to do the doulou dalu 2 light novel translation but I think due to some rude comments they decided to drop the translation. I know it’s not easy to translate (if it was I’d be doing it myself) so I can’t help but be thankful for your time and patience for doing what you do but I beg and plead please if they dropped it could u guys pick it up because it’s such a goooood book. I know you guys are busy doing stuff and such.
    Sorry for sounding ungrateful.


  11. I just finished DD 1 at tangsanshu, using google translate. That book was absolutely incredible. I can’t wait to read it all here too (google translate takes alot of critical thinking to understand).

    Bagelsama, are you going to translate DD2 after you are done with DD1?


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