107 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 123 – Ten Thousand Year Spirit Ability’s Variant Ability

    • Well, as long as he can stop the fusion from happening, or better yet, knock the fox girl out of the ring very early on, they won’t have to deal with it at all. Of course, stories working the way they do, its pretty much guaranteed that they’ll have to face that ability directly. I wonder if they’ll use the enemy’s light screen as cover and toss out some self-destructing hidden weapons?


    • I think Oscar and Xiao Wu’s gonna be the most crucial part of the team, when dealing against Spirit Hall. Oscar’s little sausage can remove the debuff effects from the enemies’ spirit fusion. And Xiao Wu’s 3 secs invincibility may be able to land a counter attack.

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    • Well, Tang San has resistance to mental powers along with a spirit bone(which alone is enough to get through a 10 rank difference),twin spirits, and lots of unique abilities. His entire team has 4 rings/abilities (and Xiao Wu is much stronger than her rank), Shrek also has an attack powered Spirit Fusion & the 9 Glaze tool…. Fatty has Tyrannical burst power and Oscar can help heal, fly and increase power to 110%

      They still have a good chance.

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      • But you have to think , that they will also have some trump cards so more than half of that is nullified


        • Well yes, Spirit Hall would have trump cards, but in the end, they’re still not too far ahead.

          Shreks greatest weakness right now is that their hand is now shown while they know little about Spirit Hall

          Spirit Hall: 4 40th ranks, 3 50th ranks, Spirit Fusion, secrecy.

          Shrek: 6 40 ranks, 1 40 rank + Spirit Bone, Spirit Fusion. 2 of the 6 40 ranks are super high level support that can bridge the gaps in power.

          So they’d be pretty close, the main difference being the fact that Spirit Hall has more secrets..


            • Their pretty much on equal footing right now, but I don’t want to spoil anyone but if you want to know who or how they’ll win pretty much lies on tang sans second spirit and if he can do “IT”


            • Well, I was just comparing the 2 teams powers, not what all the teams knew, and outside of the Spirit Bone, they should know most of the things.


      • Who is to say the Spirit Hall guys don’t have spirit bones? You can have up to 5 of them, more if you add external ones.
        In total Spirit hall has more abilities than them.
        Can a Phoenix match a higher level Flame Lord?
        And they showed every one of there cards, and Tangs spirit bone and hammer are already known to Spirit hall so the only secrets they can have are Tangs variation abilities(hopefully he has more)
        The four Spirit hall ancestors are in the upper level 40’s as oppose to the seven devils.
        All in all, not looking good


          • It was written something like most likely. In short spirit hall doesn’t have confirmation but they believe tang san own one.


            • actually they do know if u remember when the two tittled duoluo tries to kill tang san his spirit bone activated


        • Well, it was theorized that they probably didn’t have Spirit Bones, because it is supposed to be the Prize… the Spirit Bones that Spirit Hall was supposed to get….

          And I didn’t say that Spirit Hall didn’t have more abilities or more power… having a chance doesn’t mean that Shrek is better.

          And we don’t know how high the Flame Lord is… don’t judge just by name….

          And remember, Shrek was in a worse position before against the Imperial Team.

          And Their special auxiliary would be a big help.

          I’m not saying that Shrek isn’t at a disadvantage, but they do have a good chance.


  1. Well, I think we can all agree that the 5 lvl 45’s are just there for meat shield and will get rekt if they move. Those other three though, I think we’re gonna need a montage.


    • Would Spirit Hall allow meat shields to work with their Golden Generation? Can does four be anyone other than people second only to the 3 Spirit Kings.

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    • Since its now Shrek, Hall and Godwind left as the only teams we really know anything about I’m guessing the upcomming Draw will pit Shrek against them. We saw in the earlier tournament that the Draw is not as fair as it should be when they were put against the Rhinos and even if it is very likely the Hall team can beat them there is no reason they should take any chance if they can simply let one strong team take another out.


