160 thoughts on “102 – Hidden Mystery, Seven Gem Spirits

  1. Before suscribing here, I didn’t care what mail I get. But now, everytime I get mail, I hurrily open them hoping for an update. Bagelson-shifu, you are the best! Thanks for the hard work!


  2. love the daily release and am looking forward to the next chapter. wanna ask how do I make a donation to this site want to give it as thanks for the effort.


  3. thnks for the upload.I dont know why but i am beginning to imagine bagelson sitting in front of his computer,his hair messy,box of pizzas scattered around as he uploads one chapter after another


  4. oh wow, can we be safe in expecting the next chapter quite soon as well?

    as for this blue moon academy, what weak ass pussies… don’t they know it’s the smallest dogs that bark the loudest? all their captain sounds like is a yipping chihuahua. all bark no bite xD

    you show them tang san, even if they have some sort of illusion ability from that light show, you will still control your team to a clean win ^^


    • Actually, them being looked down by everyone will make their suprise attack much more effective. Just like when Shrek was looked down upon, they will surely surprise the readers. Well, that’s my guess though


      • In normal situations that would be certain, but normal people don’t have the insight, experience and seer sight-ability that tang san has, even if they pull off something surprising he won’t let them pull a win hehe. plus monsters like the shrek 7 are too rare, there is no way such an academy could pull that off especially with sub optimum rings


  5. Bagelson, thank you so much for your fast releases and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Also if there is anyway to donate please tell me.


  6. You sir, are awesome. Where do I pay?

    No seriously… how about a donation button and a wuxiaworld like thing? Every 50$ you do an extra chapter… up to XX chapter per week. ThunderTranslations are also doing that now.

    Money isn’t everything.. I know, but it still gives you a little more money to party on weekends. Don’t tell me you don’t want it.

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    • I agree. With the amount of effort that Bagelson puts in these translation, I’d say he has to get at least support from the readers. Please put up donation so we can give support.


    • FYI:
      Paying could have negative motivational value. Right now, its a fun past time, but when you start getting money, it goes from hobby to work. Its counter-intuitive, I know.

      Search for motivational theory to read more about it.

      I definitely think a donation button could be useful, but without any stipulations attached.


  7. is it christmas already? coz I feel like this is a christmass week with this much release… haha… thank you bagelson….


  8. Yo, I have a question. I suck at Chinese and used MTs to help a bit. BlueSilver dude, can you tell me if this starting of 103 is correct? If yes, I could help you guys with translations.. You’ll just have to edit and check over. Should be far easier than translating it.

    In the center of the ring everyone could see only a gaudy colorful light.
    Tan San stood quietly while the opponents came for all sides, “You’re too naive” he thought closing his eyes, “You think you could prevent our Shrek like this?”.

    “For this day, we’ve been waiting far too long, do the dirtiest thing in the world. We’ll let you feel the pain, let the madness go further, this is the price you pay for insulting us. Rest assured, we’ll be lenient, we’ll leave your life intact.”

    Together with Tang san, Shrek Academy’s team of seven still have their eyes closed. Three sighed indifferently: “Do you think simple vision can trap us? You’re blazing light won’t stop us.”

    Yes, this blazing light technique looking outstandingly dazzling…


  9. Thank you so much for the fast translation. I was feeling blue the whole day and the your translation came along to make my day.
    I sincerely thank you for this


  10. You guys rock. I would donate too to help you with any expenses as I enjoy your translations and how fast you get the chapters out.


  11. just wow. Bagelson uses turbo mode … it’s very effectiv.

    Thousand thanks for those fast releases these last days.


  12. Thanks for the updates man your awesome!!! But I feel like Tang-san will soon forfeit one of his next two match after he beats down these guys!!


  13. The title of the volume seems to hint at it being some sort of illusion, which would also make sense with the gems. Maybe a sort of spirit fusion that happens to be illusory?

    Thank you Bagelson!


  14. Thanks for your translation !

    And : “Right now his position in the team was no lower than Dai Mubai’s, or even higher.”
    Shouldn’t be :Right now his position in the team was no lower than Dai Mubai’s, BUT even higher.” ?


    • It could be left there after loading for about a day. Remember when tang san was getting his 3rd spirit ring. He loaded it before he attempt to adsorb the man face spider. The time he took was approx 12 hours or more as it went from night to day to night again.


  15. This is crack. I’ve been refreshing this site for half an hour in hopes of another chapter. BAGELSON. HELP. PLEASE! TAKE MY MONEY!


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