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  1. “But because of the intensity of the competition, there’s a dat of rest and revision between each round.”

    Typo, should be “day”


  2. I know it’s Asian and everything, and its probably to our culture that it’s so funny…. but Bibi Dong haahahaha XD

    That said, thanks for the translation XD

    That said, I felt sorry for her… it seems that Spirit Hall forced Grand Master to break up with her and she saw him as choosing his sister over her…. it’s just sad…

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    • Most likely it went similar to how Grandmaster got kicked out of his family: he lacks power.

      Or to be more typical of shoujo genre – he was dating an idol, and the manager came up and be like “yeah, you mind not RUINING her future by dating TRASH like YOU?”

      And he caved, during the depression state he found Er Long and thing goes from there.

      Then the second depression, then meet Tang San, then Flender finally suggests “just be all lovey-dovey without sex”

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      • I feel more sorry for her than for him… he should have tried talking to her about it… he runs away from his problems too much and ends up hurting all the women he love…

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          • … really? You realize that Tang San is a part of her enemy clan, correct? This is a world where you they don’t join you, kill them.

            Except for Rongrong’s dad, almost every elder person of an advanced clan or group is willing to kill young people that won’t join them.

            Heck, even individual Spirit Masters are willing to kill talented young people.

            That is the kind of world this is. A dog eat dog world, a place where saints don’t seem to exist. Even Tang San doesn’t seem that great if you think about it.

            His kindness has some ulterior motive, he doesn’t mind destroying enemies for things that in our world would be too far to kill.

            He even destroyed the 7 gem users cause they might have been a future threat.

            So it isn’t such a black and white issue. If Tang San wasn’t the protagonist, then we wouldn’t really side with him.

            Being the antagonist and being evil are 2 different things.

            And when did she kill children on a daily basis?

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            • She casually sends out orders for children who are unlikely to join Spirit Hall, but have talent, to be murdered. That’s pretty much the same as murdering them directly. Anyway, how can you even compare Tang San defending himself and his friends, to what Spirit Hall is doing? Here are the things that typically qualify someone of being evil: Rape, Slavery, and Murder. It’s not just my opinion there either, most people will agree that murders are evil lol. I’m not talking about killing in self-defense, or killing someone in a fight, or accidental killing, but murdering someone because they could potentially become an enemy in the future. First of all, that whole join me or die mentality never really goes well; I personally would side with Tang San, even if he was the antagonist in this situation, because compared to BiBi Dong, he is definitely the ‘good-guy.’ Also, all issues are black and white, good or evil, right or wrong; people who only see grey, have become so jaded that they can’t tell the difference between the two sides.

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              • I do believe there is black and white. Just not in this issue.

                Spirit Hall is ENEMIES with the Clear Sky. Tang San IS a threat.

                And this is a different world than out own. A world of battle and wars. Tang San is a part of Spirit Halls enemy side, the Clear Sky…

                Tang San destroyed potential threats, the same way Spirit Hall wants to destroy them.

                Rape is always wrong, and most forms of slavery are wrong (though the exceptions probably aren’t practiced properly).

                But killing is different. Especially in this world of Spirit Masters where you fight and kill your enemies.

                You realized that with the exception of his dad, almost every Title Doulou who met Tang San wanted him dead at some point?

                At the 40th rank, Tang San is a proper Spirit Master, and considering he is a part of the Clear Sky makes his position different from a normal person.

                So in Spirit Halls case, it wouldn’t be wrong to kill him. Tang isn’t a mere child, he’s an enemy.

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                • I never said that he was a child, hell, he’s lived for like 40-something years. However, regardless of his age, it doesn’t change the fact that Spirit Hall is in the wrong for trying to kill him. A world of wars and battles… there are rules in wars and battles, just like there are rules in duels and other conflicts. Tang San hasn’t murdered anyone yet, and he definitely has a sense of honor and decency compared to BiBi Dong.

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                  • Tang San is a part of Clear Sky, considering they are automatically enemies, then Tang San is a MAJOR threat. Plus how far he has grown and the fact that he’s a Twin Spirit user…

                    Tang is an enemy and was to be killed. Simple as that.

                    Because of his relations with the Clear Sky, and he knows its a big clan, Tang San is in the wrong. This is a dog eat dog world, and you get killed if your an enemy.

                    Tang San is an enemy, simple as that. There is a saying, “all is fair in love and war” and this is war.

                    Tang San is an enemy and a threat; Spirit Hall is an enemy of Clear Sky.

                    Age doesn’t matter, an enemy is an enemy.

                    If Tang San wasn’t Clear Sky, then they probably wouldn’t have tried to kill him right away and would have tried to make him an ally, or at least neutral, but Clear Sky is an enemy, and Tang San stupidly showed that he was a part of the group.

                    The moment one becomes a Spirit Master, one goes to join the world of Battles.

                    Heck, even Shrek teaches that causing problems isn’t the problem, it’s not having enough strength to back it up.

                    Talented Spirit Masters have to be wary of death from people unless if they are a part of a clan. That is just how it is.

                    So I don’t find fault in her actions.

                    She didn’t try to kill an innocent, she tried to kill someone from the Clear Sky. She tried to kill a threat, she tried to kill an enemy.

                    She’s like the emperor of Spirit Hall; it’d be more wrong for her to let Tang San live and get stronger and be a threat for Spirit Hall than to kill him and threaten the place she is supposed to protect.


                    • Might doesn’t make right, and obviously you’ve never heard of the term “War-Crimes.” You keep saying “That’s just how it is.” but that doesn’t make her decision any less wrong. Spirit Hall instigated the vendetta between Tang Hao and themselves in the first place, because they’re short-sighted and arrogant. They made Tang San into an enemy by their own fucked up methods, so no, they most definitely are not ‘right.’ lol

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                    • “War-crimes” are something more from our modern world… other counties help uphold these “international rules of war”.

                      And not really, Tang Hao had something they wanted and he didn’t give it. A world where people kill each other for treasures and stuff.

                      And in this world, might does seem to make right. It’s what they are teaching the children, it’s what the 7 devils seem to follow.

                      Tang San is Clear Sky, and if Clear Sky is the enemy, then Tang San is the enemy.


                    • We live in a world where people kill each-other for much less than that, but it doesn’t make murder and robbery any less wrong. Anyway, I’m tired of arguing about this lol, there’s no point. You’re the type of person who will just say “Oh, it’s a fantasy world, so rape, slavery and murder are supposed to be a normal occurrence.” All of the fucked up shit that happens in our reality, are still fucked up when they happen in a story or fantasy world 😛

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                    • Your just generalizing.

                      And I don’t think Rape is ever okay, so that’s just mean. I don’t think Slavery is right, yet, I will not blame people in this world that aren’t against slavery because of how they were raised.

                      I’d think slavery was wrong, but wouldn’t judge the people since they were raised having slaves.

                      And its the type of murder. For instance, if it was some ordinary kid, then I would never support it, but considering Tang San’s case, I don’t blame Spirit Hall.

                      I’m basing it on the situation rather than the action itself. The reasoning behind their actions.

