091 – Preselection First Match, Begins

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123 thoughts on “091 – Preselection First Match, Begins

  1. Thanks a ton! I’ve been reading it in the Google Docs as it’s been updated, but still decided to come here and post a thanks.


  2. Thanks for the great translation and for all the previous ones that I have leached off and not thanked you for! Can’t wait for the other battles!


      • Good possibility. But it probably won’t be said that simply. The king could even flat out ignore it for whatever reason. And there is also the possibility of the prince offering a defense. And possibilities regarding the original cause of it all, whatever the brat’s name was.
        Lots of things could happen. For example, the prince could be left in charge and the 3 spirit douluo could decide to leave. I don’t think it’s likely to happen, but there are tons of things the author could have chose to do.


  3. Fuckin’ sweet. Too bad it didn’t finish the fight, but I imagine it won’t take even half a minute 😀



  4. Instant Pawnage! Poor Meng Shen Ji and Ning Fengzhi knew the result beforehand, and I sensed Salas maybe evil, although this maybe my own opinion because fantasy world and church tend produce corrupt church and evil arch/head bishop/pope, beside Salas already shown ambition part of corrupt church trope.

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      • it only takes 2 chapters for along of shreks enemies to want them dead and then realize that it is an impossible task xD. funny pattern so far of academies looking down on them, and then getting thoroughly demolished 😛 can’t wait til the full shrek seen devils make an appearance and if everyone finds out they were a gold ranked team at 30 😛

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        • wellp, id love to read till the end of tournament…..corse somethings gona happen in between a match and another…. so yea, id like to know what and how is gona happen now :3


          • The only downer is that it’s not possible to flash flood quality translations to catch up with the story.

            Going on the basis I heard there’s a Doulou Dalu 2, I take it this story is already finished :S I really wanna be caught up and reading the current story xD

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    • I don’t think its short? I mean if u compare the syllables of the name “James” and “San” they are the same?


  5. Thanks for new chapter! Dat cliffhanger though..If 92 isn’t coming soon I think i’m gonna die from curiosity…TwT


  6. Thank you Translator for the new Chapter! 🙂



  7. Crowd control! Crowd Control, alright.
    The little people in my mind are in a mess(very hyped) because of this chapter.

    Thank you so much (T-T)<–tears of joy


  8. Be shock & be in awe at the Might of the Devils! Muahahahhah!!!

    Go!Go!Go! Shrek Academy! Shut them all up!

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀


  9. Thanks for the chapter!
    I was litteraly shaking while reading this, mainly because I was laughting so hard… Hahaha! XD
    They were’t cocky when they said they where going to win wiithin a minute. Ah~ This novel is one of the best!


  10. this novel is one of the very few where it can make you laugh with what the character says. thx for the chapter!


  11. i wonder if anyone could still breath after all the gasping if Tang San revealed not only his thousand year spirit ring, and Crowd control but also if he followed up with his external spirit bone, followed by the announcer telling the whole arena that Tang san is only 14 years old, Followed by him taking out his second spirit. If all this happened one after the one, how many in the audience would die from a heart attack / stroke / no oxygen? lol


  12. I found this person’s message under the Suterareta yuusha no Eiyuutan page and was wondering if you heard about this.

    ” (im am a fan of the translater of Coiling Dragon and are mad because of his hard work getting tramped on so i am helping innforming about a great crime p.s the text below are from the translater of Coiling Dragon)
    I rarely do the name and shame thing, but I’m going to do it right now. Earlier today, I received an email from a reader informing me that he had seen whole chapters of Coiling Dragon copy/pasted up on a website called Wattpad, with zero attribution. I investigated, and it looks like Wattpad is a quasi-blogging platform. The username of the person who has put up the stolen content is ‘TundeVictor’. I’m not going to dignify him by giving him a link, but if you want, you can find him via a Google search.

    Here is the Public Service Announcement part of this post; this person hasn’t just stolen and posted my work (67 chapters), oh no. Looking at his profile, this scumbag thief has also stolen and posted the following translations:

    57 chapters of ‘Doulou Dalu’
    23 chapters of ‘Tate no yuusha no Nariagari’
    57 chapters of ‘Mushoku Tensei’
    11 chapters of ‘Gun-Ota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei Shitara’
    12 chapters of ‘Overlord’
    26 chapters of ‘Suterareta yuusha no Eiyuutan’

    Now, I’ve never read any of these before myself, but I’ve seen you guys talk about some of these translated light novels. So here’s my request to you guys; if you know/interact with the owners/translators of these novels, please reach out to them and let them know that their hard work has been stolen by this TundeVictor guy on Wattpad. Wattpad only allows the original author/translator to file complaints about stolen content, so while I am filing a complaint for Coiling Dragon, I can’t do anything for the other six stolen works. So please, if you know the above translators, I am sure they would be grateful to know that their hard work has been stolen.”
    – curro

    I thought that this was very interesting.


  13. Thank you for the translation 😄
    throughout the whole chapter it had my heart racing with anticipation waiting for the shrek team to release their rings and make the crowd go gobsmacked. which the author did a great job building that climax and leaving it at a cliff hanger😀


  14. Finally! A crowd control skill! I mean if this is like online games it should be around this time they get to have those kind of skills! Anyways, as usual Tang San is a freaking beast!


  15. thanks for the chapter/
    I’m new here and I like to ask a question.

    at chapter list page have current 13 volumes at baka updates show 22-48 volumes this 13 volumes is from the 22 or 48?


  16. Soo… what happened to hiding strength and whatnot? Seems like they’ve some of the biggest secrets the team has already.


  17. hiding strength only means not bringing out all their members.Not like they can hide the rings unless the member is excluded from the team fight,but tang san is too valuable as a controller and a strategist to conceal.

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  18. This is so far the best out of all current translating novels, starting to think i might be forced to learn to read a foreign language just so i wont have to have years to be able to read the rest because this is just too good.


  19. It’s 3 am in my country right now, I’m very excited to read chapter 92 and can’t go back to sleep.

    Just finished rereading chapter 91. Sorry for bugging you Bagelson but I really really want to read your translation of chapter 92.

    If the chinese language (whether it’s spoken or written) was not so hard and complicated I would really love to learn it right now, so that I can read the first and second book as well as the not yet released third.

    I am really thankful that you are translating this book Bagelson, keep up the good work.

    Good morning!


  20. […] Chapter  91 – Preselection First Match, Begins Chapter  90 – Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament Chapter  89 – Tang San’s Fourth Spirit Ability Chapter  88 – Drain, Eight Spider Lances Chapter  87 – Ten Thousand Year Pit Demon Spider Chapter  86 – Thousand Year Unicorn Armored Beast And Ten Thousand Year Demon Spider Chapter  85 – Fragrance Attracting Spirit Beasts […]


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