096 – Limit Team Control And Terrifying Hell White Tiger

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98 thoughts on “096 – Limit Team Control And Terrifying Hell White Tiger

  1. Whoa! Tang San’s control is superb! 🙂 Complete control.
    Great chapter to read for my birthday. 😀

    Thank you Bagelson!


  2. Another great chapter. I have to say Douluo Dalu is probably the most well written Korean Wuxia/Xianxia novel I’ve read.


  3. You would think that one of the top seven schools would understand the importance of support and control system spirit masters. If they’d had either one, SSD would have had to bring all of the their core members in order to win.


    • Honestly, their strategy and formation isn’t bad at all. Considering it’s a fight in limited space, using their huge body and extreme defense by advancing as a wall in a tight formation to corner the enemies is a logical and sound move. Having a support or control spirit master in their formation would just left a gap in their wall and the said spirit master would definitely be targeted first by the enemy. If the control/support spirit master stayed in the back, and if the enemies manage to get pass the wall. It’s not like the elephant armor team is flexible enough to go back and protect the control/support spirit master. If the control/support spirit master chose to advance together with the wall, then they risk getting attacked even more, and if the mammoth spirit master focused on protecting the control/support spirit master that would defeat the purpose of using the wall strategy.

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      • They would just need to choose a type of control/support spirit master that meshed well with them. We haven’t seen all the spirits that exist. I’m sure there are control/support spirit masters that would mesh well with a tanky team like theirs.

        Like that poison girl from Emperor team, she could just poison bomb anyone that came near her so they wouldn’t really need to protect her. Actually, having a bit of distance from her would be helpful.

        Or maybe a support type that could dramatically increase agility/speed, thus eliminating their biggest weakness and allowing them the flexibility to protect the support that they currently lack.


  4. Tang san is the last dude you wanna vs, screw the douluo level monsters it’s the control spirit master with a brain you gotta watch out for


  5. Despite being awesome, I got sidetracked in this chapter wondering about spirit beast population 🙂
    The Elephant Armored School seems to advocate getting the same set of rings for all their members, and I doubt they only have 7 people per generation.
    How much work must it be to find the right aged beasts for all of them each time?
    How much longer can they do this?


  6. Kyaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

    You really made my night! I can’t wait for the next chapter! Thank you!!!!! 😀


  7. S.S. Stronger than SupermanTheLivingTribunalDarksideGalactusandTheRedLanternCorpsputtogether says:

    thanks for the chapter


  8. Thanks for the chapter~
    So intresting to read about the reactions from the VIP seats, throughtI would have wanted to know the reaction from the emperor ;D


  9. Is any of the people smart, beside bone duolou and fengzhi. They are the only ones that notice that he won because of intricate planning. Though to be fair they did see his skills.


  10. Bagelson, Are you in the middle of exams too?
    Youve slowed down lately and that seems to be happening to everyone
    Out of the like 20-30 Novels I’ve picked up in the past 3 months, DD is the one that gets me most excited based on 1 chapter, cant wait till you can release them at a fast speed again, good luck with whatever it is youre doing

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  11. I’m finally caught up – started reading last weekend.

    Many thanks for all the chapters – Looking forward to the future development.


  12. Is douluo dalu written in standard chinese or is it some other dialect? Just interested.. not like I cant wait for new chapters popping up. ^^


  13. Wohoo! They won, and showed much more of their abilities to their future opponents. This reminds me of Fairy tail, the grand magic tournament arc


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