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                    • Well, murder is always wrong by definition lol It’s basically killing a person without a legitimate or moral justification. For example, Bibi Dong is trying to kill Tang San, it would be self-defense if he killed her to protect his own life or the lives of his friends. Tang San isn’t trying to kill Bibi Dong, he personally hasn’t done anything to her or Spirit Hall; she is attempting to murder him lol. In fact, what Spirit Hall is doing is actually against the rules of their organization and is essentially an act of war against the empire that Tang San came from; that’s why they had to pretend like they were bandits ect.

                      If you’re walking down the street, minding your own business, and twenty covert-agents from a foreign country, dressed up like generic gangsters, try to kill you because your father didn’t let the country that they work for, steal something from him… how is anything that the foreign government who illegally sent operatives into your country, to kill you, morally or legally acceptable?

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                    • But it is a different case.

                      This is a place where people fight and kill each other for weapons.

                      And he is a part of the Clear Sky. In this world, if your a part of a group, you are a part of it.

                      Just talent alone is enough reason to justify killing a person in this world. You got to keep that in mind.

                      This is a world that Tang San’s dad was the ONLY Title Doulou that didn’t think about killing him.

                      This is basically shared lands, and in the end, ENEMIES don’t always show mercy. Also, each Spirit Master is also a weapon.

                      Tang San is a weapon AND a person.

                      I am just a normal innocent person from a world where people aren’t warriors that will fight and slaughter each other. And if by chance I was a secret weapon that was a threat to their country, then it’d make sense if the other nation tried to kill me.

                      They would be stupid to not try to kill me if I was such a threat.

                      If Tang San was weak and without talent, they probably wouldn’t have given 2 shits about him. But he is an enemy, and he is powerful.

                      And at the same time, they had to hide their identity to keep with their reputation because you usually don’t want people to know you assassinated someone. Tang Hao would want vengeance, and he’d kill a few of them.

                      Also, the fact is that in the tournament itself, they cheated. But the reason is more to do with the fact that Tang San could go into hiding later, and it’d be hard to hunt him down.

                      I’m guessing what Spirit Hall wanted from Tang Hao was a Spirit Bone or a 100,000 yr spirit.

                      A good reason to try and kill the guy from this worlds logic, and once their leader was killed, Spirit Hall wants vengeance….

                      Which makes sense cause even if you start the fight, once someone you respect is dead, you’d still want vengeance.

                      And in a way, does this world even have laws against this kind of killing? It seems to follow a more “if you don’t get caught, it’s fine” kinda mentality.

                      Spirit Masters in general are fighters, weapons, and warriors. Tang San is not an ordinary person.

                      Just his talent alone is legitimate justification to kill him in this world.


            • Her matter of fact reaction to Grandmaster asking about his disciple a 14-15 year old child to me at least strongly implies this is not the first child she send her subordinates after nor will it be the last one. Everything in the interest of your clans advancement. I agree in this world it is an understandable sentiment but in no way does it mean we can’t judge them with our moral standpoints. And from mine at least triing to kill children clearly makes you a bad guy.

              The point about us cheering Tang only because he is the viewpoint character we’ve been following may very well be true though though I still find it hard to muster my sympathies until he takes an actual standpoint regarding politics.

              So far he and the devils seem to be focused on training to make themselves stronger. The attacks from spirit hall may influence them to see them as enemies and lets be honest I can understand them not being too fond of those.

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              • Still, this is a world where if your a talented Spirit Master, you risk death. Some one of Tang San’s talent should usually hide themselves.

                This was a world where among all the older spirit masters he met that weren’t his dad or teachers (or thought they would become his teachers) only 1 freakin guy didn’t want him dead, and it was partially in hopes that his daughter (whose beauty was matched by only 3 other females in the series) would seduce/marry him, and if not, then cause he could still use the kid.

                Tang San isn’t just a kid. He’s a Spirit Master, and a twin spirit master with an external spirit bone. He is also of Clear Sky and his father’s son. So their enemies are his enemies.


            • Oh you’ll not get any argument from me regarding the stupidity of revealing themselves at this stage of their training at all. Regarding the spirit masters he encountered so far wanting him dead I have to say most of them came across as incredibly selfcentered and arrogant and their wishes to see him dead came from their indignation for the perceived disrespect Tang San displayed. Admittedly if he was more diplomatic some of the earlier fights might have been avoided and only left him slightly weaker for it. So I don’t see that as exemplaric for the entire society.

              As far as I understood however Clear Sky school is incredibly powerful and not actually at the moment officially considered an enemy of Spirit Hall. If that was the case there’d need to be fighting going on between the two groups and I think I’d have seen that if it was mentioned. So assasinating him might turn a cold war into a hot one. If Spirit Hall wants that or not is a different topic though since we have too few informations about their strength atm.


              • Clear Sky seems to be hiding from Spirit Hall cause Spirit Hall is too powerful.

                And even people that weren’t offended wanted to kill him because of his talent (though they would rather that he joined them).

                Outside of the teachers and his parents, only one guy didn’t want Tang San dead from the older generation elites, and that was cause he had ulterior motives…


            • its the other way around actually she is an evil bitch. she has the power of the supreme pontiff. if anyone can change this bullshit system she can. she is the supreme existence in the spirit master world. also i havent read ahead but im pretty damn sure that the fight against clear sky douluo was initiated by supreme pontiff bibi dong. she could potentially make the spirit master world much more stable but she pettily decides to kill a child knowing full well that if clear sky douluo as well as all the shrek seven devils after attaining highest rank and controlling their own clans attacked spirit hall then she would have considerable losses and some douluos might end up dead. and i dout clear sky school master would stand aside to watch his brother killed whatever happened between them in the past is surely worth less than the clans reputation so she is ready to doom the world with chaos and death just for her petty vendettas.


              • This is a world where you kill people if they have talent and won’t join you.

                Spirit Masters aren’t ordinary people, they are closer to warriors and weapons.

                And Tang Hao probably had a super powerful Spirit Bone (which in this world, is good enough reason to kill a person).

                And in the end, Tang San is a serious talent, so it’d make sense that they’d try to kill him.

                Did you try looking at this world through the eyes of this world or did you try to mix this world with our world logic?

                This is a place of battle and war, and the most Spirit Masters are actually rivals and enemies towards each other, and it is more so for the schools.

                Tang San is like a potential powerful weapon and he’s on the enemy side.


          • She has her reason to attempt to kill him, which started with whatever Tang Hao did.

            With their world as it is, nobody ever though of someone picking a route besides “Empire” or “Spirit Hall”, and with what her info says she assumes that Tang San is already part of the Empire team.

            Ironically, Tang San’s final goal is simply starting his own sect, most likely a neutral one as far as Empire vs Spirit Hall goes. His affiliation with the Seven Devils would be the only bias he has in that regard.

            So if the Spirit Hall approached him to make friends, not recruiting him, then they probably could’ve made this relation work.

            Even now if they explains their reasons properly and give Tang San the chance to explain away their worries, they can still possibly reconcile. I mean, Dugu Bo initially wanted to kill Tang San, but look at where they are now.

            But nope, join or die decision ruin that chance.

