113 – Phoenix Rampage

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42 thoughts on “113 – Phoenix Rampage

  1. Man, I forgot Fatty could OP.
    Also Ooh La La~
    Too bad this is a weird one love interest series.
    Tang has like 4 other chicks lining up at this point, and 2 of them are in the story right now.

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  2. Is what’s gonna happen next what i think it is?

    If so that’s probably one of the few obvious cliche I’ve ever seen from this author, but all the same in this specific situation with these specific characters its still an interesting twist simply because you would never expect it from them.


  3. [Shrek Academy’s opponent today was Botanic Academy, also that academy that Tang San couldn’t see through. Facing this academy, the formation Grandmaster arranged was entirely different from the before. The first three to go up were unexpectedly Huang Yuan, Jing Ling, and Tai Long.]

    srsly, jingling is the healer right?


  4. You know, I am wondering why Shrek even had 3 people go before fatty… he coulda ripped them all… so they just added 3 loses to their name… 3 in a row… and humiliated 3 people from their team…


    • Well To Be Fair, Ma Hungjuns, Cultivation Regarding His ” Combat Perception ”
      Needed To Be Tested Somewere So Why Not, Use It Were He Was Sure To Win Either Way?

      This Kind Of Test Would Not Hurt Much,
      Even If He Did Fail After All That Training, But,
      I Do See your Point, Hmm

      What I Originally Wanted To Say, Before Reading Your Comment, Was.

      The Feelings Of, Huo Wu, Sure Is Understandable.
      Even Thought The Circumstances, Are A Bit Different.
      They Still Resemble, RongRongs, Somewhat.

      I Do However, Not Like How, Tang, Handled The Situation.
      Taking Into account Hes Older Then 40 Years Old,
      His Awareness For Detail Should Be Able To Read The Atmosphere.

      Getting So Deffensive, Even A Touch Of Arrogance.
      Does Not, Seem To Fitt His Personality, Especially Around Girls.
      Saying He Has No Resentment Or Frustration Around The Matter.
      Means There Should Be Even Less Reason For His Current Attitude.

      It sounds Foolish Even Awkward, Blaming It On Xiao Wu.
      All I Can Say Is What I Commented On, Huo Wus, Actions.

      ” Love Hidden In Anger, Fear Of Not Knowing What To Do About Them ”

      Thanks For The Translation: Mr,Bagle !

      Take Care Everyone & Of Each other

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      • He’s actually a weird case, since he seems to have memories from his past life, but he was also immature from lack of experiences (seemed he trained more and never actually went out).

        But ya, considering her age, Huo Wu could be forgiven for her childishness (and personally, while I found Rongrong a bit arrogant, she originally wasn’t any worse than the rest of the devils other than her laziness).

        And for Fatty, there was no point in holding him back earlier. In fact, using him 1st could have guaranteed victory better in case if he did lose.


            • Go back to the first chapter(prologue). Go through it and the first 5 chapters and tell me whether the edits make it look better than before. I am currently doing chap 6. 🙂


                • Thanks! I hope people will enjoy DD more while rereading it now. Also, I hope that the people who abandoned this masterpiece will come check it out now that it looks all pretty and stuff. 😛

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                    • To be fair though, they found the choppy chapters a turn off and couldn’t bear to dig in. I guess that can be avoided now. 😉


                    • Those people can be found on wuxiaworld ya know 😛
                      I like to blame it on the translations on WW looking all smooth and natural compared to bagelson’s authentic awkward translation. Personally, I am a big fan of bagel’s authentic flavored translations cuz I used to translate Sanskrit in the same way ^_^


                    • His translations did seem to improve. Though I do think it’d have been better to convert the Chinese measurements and weights to something that is commonly used in the world (like the metric system)

                      And instead of explaining the characters for people’s names in a chapter, to instead make a glossary for people (with characters and short explanation) and Spirits and locations and anything else.

                      It’d make things a lot easier and each page seem nicer.

                      I think the translation notes being used to explain something Chinese would be better for it.

                      Well, that’s just my opinion, but it’d have less translator notes and people won’t have to keep on checking how much each weight is for a measuring system they wouldn’t even use (you wouldn’t even need it in China it seems) and the meanings of the characters names could be found on a glossary would make each chapter seem less cluttered.


  5. In order to protect herself, Huo Wu subconsciously used her hands to support herself against Tang San’s chest, and Tang San also in order not to be hit grabbed Huo Wu’s shoulders.
    ####And they fell on the ground with Hou Wu beneath Tang San. Then a situation arose that shock everyone. Somehow all their clothes burned away as Hou Wu acting on instinct released fire. THE REST IS FAN-FACTION!!!

    Here lenny face for you, lenny face for him, lenny face for her. Lenny face for everyone 😛


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