094 – Heart Separation Control’s Three Aperture Governing Heart

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80 thoughts on “094 – Heart Separation Control’s Three Aperture Governing Heart

  1. Thanks, I just noticed why the chapters are longer than others, the original chapters are in parts and combined here.


  2. Reblogged this on Moriah Clan Headquarters and commented:
    Now I am starting to see some serious zen stuff being mentioned 😛
    Will we see Tang San growing at an even more alarming rate from now on? and just how badly will the Shrek Seven Devils (or most of them) traumatize their opponents 😀 Can’t wait to find out in the next chapter. Many thanks to Bagelson for the quality translations :3


  3. aaaaaaaaa,

    now it will be even harder to wait one week for the new chapter.

    I started reading the novel after the manga was published on mangareader. Read the novel in 2 days, and re-reading it.

    Thank you bluesilvertranslation for your work. It’s rarely for me to start reading a novel after first grasping a manga to read.

    Continue like this,

    Thank you for the good work!!



    • This is exactly what happened to me and what i’m feeling right now.

      Anyway, thanks again for the chapter and can’t wait for the next one. 🙂


  4. Thank you Bagelson for the chapter!
    Ha~ I wonder what that area effect thingy was… But I guess we’ll know sooner or later. Preferably sooner 😉
    Looking forward to the next chapters and the conclusion of this fight!


  5. Ehhhhhhhhh need more “cries”

    So you guy who do you thinking is going to be switched
    I think it’s just going to be switching ning rongrong in


  6. Thanks for the update, keep up the great work!!!

    I can’t wait to see the true tyrannical strength of Tang Sun. I can just imagine him trapping enemies left and right with his BLACK River Grass(Don’t get why it’s name doesn’t change with the color changing, seeing as it is no longer Blue. Also think that each time Tang does something, like with the two immortal flowers he ate, his Spirit is actually variating from the original.). With his External Spirit Bone, he could possibly take down an entire team by himself.

    Also, I think there is going to be some friction with Tang and the Grandmaster. The Grandmaster I feel like is doubting Tang and his Spirit, focusing on the second Clear Sky Hammer. In my opinion, he is like everyone else always thinking that a trash spirit can’t amount to much. I’m really hoping that Tang will prove them all wrong, making his the most powerful spirit. I’m also hoping that he spurns his second spirit, and instead of cultivating it to be super powerful, fuses it into the River Grass, or something like that.

    Anyway, i’ve been binge reading this since I found it out, and finally deigned to post a comment. As I started this comment, I will end it so. Keep up the great work!!!


    • When did grandmaster doubt tang san?The only reason Tang san accepted grandmaster as a master is because they both shared the same opinion’there is no trash spirit just trash people’.We reading the same thing?


      • If you look at chapter 86, when he was against Tang going for the Pit Demon Spider, the reason I am citing for the doubt isn’t doubting Tang, but his River Grass Spirit in comparison to the others. He was, while not consciously doing it, conceding that his spirit was trash in that it wasn’t as able as the other students and their “First Class Spirits”.

        ” But Tang San wasn’t as fortunate, and even though Blue Silver Grass had a powerful adaptability, it still couldn’t compare to the Fire Phoenix or Evil Eye White Tiger, let alone the number one support spirit Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. Among the other six Shrek Seven Devils, any one spirit was stronger than his.”

        ^ Is the area of that chapter where the grandmaster is acting like that, where he wants to strengthen Tang’s Spirit Bone and Third Ring Ability. He was already of the thought that Tang’s Grass Spirit was inherently weak because of its nature as being a Trash Spirit, even with them both having their opinions that there are only Trash People, not Spirits. Which isn’t a wrong process of thought, based upon the world’s views and general knowledge on spirit progression and growth. All of which don’t apply to Tang. His Grass Spirit is as powerful as First Class Spirits I would say.


        • The spirit is weak, though. He was a genius already in his past life, so in his new life he’s a genius AND three times as experienced as other people his age. He got ideal spirit rings the first two times, and since then he’s gotten BETTER than ideal spirit rings, a spirit bone, three heavenly treasure herbs including two that protect from plant spirit weaknesses, and meridians opened up. Not to mention the unique martial arts and cultivation. Even if his spirit was literally Trash (a variation tool spirit?) under those circumstances it would be shocking if he lost to anyone under rank 61.

          … That would make his meeting with Grandmaster funnier, though. “I’ve always maintained that there are no trash spirits, only trash people.” “…” “… Variation spirits are special.”


          • Yeah, and I didn’t say it wasn’t trash, but that would be the general Grass Spirit. His though, isn’t a regular Grass spirit. It in-itself is a variation, with its ability to transfer poison, and its toughness and strength. If paying attention, the changing of its colors and the like throughout shows this, or more correctly hints this without showing proof.

            Though, perhaps this IS a regular growth of a Grass Spirit. Becuase based upon the begginning, the people who had this didn’t seem to have spirit power with it. Perhaps, due to that, no one knew the power of it because no one had devleoped it, so everyone assumes its trash. What if, because of its very low-tier like beginning, it has greater ability to evolve and strengthen than even first tier spirits, but no-one found this out because very few, if any at all before Tang, had the ability to cultivate it. Just a thought i had on the spur. Would be an interesting development if true. I kinda hope(and think it might be true), but with the strength of it now, it might be able to hold anyone in it in its first ability [Binding] if they’re below 50th level or so. Especially if he uses environment control with it, as he is literally turning the entire area into his spirit without using spirit energy, making it quite literally, his world. Man, I can’t wait for the next chapter, so many possibilities!!!!


            • That idea, I like it! Blue Silver Grass beeing actually an awesome spirit… never thought about that, but you’re right, could totally be true.
              On the other hand it would be kinda sad if BSG turned out to be an awesome spirit by itself, because it would make Tang San’s and Grandmasters plans to prove that there are no trash spirits completely redundant (you can’t really prove that there are no bad spirits, if your example for a trash spirit turns out to be an amazing sirit)


      • There’s also him doubting Tang’s poisons and Hidden Weapons in the world. Which is a mistake i would say.


  7. Thx for the chapter. how long does it take to translate chapters anyway? I know that real life and other things factor in to the timeline. But the chapters were coming out daily instead of now weekly?


    • And Fatty was right that they were lucky that Flender didn’t approach toilet-related product sponsorship yet!


  8. why do i get the feeling that what tang san felt when he was meditating in Three Aperture Governing Heart technique it was just an introduction to his ability to 2nd awakening into Blue Silver Emperor


  9. Didn’t Tang Hao tell Tang San something about always using the hammer in his left hand to protect the BSG in his right? I always thought that was just a reference to whatever happened between Tang Hao and his wife, but maybe there’s something more to that BSG


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