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            • Yea, the whole join or die mentality is pretty much a deal-breaker lol. I mean, no one wants to be forced to do anything: Except really submissive masochists… Anyway, yea, from my experience, Empires and monarchies are pretty much always corrupt and disgusting. Personally, I think it’s kinda strange how all of these worlds in Xianxia, they never have democracies or republics… not saying that being a democratic republic would necessarily be better, because pretty much all forms of government eventually end up becoming corrupted and degraded, but at least they wouldn’t be evil by default rofl.

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          • I can only say our impressions disagree here. Every time the Clear Sky school is mentioned it is with an emphasis on how powerful they are and I can’t recall an actual sentence saying they hid from Spirit Hall.
            They haven’t been interacting with the wider world but often that can imply a buildup in power instead of a weakness.
            Also if they truly wanted him dead they’d have tried harder making me see it as an attempt to recruit him and not a genuine attempt at killing him.


            • As convoluted as this discussion has become it might be beneficial if you made it clearer whose comment you are adressing and also maybe go a bit more in debt about your points.


        • You act as if he had a choice. Just like with Er long he probably thought he was doing the right thing. Plus both times he was opposed by forces beyond him and this was before he gained power by knowledge. Also if the person you were grooming to be the next supreme Pontiff learned you made her love run away do you think she would still want to be supreme pontiff? It’s obvious they gave him no choice in the matter and wouldn’t let him explain to her


          • He always runs away, that is the problem. Always. In both cases, he didn’t try talking about it or working through it, but he ran away….

            Grandmaster usually runs from his problems rather than face them because of his inferiority complex.

            And in the end, he was lucky to find someone else, she on the other hand, was put in a position where it looked like he dumped her for another woman (and his sister no less).

            I don’t blame him for finding another woman, but her situation is just sad… and she’s in a position where most people wouldn’t even try to get romantically close to her, so it’s hard to move on…

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            • I can’t help but feel sorry for her as well, especially since Grandmaster hinted that the very people she trusted were the cause of him leaving her. That’s enough to shake anyone up… But she’s still the enemy, so I’ll have to keep my sympathy to a minimum >_<


            • hello lol
              tell me how would you one people go tell to your love the situation in this circumstances ????

              one the pope his at the same level or better than simple duoulo level master

              second the pope should have one army of spirit master – and can use them so spy bibi and grandmaster

              three don’t you think that the pope would have killed bibi if grandmaster have approached her ??? because in this world killing the young seem to be part of the culture

              and four what proof would have grandmaster because without it would be his word face to the pope word – and I think not too much luck in this case

              so stop to tell it is grandmaster fault it is the pope fault because grandmaster don’t have started this situation

              think a lot more because if grandmaster have some mean to contact or tell the truth to bibi I think he would have take it if their love was so powerfull – after all grandmaster is a genius so if some way was possible he would have take it




              • No, I do believe that it was the other Popes fault, but he doesn’t try to talk… he could have at least have tried to get a good break up or at least tell her that he wanted to improve himself or something.

                Guess we’d have to wait to learn more then…


            • Sajuuk first don’t take this as an insult but please continue to learn english because at the moment it can be hard to understand what you want to say. I’m not even sure there should be someone more powerful than the supreme pontiff but I’ll assume there is such a person and its the pope.

              Next there are several ways how one could try to tell their love about their reasons and why they haven’t been taken is a question of how many ressources to stop it and what threats might have been used to stop it. As you said Grandmaster is a genius so I’ll assume he was motivated to tell her but decided he had no way at that time(again ressources and ways the pope might be willing to act at the time).

              The popes immediate power level should have no bearing on the situation except if you want to say the only way for grandmaster to continue dating Bibi would be beating him and even a Spirit Elder might be able to beat him,

              Regarding third no I DON’T think Bibi would have been killed but Grandmaster might have been. And then there would have been a shallow but believable story produced to explain it.

              Proof regarding what? He was probably forced to leave her alone but for the use of any kind of proof you need a realistic goal to achieve. What would that goal have been?
              Making her see the pope was behind him leaving her? That would be an actual way to get her to be in mortal danger.
              By now it might be a different situation and she’d be able to fight with her own power and whatever powerbase she managed to build in the past years but it seems everyone involved moved on anyway.


    • For sure, but from the shadows… I’m sure she wouldn’t want to ruin her stellar reputation. But I can easily see her arranging an accident of some sort for the Shrek 7 Devils. Although I’d pay good money for a mental breakdown and total freakout session followed by a Golden triangle showdown and old freak spewing her with poison


    • She won’t do that. Or rather, she can’t. If she does it, it’s like saying “My team did not win, so I’ll kill you all” to the two empires. It would give a very good reason to the two empires to form an alliance against the Spirit Hall. The 3 major clans will likely jump in to help wreck their enemy.

      There no rewards to this. She’s better off assassinating him at a slightly later date. Or before, like she tried.


      • If spirit hall fights against the two empires it’s already stated that spirit hall has the advantage in numbers and yes if the pontiff kills anyone then it would be a bad political move since it would make other spirit masters turn away from spirit hall. I guess you could look at it like that kind of outcome wo uld cause a civil unrest crippling spirit halls cedibility.


      • Agreed, the benefit of eliminating a future threat vs sparking a full scale war of spirit masters and most likely turning all of the elemental academies against them wouldn’t be worth it. Getting rid of a single risk while creating countless more would be bad politics. Far more likely that after this is over, win or not, that shrek academy runs into another incident on the way back, most likely after all of the academies split to go their own ways.


      • You are right but there are plenty of methods for killing without them noticing. Don’t forget the rewards are 3 spirit bones and I don’t think she would give them to the enemy without a good countermeasures.


  3. Thank you for the chapters! I appear to have missed the previous few chapters on my feed so I got to read them all at once! (Although I was sad at the long wait.)


  4. It was kinda tragic until:

    >The Supreme Pontiff suddenly ran over to where Grandmaster was sitting before, clasping that abundantly warm fragrant tea, swallowing big mouthfuls.

    I can’t read that sentence without imagining her saying something like “his scent” in that sort of yandere moment.

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    • What are you talking about nothing out of the ordinary here. No seriously everyone continously runs across seriously injured optimal spirit beasts so run along now 😉

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      • Yup, happens all the time. I mean look at that third spirit ring of Tang-San’s, and oscars as well. Pretty common to just bump into already injured spirit beasts with absolutely no consequences >.>’

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  5. i feel bad for liu erlong she practically screaming for some “love” and grandmaster is being too much of prude for that,,


  6. “According to the tournament rules, in the second round, the first ranked teams from the two great empires will sit out. In other words, after we’ve obtained victory in the first round, there will be enough time to rest in the second round. This is also the significance behind the ranking competition. At that time, sixteen teams will fight it out for eight places in the third round. Further adding our two resting teams, there are altogether ten teams. In the third round it’s the second ranked teams that sit out. The remaining eight teams fight for the four places to enter the fourth round together with them. In the fourth round no team sits out. Consequently, only the top two teams from the ranking competition can benefit in the finals. But the earlier you can sit out, the more favorable, because you can avert being eliminated prematurely. In the fifth and final round, there are only three teams entering. The three teams will first use the method from the ranking competition, seven team members conducting circulating elimination, to decide which team has the strongest members. Afterwards the two losing teams will fight a team match, the winner again challenging the winner from before, to decide who will be the final champions. Do you all understand?”

