089 – Tang San’s Fourth Spirit Ability

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30 thoughts on “089 – Tang San’s Fourth Spirit Ability

  1. Hahaha Flender is so awesome! THE way he got Grandmaster and Erlong together is so ughh great😄😄😄😄😄

    Im so looking forward to all the team fighting and I hope the team will have some challenges cuz look at them, so op hahaha.

    Thanks alot for the chapter!!!


  2. So who here kinda feels bad for fatty? even though he has his flaws and does do things the others might not agreed with he is the only one of the group who ends up sitting alone. poor fatty 😥

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      • Yea, Mention The Most Obvious Is The Level Of Detail To Everything
        From Info To How Characters Looks, etc, etc

        I Love It And Baglesons&Co, Makes It So Well

        The Last Couple Of Chapters Has Brought Tears To My Eyes,
        So happy For ” Tangs Little Family ”
        (Xioa Wu, Liu Erlong, GrandMaster & Tang)

        HaHa Thinking Of Family,
        If Xio Wu Heard How Liu Threatend Tang,
        I Wonder How His ” Little Sister ” ( Xiao Wu )
        Would React To ” Mom ” ( Liu )

        OMG ! Two Hot Blooded Ladies, Two Protective Partners
        Would Be Hilarious, ” Family Drama On The First Day “


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