  2. I’m literally not even subscribed and I still manage to get here right as a new chapters is released… I check too often. (;>.<)


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    • I know right…. damn hell, can’t wait to see Tang San’s solution to this, I’m going to hose myself if they draw Spirit Hall for their next opponent


  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    It’s getting to the point where I’m already yearning for the next chapter even while reading the new one.


    • As is “Paragon Golden Body”.

      3 seconds of invincibility (more as she gains spirit rings). So even a Title Douluo cant harm her in that state?

      “Both of Dai Weisi’s palms struck back in the final second of Paragon Golden Body, the intense backlash making his palms numb.”
      You cant even push her away because the laws of physics stopped working. 😀 Not surprised its possible as Dugu Bo can stop time. But a fourth spirit ring doing something like this?

      Suddenly everyone elses spirit rings look like crap by comparison. Even Tang-sans black ring.


      • Their martial artists further empowered by spirit power and rings. For them 3 seconds is a rather long time.


      • Well she is hacking the world an pulling spirit rings out of thin air, why would she choose any but the best if she can have any she wants. It could even be the ring of an extinct spirit beast, who could match that when they have to find and kill to get on suitable(not perfect, suitable)

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      • Ya but I’m thinking what is her secret she always slips off and obtains what she needs mysteriously…. like when she was fighting that fire chick and couldn’t get near her… she now obtained a spirit ring that allows her to do so… she’s covering all her weaknesses and I’m starting to think her mother was a titled douluo. There’s some secret that ties her to nature


  4. Xiao Wu’s kinda abusing her ability to create her own spirit rings, while they’re all powerful at the moment just imagine trying to fight her at Title Doulou level even if she just used the abilities she has right now. She’d have 8 seconds of complete invulnerability with Paragon Godlen Body, 110% strength increase with Waist Bow, the ability to at least stun any opponent with Demon Confusion, and depending on how the range of her teleport increases she’d be damn near impossible to dodge, she’d be able to dominate in close against anyone… More than any other character(except the supports I guess) it seems like her abilities are selected to be of use at Title Doulou level fights


    • Well, they are abilities that she could get from hunting spirit beasts… so she just automatically gets the best spirit ring for her growth is my guess.

      And I wouldn’t say hers are more than others… they just lack the power at the moment, but the other peoples abilities will be more powerful as well once they are Title Doulou….

      Think about it, Once they are Title Doulou, Mubai would smash mountains, Fatty would launch giant streams of lava-like flame, Zhu would clone her self and make the enemy fight multiple Title Doulou, Tang San has a prison that is so quick it could trap people several levels above him….

      All of their Spirit Abilties would be monstrous once they are Title Doulou and can be considered OP depending on the use.


      • I doubt Xiau Wu’s are randomly selected, Grandmaster was shocked at her 3rd ability and her 4th seems just as rare, I bet she has a way to control what ability she gets, or there’s a specific reason those abilities appear

        As for the rest, of course at Title Doulou strength all their abilities will be stronger but it’s been said several times that lower ring abilities dont match up with higher ring abilites. For example while Fatty’s first ring ability might be devastating at 90th rank if a 90th rank opponent had a similar attack for a fifth spirit ring then without other boost the opponents attack should be stronger based on the spirit ring. It’s like how Tang Sans bind ability is still very effective on 30th rank oppenents but barely slows down equal ranks unless they’re spirit power is depleted. All but one of Xiao Wu’s abilities on the otherhand are internal boosts, they’re not really affected by what an opponent does. What could really make her dangerous is the rate at which Teleport evolves, does it gain 1m per Spirit Ring? 5m? Does the distance double with each spirit ring? if its the last then at Title Doulou she could teleport over 300m

        Also who else find it funny that what Salas was originally so worried about was Tang San’s rapid cultivation rate when all but two of the Seven Devils have exceeded Spirit Halls Golden Generation record? Hell Xiao Wu broke through the 40th rank without an Immortal Treasure at what 14? she’s 8 months younger than Tang San so it must be something like that


        • Tang does have a double spirit, it was wrong to think Tang the most dangerous based at first but knowing he has twin spirits, he is undoubtedly the most dangerous, 9 abilities all on the level of a Titled douluo’s final ability. Old Freaks ability could Destroy an entire City in i moment. What could match 9 of those on a higher level combined together? That’s Continet destroying power. If Tang fought Xiao Wu, secs of God Mode wouldn’t be enough to even run away.