    “Yes, understood.”
    Everyone had good memory,

    Too bad I dont have such great memory!

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  7. Wow…. that’s some backround story for Grandmaster, even if we dont get the whole picture jet…
    Things are taking an interesting turn, and I can’t wait to read the part where they go up with seven 40th ranked teammembers at the same time! 😀

    Thanks for transating the chapter!

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    • “You knew we were strong, you thought we’d shown most of our strength, there couldn’t possibly be more than we’ve shown afterall.. but you’re wrong. We’ve kept our true support hidden and one of our members just leveled up to another key level.. we still have a spirit bone you know nothing of as well. You will know despair when facing these devils.”

      Pretty sure I saw them say something like that a couple chapters ago.


  8. Question: Are Shrek’s going to have a bye? They’ve talked about the format a couple of times, but I don’t think we know the final rankings after the 1v1s


      • Yeah though honestly i’d rather have a second place bye in the third round to get more rest before the later matches. Seems more favorable to teams that’re strong and know they will most likely make it through the rounds to get more rest later in instead of earlier on.


  9. “So what if she’s the Supreme Pontiff, she still hasn’t beaten me.”

    Liu Erlongs spirit must be a really really bad match for both of Bibi Dongs spirits.


  10. Thank you for the chapter^^ I was wondering why they don’t have any suspicion on how Xiao Wu easily get her 4th spirit ring..she was by herself and to encounter an injured spirit beast by accident, how lucky can she be!!! Something must have happened..the same occur when she got the 3rd spirit ring..hmm


  11. There’s something fishy about Xiao Wu explanation every time she gets her beast spirit ring, I don’t know what it is!


  12. I truly hate xiao wu, hate everything about her, but i will not be surprised if she got 10 k spirit ring too, and she always gets it so easy, something is fishy, and she got it alone again. Her mother could have been the previous supreme pontiff, or its tang sans mother, quite possible too. Cmon author, make her stronger than main hero, Good job! I wish she died…


    • Have you not been following the story? Xiao Wu has some kind of connection to the spirit beasts and might be one in human form herself there would be no (at this point in time) understandable reason for her friendly relations with the tyrant ape from that forest otherwise.

      So later on it might be that everyone decides to come after her for an extremly powerful spirit ring and Tang San will have to fight to save her life.He and his lover against the rest of the world so to speak (well I’m assuming him, his lover, the other devils as well as his other allies).


    • Have you literealy not been reading the chapters at all? It was stated that she has connection with the titan ape spirt and can some how produce her own ring by copying the ring of other spirt like its in the chapters -.-


    • Ronny you really do hate this character. Some things that you may have overlooked in your hatred of Xiao Wu, first thing is that spirits rings don’t come easy to her rather that they are formed through meditation when she reaches a bottle neck. Second from the reading when she got her third spirit ability it seemed like it was a painful process at first and gradually subsided as she continued which likely means that she is in potential danger. (Theory no proof) third she definitely is no ordinary spirit master if you can even call her that so for her to be stronger than the MC isn’t far fetched since we don’t know much about her past. You can still hate her just wanted to point some stuff out lol


    • Did you read all chapters? she can create her own spirit rings, she dont need to kill spirit beasts to get then. The only fishy thing is her origin that has some conections with the spirit beasts (she already kwen the giant ape before). Aso, this same conections are the reason she cant tell then about how she get the rings.

      Rongrong, fatty and Sausage Monopoly Oscar are the only clean ones in the seven.

      ps: since at first I read the novel I hate her there too, but in the original work (this novel) she is a good character, only needs some more development in her backstory 🙂


  13. I have a curiosity which I hope will be resolved soon, how does Xiao Wu choose which spirit ability she’s gets. Granted I know that she forms her own spirit rings and I think that has a lot to do with her mother or it may be the fact that she herself is a spirit beast or half anyway and instead of the age cultivation like other spirit beasts she can force cultivation by meditation. Still I have no theory or clue as to how she chooses what her spirit abilities can do or is it simply random and I’m over thinking?


  14. I actually ship Grandmaster and Supreme Pontiff, he with Liu Erlong is just damn incest~
    Thanks for the chapter~


  15. Should have expected She-Palpatine can guess who is Tang San’s father was, and this put Tang San higher on church elimination list, and I though it was Salas we should be adware off. Oi, Xiao Gang taste in girls kinda veer toward yandere types.

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    • His mother passed on the grass to him. His father passed on the hammer to him.

      And seeing as the only other person with that hammer spirit is the highest profile badass that is his father, that’s just a teeny wee bit less subtle than having Darth Vader tell you to your face that he’s your daddy.


  16. “Recalling all the instruction of the last Supreme Pontiff as well as all kinds of matters in the past, the truth that had been obscured by hatred gradually appeared before her.”

    Does the above line mean that she realizes that the previous Supreme Pontiff might have ordered Grandmaster to leave her alone? Or that she realized that she still loves Grandmaster?


    • It seems like she came to the realization that the former pontiff had something to do with their break up. It’s unclear to what extent so I guess we will just have to hope the writer gives us more details later on


  17. Say, if Pontiff didn’t tell Grand Master about the attempt assassination and ask GM to dump Erlong as a condition to share cultivation method, would he agree?


  18. ‘Clear Sky School, don’t tell me your GENES really are that good?’
    I think Ning Fengzhi is an otherworlder from modern age lol

    seriously even if it’s less accurate or not right I recommand to change it to blood.


    • genes where known since the middle ages and genetic experiments on flowers where done at that time many of the fruits we consume at the moment are known as natural or transgenic still things as simple as pink roses can be called transgenic since they are born out of a red and white rose, the rice we have now can take so much punishment and grow cause of the way it was made to work when people from china where made to run to the island of what is now Japan a very small island during the age of wars. Genetics sounds like uber modern age or futuristic stuff cause of all the unknown to date factors but its a really old study.


        • I likd the Botanic Academy of the light Novel. It was clear that Fatty was their nemesis because of his fire element and strong spirit.

          In the manhua, they were kids and completly ridiculous. I want to write a fanfic which they would have a strong presence but hey, the setting happen like 40 years in the past. That will just increase the fall they took since then. 😦


          • It makes me sad when people over there defend the manhua. Like… “How is it you guys think that this isn’t garbage? Why won’t you even try to read some of the LN?”

            I mean, seriously, if I knew nothing at all about the LN, then I would think the manhua is just a badly drawn soap opera. I can’t even comprehend how anyone thinks it’s more worth reading than the LN. It’s like they’re all children mindlessly defending the first thing they laid their eyes on without even considering that there are better things out there.

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            • I think they are children one cant really start reading without a sense of whats happening without pictures but when you grow old and experience things that would gradually change


            • Have to disagree, it has its own little charm an if you don’t like it that way it’s fine. People have defended the LN in the same blind light. Personally I like both and see the good and bad in each. Most complaints I see about the manhua I have to say “are you serious?”(Same for the complaints about the LN). It’s all amusing to me, I’d like to see an anime made of this then watch all the blind arguments continue more and more over what is better, but that’s just my bad habit.

