090 – Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament

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87 thoughts on “090 – Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TRANSLATIONS! Had been checking ur page for updates every hour every day and there’s TWO TODAY!

    You rock! 👍👍👍👍 thank you once again greatly appreciated!

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    • I got bored of that after the first couple weeks, so signed up for WordPress, and now just check that site since it updates in real-time while checking all the sites you follow.


          • thing is they are from the same people, the .org is a paid blog while .com is the freebie, you can make an account with .com and follow other .com easily like this group or gravity trans. but if you happen to follow stories that are on .org sites (like wuxiaworld) then you would get a few but not all updates. since it seems to work like some sort of rss feed or something. it is reliable but even reliable things can only be trusted to a certain extent, can’t expect it to do everything you want it to.


            • True, sites like wuxiaworld and blogspot sites are a bit more difficult, but it alerts me via email when those sites are updated


              • oh and there are the troublesome times where you follow a specific story from a group, but because its a blog thing wordpress updates you with every post they ever make xD which for me means 8-9 posts i don’t want to see before the 1 i do, so i choose to check it manually instead xD


  2. tanks a lot for the chapters, aaaw cant wait for the next ones finally the tournament is going to start

    i rly hope shrek academie doesnt drop out thx to their arrogance of not letting any top students start in the qualifying


  3. Trololol snot colored uniforms with “Looking for advertisment” on their backs. Flender stricks again hahahaha I love his antics!!!

    Thank you very much for the awesome chapter. Looking forward to the whole tournament arc. 😄😄😄

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  4. Thanks for update. Really appreciate all the hard work you guys putting in, translating the chapters.
    Very great-full .


  5. i just recently started reading. (last week). now i am caught up. I have to say i really, really enjoy this series, and can not wait for the future releases.

    I would like to say thank you to the wonderful people who are taking the time to translate this so that people like myself who would otherwise never be able to read such a great story, can enjoy this masterpiece.


  6. I love how Flender knows just how bad that uniforms look but makes them wear it anyway as he tries to avoid them as much as possible.
    I’m thinking Shrek Seven Devils will be first up and their dominance will land them a good sponsor.

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  7. RongRong’s dad should rent that advertising space. I’m sure there’s some extremely embarrassing way he could use it 😉

    Or better yet, Tang San could buy it and use it to advertise his new sect 😉

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  8. Thanks a lot for the translator , the story is more and more captivating . IMHO TJSH is better writer than IET , but i read them both


  9. love this LN, unlike most it doesn’t have harem lol
    as for story line itself is quite astonishing. many thanks to translator 🙂
    can barely wait for next chapters


  10. “But besides the snot green, each person’s chest was also practically covered by a large Shrek monster…”

    All I can think right now is, “IT’S ALL OGRE NOW”


  11. thanks for chapter but i totally couldn’t understand how prilims n stuff goes on….a diagrammatic representation from author would have helped


  12. I would pay a million gold coins to have Flender advertise “Shrek is love, Shrek is life” on those shirts! LMAO


  13. When you’re reading this at 3 am and you gotta sneeze but you don’t want to wake anyone so you bite your tongue.

    My mouth is in so much pain right now. m(>~<)m


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