114 – Huo Wu And Xiao Wu’s Kiss

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44 thoughts on “114 – Huo Wu And Xiao Wu’s Kiss

    • After the end of last chapter and reading this chapter’s title I thought it would be something funny. Like, xiao wu came to spy and noticed huo wu trying to kiss tang san and xiao wu comes out of nowhere and kisses huo wu in tang san’s place before she could reach him.

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  1. Thanks for so many chapters 😀

    1.Wasn’t the use of all 3 of Xiao Wu’s spirit abilities constantly before a massive drain (at rank 39) but now it uses little spirit power(still rank 39). To inconsistent for my blood.
    2.Can Tang face wind spirit masters any more than he can face lightning spirit masters?


  2. Uk what I hate harems and sisters. Harems just means he gets zero actual action and sisters is just so beyond wierd.


      • I wonder if Xiao Wu and Tang San are really not related. Tang Hao fought with Spirit Hall supposedly over a “spirit beast”, the conflict ending because of the object being sought dying. Around the same time, Tang San is born, and his mother is also dead. We have seen that Xiao Wu might have relations to spirit beasts, possibly by blood. Tang San might have a humanoid spirit beast for a mother. Humanoid spirit beast families CAN’T be numerous, so the possibility of relations between the two’s parents is high.

        Also Grandmaster and Erlong’s struggles seemed to have elements of foreshadowing.


  3. i dont understand how xiao wu’s legs are around tangs waist and at the the same time her butt is touching his stomach, while shes facing him directly. imagine that. what kind of flexibility is that. and why would she do all that just to kiss him


  4. Thanks For The Translation !

    Phew, I Can Relax After Reading:

    ” If Tang San’s intelligence in battle counted as one hundred,
    then his intelligence in emotional matters was infinitely close to zero. ”

    There Seems To Only Be, Xiao Wu,In His Heart.

    Those Fights Were Pretty Fun Read.
    Fengzhis, Constantly Revealing Everything They are Trying To Hide,
    Is Not Helping Much.

    Take Care Everyone & Of Each other


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