              Some people are just able to accept the differences between each more than others and it’s fine, but once again I agree with what you said, they take it blindly without seeing what else is out there and that isn’t good..on a larger scale it’s led to alot of issues in history another world’s current way of things but that’s off topic and reserved for a different place to discuss not here.


            • Hold your horses !!!

              The Manhua was good for 3 things

              1) Give us a idea how the characters look like. A picture is worth 2000 words for a character description.

              2) How the Spirit Monsters look like, for the same reasons.

              3) The manhua is worth reading until they reach Tang San father give Flander and his teacher the mission to take care of Tang Sang, now that he have being accepted in Shrek Academy. The changes arent too great until that point and are enough to get you addicted to the Light Novel.


              I understand what you mean though. The Manhua have so little good stuff in it. I used to tolerate it but now, Im over it.

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            • im in no way defending the Manhua, but ill at least say i came across this wonderful story and LN because I stumbled upon the Manhua first. comparing the LN to the Manhua id say they, with some creative deviation, stay true to the direction of the story up until Tangs 4th spirit ring after that point what ive seen is more garbage then good. In my opinion, that’s how I see it.

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            • @Anonymous(#2): The difference between defending the LN without reading the manhua is that if you haven’t read the LN, then the manhua is just bad. The quality is nowhere near other popular manga, in either story or art. Literally the only good thing going for it is the speed at which new chapters are added. Which is cancelled out by it being complete and utter garbage after the beginning, once they start deviating from the story and throwing in stupid things like transformations trying to be like bleach.
              You don’t have to read the manhua to know that the LN is worth reading.

              @pablocito24: Points 1 and 2 are the same, and invalid, because they look terrible, and half the time their descriptions are ignored and replaced with the artist’s own bad taste. I’d rather have left it to my imagination, but by now the well is tainted. I agree with point 3 somewhat.

              @kurowind: I’ll agree that it was useful for finding the LN.


            • to be honest i loved the manhwa it seemed great i thought it was dumbed down and a little juvenile but it seemed like it had a great story behind it and i hated how much the novel readers dumped on what was quickly becoming my favourite manhwa then i ran out of chapters. its a great manhwa on its own. its just a travesty compared to the majesty that is the novel. although since dugu bo the manhwa has diverged way too much and is becoming worse by the chapter on the contrary the shen yin wang zuo manhwa seems pretty good.


      • Botanic academy sucked so much in the manhua U_u also I am starting to believe self made spirit powers and that story about mu bai are just future events in the story being revealed before their time, kinda like some book 5 topics being revealed in the 3rd season of the GoT series


        • I doubt it. They’ve been making things up steadily since the beginning. Crap like real guards and spirit marks and Oscar’s spirit being tofu instead of sausage, and transforming into various nonsense that has nothing to do with spirit avatar abilities. They didn’t even make Botanic academy’s spirits what they were supposed to be, and they combined them with the fight where the heartbroken red interrupted that sunflower spirit’s ability by making a Botanic guy have a poisonous piranha plant from a mario game or something that tried to poison Xiao Wu.
          They’re even doing stupid crap like tacking ridiculous ages onto spirit bones and just making entire pages of people’s faces in shock.
          “Ermahgerd, million year old spirit bone!?” As if someone could have possibly been strong enough to kill a million year old spirit beast when there are hardly any people that can mess with that Titan giant ape that wasn’t even at 100,000 years. In the first place there’s been no indication of a spirit bone’s age having any influence on it’s potency. I won’t even go into issues about something being a million years old and not being something killed in recent memory that everyone talks about or at least knows about.


          • Please realize that Chinese is prone to hyperbole and exaggeration in descriptive terms.
            There’s a meal in China called ‘hundred-year eggs’, thousand year eggs, or PIDAN, which is basically standard eggs soaked for several weeks in things before being served.
            So, ‘ten thousand year spirit beast’ does NOT necessarily mean they are ten thousand years old. They are simply at the ‘power level’ of ‘ten thousand years’, which is a measure of how strong the rings are. A ‘year’ could simply mean something like ‘1%’, and it is even intimated that spirit beasts cultivate and killing human spirit masters helps them grow faster.
            So, ‘million year spirit bone’ should be read properly as “OMFG Powerful Spirit Bone”, not something from a creature actually a million years old.


            • Then it would have to be a combination of damn old and killing a huge amount of powerful spirit masters. How would that just fly under the radar? People would hear about it and talk about it.
              That isn’t even the issue, the thing I have a problem with is that they just arbitrarily add stupid nonsense into the story to try and make it cooler, and it backfires by making it look stupid.

              Then I get irritated because the people who only read the manhua are lazy bastards that can’t read books that don’t have every line sandwiched between a pretty picture, and act like there’s something wrong with us when we’re disappointed with how bad the manhua is.


            • Your thinking isn’t wrong from the thinking of our society but from the concept of a fantasy world I believe the author means literally 10,000 years. The reason why those beats are so cuvitated is exactly for the reason that they are hard to come across. That’s why not killing unnecessarily is so important


        • “and that story about mu bai are just future events in the story being revealed before their time”

          Agreed. I have a feeling that Mubai’s brother is going to be one of the big three from the spirit hall team.


      • +pablocito24: The problem with 1 and 2 is that they are just drawn wrongly.
        Old freak is young in the manga, fatty isnt that fat, Da mubai doesnt have double pupils, Tang San`s spider lances are really small and have one more articulation than they should have, and wtf is the “dark mode” , is Tang San taller than Xiao Wu there ?
        I dont follow the manhua, but took a look at a few chapters and things just seems way too wrong. They added the “dark mode” where Tang San gets long hair and looks taller, his spider lances looks kinda like wings, apparently his fire/ice resistance only works when he is in this mode (he said so on the fight against the “fire academy”).
        And a lot more changes to the storyline


        • The wings part will happen since part later in the novel, but seriously the manwhua is credo sure to a lot of things being change the blond bird guy from emperor team became a girl which didn’t even happen in the novel.


        • … So?

          Point 2 STILL stand. The spirit beasts are awesome in pictures.

          Point 1 is cool until they join the Shrek Academy. I dont mind how they drew the characters up to that point. The minor changes from their description doesn’t bother me up until that point.

          Its all a matter of tolerance of the changes they made. If you read more then that, for me, the read get only disappointing from that point, except maybe when they are getting their third spirit rings. I love how the Spirit Beasts looks. And how Er Long look but that’s just me.

          The Manhua still suck so badly that it hurts but dont let your hate completly blind you. Yes, their is some small changes until Tang Hao give that teacher a beating but hey are still enough small in my point of view to enjoy the manhua up to that chapter. If you read further more then that and read the Light novel, you will be consumed by hatred and join the Dark Side (or should I say the Darkening? What a stupid change)


          • The other day I pretty much blew a gasket on Kissmanga. I’d been out of town for a week with no internet, came home and read the 30ish new chapters the manhua added since, and they were all terrible. Irritation accumulated so much that I went back through each one cursing and denouncing the artist in the comments.