      • She could be using extinct spirit beast rings and what can match God Mode?Ehm, God mode with a mind attack so she is protected mentally and physically and can teleport so you don’t even have line of sight.
        She’s really going for the perfect combo and she has 5 more slots to make it even better.


        • Mmmmmm don’t forget paragon golden body can make xaio wu invincible for 3seconds and increases 1 second at with each spirit halo at title doulou she can be invincible for 9seconds even an enemy at god level can’t inflict much if not any damage to her for 9seconds then she uses demon confusion,teleport,and finally waist bow and that pretty much done ins the enemy


        • Well, the thing is that it is a temporary God-mode… and for a Title Doulou, it’d be a great ability, but all of the abilities would be God-Like and powerful.

          And remember, 4th abilities take a lot of spirit power, and this one probably takes a lot the longer you use it.

          It’s main power is to suddenly use it… so it’s like a hidden weapon… quick god-mode to get the advantage in battle, and then turn it off….

          And aren’t they all trying to get perfect slots? None of there 4th rings are really inferior to her powers…. if anything, I’d say that Tang San’s is the weakest, but even then, his ability should be OP once he’s a Title Doulou since it’d be tougher for lower rank people and it’d be quick to make up for it’s lack of power against other Doulou….

          So everyone is getting about as good of a match as her…. well, at least among the Devils and a few of the other academies…

          While some abilities can suck, for the most part, it is how the skill is used that matters…. her power is just as OP as the rest of the devils.


  5. Tang San had long ago told Xiao Wu that he didn’t like seeing her use her body to twist around the “opponents”

    I just found that really cute XD ❤

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  6. Thanks for the chapter.

    I’m a bit confused at the moment. The Spirit Hall team telling Tian-Heng they wouldn’t kill him out of consideration for his clan kind of baffles me. I thought it wasn’t allowed to outright kill people in the fights.
    Or is this just smack talk?
    If not the fight between Hall and Devils will turn out more vicious than I thought up till now.


  7. Ya know, a part of me was not expecting much from the Seeded teams… and while they lost, their teams were actually some of the most impressive amongst schools.

    Both of the Empires seeded schools were actually quite good in power… considering how most schools had only 1 or 2 peoples of 40+ rank.

    Just sucks for them that Shrek had 7 great people (and that they were too cocky) and Godwind teamed up with Blaze.

    So the teams that originally could have deserved 2nd & 3rd place are now 4th and 5th place in best teams…

    Kinda hope Godwind gets to fight Spirit Hall, and maybe Shrek could fight a plant based team… would that be too lucky?

    Course, it’d be cool if all 3 of the best teams actually made it to the final 3…


  8. Thanks for the chapter~
    I hope Tang San made a breakthrough, well against Tang San those two Spirit Kings are no contest.
    99% Resistance to Charm and Illusions, I guess in a blink of an eye, those 2 will be thrown out or will lose consciousness.

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  9. Thank you ❤ I've been desperately waiting for the battle result but I received a bonus, even the Spirit Hall team's result…. Ai Ni O ^-^


  10. Does anyone know what is the current level of little San right now? It could be great if he can be close to 50th when the tournament finish.!!!!! XD


  11. Bagelson, you are a legend! Thank you for the chapter!
    …I kinda feel sad for the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy team, they couldn’t even put up a fight…. which makes me wonder how on earth the 7 Devils will handle this. I’m sure Tang San and Grandmaster will think of something, but I can’t help but feel nervous. Spirit fusion ability, and its between two rank 50 spirit masters? Damn……


  12. ‘Bibi Dong, is this the subject you gave me ?’ More appropriate would be ‘ ‘Bibi Dong, is this the lesson you are giving me? ‘


  13. Realistically they should not win, the only way is if Tang San’s hammer allows the group to seven/eight spirit fusion.


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