112 – Tang San VS Huo Wu

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72 thoughts on “112 – Tang San VS Huo Wu

  1. OMFG IS IT CHRISTMAS ALREADY?!?! I just randomly checked this again today and i’ve 5 new chapters. I’ll consider this my christmas and birthday presents, as well as new years and Hanukkah.. hell i’m not even married and i’ll consider it an anniversary present. TY Bagel!

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  2. damnnnnnnnn, thank you for the plethora of chapters. If I ever wished that a thank you wasn’t so empty I’ll wish it now.


  3. “In the barracks, Huo Wu looked with concern at the Heaven Dou Imperial court doctor.”

    Should be Xiao Wu


  4. OMG Bagelson. I know you already get a lot of love for this but can’t say thank you enough. We’re addicted to this lol.


  5. “Oscar’s big sausage was already in Tang San’s mouth.” Hahahahahaha, couldn’t stop laughing.

    Anyway, thank you, Bagelson, you’re the best. =D


  6. “Will my ge really be alright?”
    In the barracks, Huo Wu looked with concern at the Heaven Dou Imperial court doctor.

    I think this is supposed to be Xiao Wi


    • I can’t believe these people saying it made their day, it’s only five chapters…

      It’s literally made my entire week. Who cares about the exams! I have chapters!


  7. Bagelson, please tell us how to donate. I’m sure most of the readers would love to give back to you in small or big amounts. Thank you for all your blessings


  8. When I checked for new chapters today the only though I had was, it’s been 2 days, so there should be a chapter today…. however there was a whole freaking new volume and some change!!!

    Was quite mindblown for a few seconds wondering why the newest wasn’t Tangsan vs Huo Wu. Then it occurred to me to look further up and I see the right chapter.

    I would like to help as a translator since I am Taiwanese, however I cannot read many Chinese letters, I only know a few basics, my name, school and love. I can talk and hold up a conversation in manderin quite decently. I suppose you could read it to me and I could translate but it wouldn’t be very practical would it.

    Just wanted to say why I can’t help translate. Thx for many chApters. Hope there are no unforeseen obstacles in the way of translated chapters like school…


  9. Damnit, the author always stated Tang San looks is just above average, while Mubai is handsome and Oscar is downright a bishounen! Yet, look who is getting attention from great beauties of same age group!


  10. Bagelson….You have been too kind with these 6 chapters. I will enjoy them immensely, many thanks.

    As for this chapter, it was quite an unexpected yet fitting end to this matchup with Tang San being Tang San and stealing the day, maybe even adding to his female admirers/rivals

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  11. Thank you for the manna from heaven… I mean the massive 6 chapter update. Did you pump up on Energy Drinks?! Or hit the pharmeceuticals? We appreciate the devotion.


  12. I am left wondering something, will Huo Wo get/develope Tang San’s fire/ice inmunity? the snake got it after biting him so…

    On the other hand, she might just end up poisoned… or, you know, nothing will come out of it; it will most like likely nothing, but I do hope the author follows through, considering how much emphasis is being given to his inmunity.


    • I highly doubt it. Remember the pills he gave that pills Tang San gave Dugo Bo?
      Those also contained his blood.
      I think there was some kind of description about why others would not gain his immunity.


  13. “She was, after all, a girl, and he was a man.”

    That has to be the stupidest line I’ve read yet. Wtf does that have to do with anything? The heifer’s trying to murder you. And she has the power to do so. Jesus Christ.


    • How Was That A Stupid Line?
      It Simply Pointed Out Tangs,
      Point Of View, About His Protectiveness Towards Girls

      Makes Total Sense . . .

      Take Care Everyone & Of Each other


  14. She did bite him literally, and she has some deep psychological problem due to her removal from the center of her world. Thanks for the chapter


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