            • Yep read most of it. I simply gave up reading when it started making its own original story like a filler from Naruto but in this case, very relevant in the future and felt more like a spoiler for the original. Domo greedxviii-san, I am WanSage-san. *explosions in the background*


  19. If I am right the competition is like so:

    Total Teams 30 Teams + 3 Seeded [1(Heaven Dou), 1(Star Luo), 1(Spirit Hall)]

    1st Elimination round
    30 Team Play [3 Seeded Teams Sit Out]
    = 15 winners + 3 seeded

    2nd Elimination round
    16 Teams Play
    13 Team + 3 Seeded [1st placed Teams from both Empire sit out]
    = 8 winners + 2 [1st placed of Both empire]

    3rd Elimination round
    8 Team play [2nd placed Teams from both Empire sit out]
    = 4 winners + 2

    4th Elimination round
    6 Teams [No sit outs]
    = 3 winners

    5th round
    Uses ranking system using 7 players
    first placed enter the finals
    the 2nd and 3rd placed compete team match
    winner enters final team match for championship

    I am not satisfied with 5th round…doesn’t that mean the 2nd and 3rd placed teams have to compete in 2 matches (1 ranking and 1 team) to fight against the 1st placed team. wouldn’t they be exhausted? in my opinion they should be a 6th round.


    • Your good up till the 5th round. The purpose of the 5th round is for the team with pure raw strength to be number 1, ie spirit hall. 1v1v1 with the two losers to battle it out 7v7 as round 6. The finals is between the better team fighter and the strongest raw power.


  20. “For some reason, Liu Erlong’s expression was somewhat monstrous. Xiao Wu successfully obtained her fourth spirit ring, but according to Liu Erlong, she was separated from Xiao Wu at the time.
    And Xiao Wu herself said that she encountered an injured spirit beast, and by good fortune, obtained this spirit ring. ”

    Same like her got 3rd spirit ring?


    • Probably, I suspect she found an excuse to ditch Erlong and repeated whatever method it is she used before. Of course, if she keeps giving the same lame excuse of “I just happened to find a half dead thing that suited me exactly while no one was looking someone will get suspicious. Maybe that’ll just be the plot device to make her explain the weird stuff going on with her.

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      • I agreed, she is definitely hiding something. I think she have a spirit bone or she can control the animals. I hope is something good ^_^


          • Well, I bet many start the series from manhua and don’t bother reading the novel from scratch.

            While manhua seems enjoys spoiled what novel haven’t yet revealed, unknowingly why they decided to hide the method Xiao Wu gain spirit rings that revealed in novel from manhua.


            • I know the manhua is not that great but thanks to that I was able to find this great novel and this amazing wed!!! Thank you Mr. Bagelson!

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      • Ooh man there are so many things I want to say but they are spoiler.

        PS. Anyone know where we can discuss spoilers for this LN


      • i agree that thats how it will happen but come on in this world in tens of thousands of years of beast killing there has never been someone who could self create rings how could anyone suspect foul play when they believe it to be physically impossible. from a purely logic driven perspective an extraordinary string of lucky breaks is a much easier conclusion than suspecting that shes up to some shit


        • That’s true. The possibility of gaining spirit rings without killing a spirit beast is very likely something that would never even occur to people. But it is suspicious as all hell, and I think that it’ll prompt someone to follow her secretly the next time she goes for a ring. This someone should definitely not be Tang San though, because if he’s already been with her for 8 years without getting curious enough for investigating, he never will.


    • Facts:
      She is close with spirit beasts
      She lived with them
      Mysterious ways of gaining Spirit Rings

      She is part spirit beast hence she gains spirit rings naturally.


  21. Bibi Dong, with such a name I think she’ll prove to be Tang San’s biggest challenge yet. At least after she resurrects Majin Buu.


  22. Bagelson, thanks for the effort you ‘ve put into translating DD, it definitely is my favorite LN of all I have read by now 🙂


  23. i think xiao wu more suspicious rather than tang san..

    i dont now about the story,,so i dont think this a spoiler,,

    i think she is a daughter of 100 thousand years dragon in the forest that grandmaster told about..

    its rather shock to knowing supreme pontiff is also have twin spirit !


    • i dont think she is the daughter of the That python beast because if that’s the case the author wouldn’t have given her a better spirit than a rabbit..?? it would have been a dragon or the python spirit itself


    • What dragon did grandmaster talk about? If you are talking about the bull serpent monster, then it’s not it. Remember when Xiao Wu talked about the 2 little brothers she misses? That is the Gorilla, and the Bull serpent.


  24. well yeaaahh….i came across this LN after Reading the MAnhua….But after going through LN….i lost interest in MAnhua…..It was Nice…Till where tang san as entered the new shrek academy..but after that they started changing the story too much…and or i could say they missed a few stories like defeating Tian Nuo A spirit king….that gave him a good look….!! and they could have made the fights in the tournament a little good looking….and they even disqualified elephant armored school….and what should have been a draw with the water element school…is a win….and now dai mubaii is in different arc of evil white tiger sage..i think they should stick to the story line


    • I don’t like the manhua but it is good that it is a different story otherwise it would degrade the novel-story way too much! The way it is, I can evade hating the manhua-story by telling myself “it is a parralelluniverse” over and over again.


      • Chinese, it’s read Chinese. Mandarin, Cantonese, etc… are spoken but i still like to call them different dialects of the Chinese language. For example, American, British, Australian accents, it’s still all English.


        • Don’t the Japanese use the same characters for the most part? Would you call Japanese a dialect of Chinese and would you call Japanese that has been written down Chinese?


          • I’m not 100% certain, but I seem to recall that the original group of people that migrated to Japan were from China. Not sure about who was there before them, if any, but the people there now were at some point in history, Chinese.

            I think. Someone please correct me if this isn’t right.


          • 1) No. Japanese uses a subset of the Chinese characters for their writing (where some characters have their meanings changed). Written Japanese consists of three parts: Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji (where Kanji are Chinese characters). You will normally see at least two of the three parts in one sentence.

            2) Japanese is not a dialect of Chinese.

            3) Written Japanese would not be called Chinese. All the Chinese dialects can communicate with one another via written Chinese because the words are written the same way regardless of how they’re spoken (leaving traditional and simplified writing aside). If you write a sentence or two of Japanese, a person who can only read Chinese will not be able to understand what you say. They might sometimes be able to guess a very very approximate meaning from one or two Kanji characters (assuming it exists in the sentence that was written), but that’s all. That’s like saying Spanish is a dialect of English because a few of their words can be understood easily in English.


        • Actually no. Read Mandarin is pretty correct because thats what the standard is now. Cantonese, Teochew etc can each be written with chinese characters. The way Cantonese is written is different to the way standard chinese is written using the Mandarin chinese language.

          The only standard written style that was classical chinese which is not in modern use but is closer to the concept of a separate written language with divergent spoken languages.

          I will also note, chinese ‘dialects’ are closer to being languages. The difference between Mandarin and Teochew is bigger than English and German. So no, its not a matter of ‘accent’. Mandarin etc can have varying accents like English, but in that case it would still be Mandarin.


          • No it is not correct. Mandarin itself is a spoken language, and that is totally different than what you are describing. Yea, there are variations in the spoken language thus the grammar or vocabulary used may differ, but not entirely that Cantonese and Mandarin speakers can’t tell the difference, it is still written Chinese. The only variation between standards is whether it’s traditional or simplified, and almost everyone that can read one can read the other as well (Standard Chinese is taught and learned throughout the country after all). What I’m trying to say is that saying someone is unable to read “Mandarin” or “Cantonese” is not correct, why? because if you can’t read the standard Chinese (Simplified: spoken Mandarin), you can’t read Chinese at all. You either can, or you can’t, breaking it down to something smaller is just unnecessary, which is what I was trying to say.

            As to when i say dialects, that in itself is not entirely incorrect either, though i guess my example was a bit misinterpreted in some parts. Obviously when you compare Mandarin and Teochew, there is a large variation, those are two entirely different branch of Chinese spoken languages. But if you look at Mandarin case, there are many dialects of mandarin across china, even in Taiwan, all spoken different, but most people would still understand most of them if you only speak one. Yue Chinese itself have large variants in the Cantonese spoken language, and yes most are only a matter of accents, but those mainly consists of smaller less known dialects that you probably won’t even know of. In the end you can say China has hundreds of languages, but most of them are just a twist in annunciation, that in itself is just a different dialect.


    • What manga? The manga is making its own story so there’s no such thing as catching up. A cheetah running to the east will not catch up to a turtle walking to the west.

      Sure they are similar but the farther you go in the story, the larger the differences between those two media.

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  25. I seem to remember Grandmaster telling Tang San that there is only 3 recorded twin spirits users like him. The one died, second died training his 2nd spirit while the third I can’t recall. Can anyone tell me from what chapter was that?


        • Oh, memory, what unreliable thing. thank you 😀 do happen to know what chapter it was? That part was the only thing I can recall, what prompted this conversation, what arc was it on, I want to read it again.


            • After Grandmaster came back from getting his 3rd spirit ring with mu bai he and tang san had that heart to heart about his clear sky hammer and the goal of making the rings 10k+ with Grandmaster expressing his fear and what happened to the first person in recorded history. The only other time they talked of twin spirits was in this chapter when he asks how she made it through it and she says gtfo.


  26. wtf, why are they still pulling straws?? they have the whole freakin 1st and 2nd round-robin rounds to determine placements… this whole competition is quite stupid otherwise. lazy author..

    and this takes close to 2-3 months for completion. if this is a yearly thing, then ~1/5 of the year is just this competition alone. pretty crazy.


  27. wtf, why are they still pulling straws?? they have the whole freakin 1st and 2nd round-robin rounds to determine placements… this whole competition is quite stupid otherwise.

    and this takes close to 2-3 months for completion. if this is a yearly thing, then ~1/5 of the year is just this competition alone. pretty crazy.


  28. its so funny how the supreme pontiff acted after grandmaster left.. she is definitely obsessed with grandmaster.lol


    • Its a fantasy genre where giving face is important and set in the middle ages. Western nobility is easy to imagine like knights and their chivalry. This is Eastern Nobility type of setting. Both types of nobility relies on a Man as the leader of the house. Its similar to the joke, “Is it a male or abortion?” IMO, these stories are more gender equal than their western counterpart since we have males cowering under powerful females. The only important thing here is power. Whatever your gender is, as long as you have power, nobody can mess with you.

      Also you did not even provide details why you think this is sexist. furthermore, you used the adverb, ‘Incredibly’.

      Sexism: The belief that one sex (usually the male) is naturally superior to the other and should dominate most important areas of political, economic, and social life.

      In this case, the person who works harder is superior to the other, regardless of gender.

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  29. Bagelson, thanks for the effort you‘ve put into translating DD, it definitely is my favorite LN of all I have read by now but alas it’s been three days and i need a fix of DD so no pressure or anything


    • I guess it’s summer and he got other things to do but I’m hungry for more lol and there’s still nothing in the drive or in the schedule saying they started translating the next chapter

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  30. He is sooo slow….

    Dude, i´m repeating myself over and over again.
    Edit a Donation Button – let us donate you money for 3 Chapters a week.
    One per week is killing me…


    • Considering the quality of the translations he is pretty fast I guess. Other translators only get similar standards having monthly translations.
      If you insist in having faster translations I’d advise you to learn Chinese and offer your help.


  31. i certainly have a doubts regarding his chapter…In this chapter it is said that….Bibi dong took up the supreme pontiff position before 40…right…According to the so called rule of the story that ” Spirit hall is most dominating force around the continent ” which even the two empires wouldn’t dare to go up against…..so this dominating force should have a dominating leader….That is a Title doulou…then dis she become title doulou before her 40s…But according to the story Clear sky doulou that is tang san’s father is the youngest every title doulou that is in 44.Irony bounds , So she was not a title doulou when she took up the position as supreme pontiff. Even if she had the twin spirits.she could only use one at a time.The other two title doulou..Would have the upper hand in whatever way we see. strength , spirit power, spirit level, anything , like side in the previous chapter title doulou as heir own pride no title doulou would want to get orders from a spirit doulou or less…!! Well i wouldn’t want that


      • I think your english is just fine ^^

        And yes. There is a certain amount of loopholes in this story… making you think about how the author ever could make such obvious mistakes. Which in turn makes you thirst for the rest of the story. (please no spoilers thou).

        Just think about how old Qin Ming, said to be the youngest in history to ever reach the spirit emperor (60) rank is. When did he reach that level now again? 34..?
        Increasing your spirit master rank is supposed to become exponentially harder. So much that it’s common for any somewhat gifted spirit master above 40 to not gain a rank for one or several years.
        I mean, Tang San’s father must’ve gained at least 30 ranks in at most 9 years. That’s just completely ridiculous.
        Now I haven’t read any further than you have but say that theoretically some 100 000 year monster willingly gave it’s life to Tang San’s dad… that could explain how he leveled up so god damn fast… But that would still only give him one spirit ring. Supposedly, if you think in the lines of my previously stated theory, Tang Hao must’ve have gained the 100 000 (or close to 100 000) year old monsters blessing close to Tang San’s birth. Somewhere around the time of the “incident” (whatever happened) with spirit hall. So he must have, at the veeery least have been rank 80 back then. So say 20 ranks in 9 years at the very very very least…
        start at the age of 6, the time of the spirit awakening. At best you have spirit level rank 10. 9 years later you’ve gained 20 ranks you’re now 15 with a spirit rank of 30. This older than Qin Ming was when he reached lvl 30 so it’s not unrealistic yet… 9 years later and you’re now 24 with a spirit rank of 50. Yet again 9 years later and you’re 33 with 70 in spirit power. 9 years later and yeah… you see where I’m getting at. We know that Tang San’s father attaining rank 70 at age 33 is impossible. He had “not even” reached rank 60 then. This means that the speed that he’s been ranking up has actually been increasing by a lot rather than slowing down. And that even before the supposed, willingly consumed, 100 000 year old.

        Result Tang Hao is a man of mystery.


        • I must agree with you some things dont make sense about Tang Hao

          however i feel that somehow that 81 heavenly hammer technique combined with his spirit makes it that the laws of spirit ranking dont really apply to him.

          Also as for the loop holes about Bibi Dong from what i gather her master was the last Supreme Pontiff and was killed against Tang Hao, I guess he was grooming her to take his place since it seems you need to have to be a duel spirit weilder so most probably she was only rank 70-80 back then and she has most probably become a Title Douluo by now.

          However out of everything, the one thing that i find most curious is Tang San’s duel spirits if you require two spirit of close to equal power to obtain duel spirits how strong is his spirit grass??? And if its that powerful, why doesn’t anyone recognize it??? Only one answer comes to mind his mother is or was if shes actually dead from a clan like Xiao Wu on both fronts I think that one side of their families are spirit beasts but very ancient ones that can take the form of humans since nobody seems to have ever seen a 100,000 year old spirit beast it only leads me to believe that once you reach close to 100,000 years you can transform into a human form. This would definitely answer a lot of questions.


        • This is not really a spoiler?! I’m just saying that he “somehow gained quite a few ranks” after an certain event which led to the incident ! I’m nto saying anymore ^^


    • I think this was answered in the above chapter… She has twin spirits. This puts you at the top once you reach it. All she needed to do was reach lvl 80 and start loading high 50k year spirit rings and she’s untouchable like Tang San. Who’s to say she isn’t on the title douluo lvl. And I think your greatly underestimating a 100000 year spirit beast. Just like a 1000 can’t compete with a 10000, the jump is so large. It’s been said that a 100000 year spirit beast is on or past the lvl of titled douluo. I won’t spoil tang hao for you, it’s all explained.


    • Well its not as much of a gap as you think imo. Because Grandmaster mentioned earlier that one other person succeeded in cultivating the twin spirits: Bibi Dong. Now even if she is not a Titel doulou her second spirit even if only lets say 70+ ALL OF THOSE WILL BE ABOVE 10000 years old. That should make up in the difference of strength ?! I mean we see that Tang San with superior Ring age can defenetly hold his own against enemies who surpass his rank and even though he is obviously special, having only ancient spirit rings is bound to pay off in some way.


    • The reason why Spirit Hall is willing to accpet Bigi as their Supreme Pontiff is because of her potential! Remember she got 2super strong spirits ? which makes her future achievements unimaginable !


  32. I reached the end… I’ve spent the last week or so reading this on breaks at work, and finally reached the end.. and it’s a cliffhanger!! Arg.
    Anyway though, want to thank you for this. I was fully putting this off, as the last translated novel I enjoyed was the 500 Day War, a comedy novel. The translations stopped…
    For most others, I hate the format and the translation. Here? It fits well, even with the few hiccups that due to the repeating methods for sure are from the authors.

    So, love the style of this, and I want to thank you for giving me another good novel to read. I can’t wait for more.


  33. The wait for these chapters is not doing me any good, but when they come out its almost as if I”m healed. But alas, that feeling is short lived and I must suffer again until another chapter comes out.


  34. The last time we waited a week, there were 7 chapters in a row. and it made it so we could see all the action of the tournament in one go without any suspense.


  35. It´s the same shit like it was with Naruto, i watched the Anime so i was kinda unsatisfied – like waiting every day and so… so i found the manga and had to read like 300 chapters and i was like WOHOHO fuck university i´m ill for the next 2 days.

    So now after graduation and also getting mature … i was like wuhu douluo dalu wuhu – fuck work.
    Now i told you guys before i even let my trainee´s check if there are new chapters out.

    But heeell no, i can´t wait. I´m going to go to japan grab bagelsan out of the arms of geishas and force him to translate faster 😀


  36. God… reading the part the Supreme Pointiff said of how fate toyed with them, concerning their feeling for each other… I stopped reading to think, then was genuinely stopped, re-read a couple paragraphs then said: “Damn man… you had it rough…”.

    I’m obviously referring to his love life here… if you’re maybe as slow as Tang ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ :D.


  37. I’m just waiting for the moment when people start to find Xiao Wu getting all these spirit rings on her own by miraculously finding sleeping and injured creatures that just coincidentally suit her.


  38. Thanks For The Translation

    This Chapter Has A Very Fitting Saying, I Live By.

    ” Having Strong Opinions,
    Without Full Facts,
    Is What Stirs Conflict ”

    Spirit Hall Knows Many Things About Tang:

    * Clear Sky Spirit
    * Twin Spirit
    * Full Inate Spirit Power
    * Age For Every Spirit Rank Acquirement
    * Possible Father
    * Possible School / Family ( Clear Sky )

    This Next part Is Were The ” Saying ” Comes Into play

    They Dont Know However:

    * Thoughts About: Spirit Hall
    * Affilition With Clear Sky
    * Relation With His Father
    * Reason For Becoming Strong
    * Personality
    * Values Of Life

    List Goes On For Ages To Be Truthful.

    This Displays Spirit Halls Paranoia, Most Likely, Caused By Obtaining Power.
    Ones With Power, Wants More, Slowly Become Arrogant With Time.
    Feeding Paranoia About Threats, Especially When There Are, None.
    Seems To Have Become A Daily Routine. . .

    The Conclusion Of Kill Tang, Will undoubtably Stir What They Wanna Stop, Ironicly enough.

    Clear Sky Has To My Knowledge Through Reading, Never,
    Attacked Spirit Hall Directly For At Least 15 Years.
    They Have Been In Hiding, Seemingly A Hidden ” Peace Treaty ” Was Signed,
    Although Very Unstable Relation.

    Killing Tang Would Probably Start An All Out War With Clear Sky, Because

    * Clear Sky Has Not Done Anything For 15 Years
    * Conflict Betwen Tang Hao And Spirit Hall Is/Was Unrelated to Clear Sky
    * Tang Is Probably Loved, Even Outside Clear Sky
    * Tangs BloodLine Is Strongly Connected To Tang Hao’s Brother

    The Power Of Clear Sky, Is To Our Knowledge Unclear.
    As Such I Recon Even Spirit Hall’s Knowledge Is The Same.

    Stiring This War Is Be All Means, Yet, Another Evil, On Thier List.
    Risking something Like This, Without The Thought Of ” Collateral ”

    Wrong Action: Mindlesly Killing Tang, Which Will Most Likely Start A War

    Right Action: Invite Tang To Spirit Hall, Or At Least,
    ” Interview ” Him, Trying To Come To A Solid Conclusion.

    The Right Thing To Do, Is Probably Being Avoided Out Of Pride, And Diginity.
    And Also,
    Due To, Thier Self Rightous Paranoia And Arrogance.

    If You Read This Far, Thanks For Sticking With Me, Letting Out My Mind.
    Just Wanted To Vent Some Facts, Seeing The Comments.
    But Also, My Mind Becoming Hazzy With Many Thoughts.

    When Facing Uncertainty:
    ” The Wise, Ask,
    The Unwise: Does ”

    Take Care Everyone & Of Each other . . .


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