Douluo Dalu – 137 – Slaughter King

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    • @Bagelson, sorry If I don’t worship you. I know thats what’s expected from everyone else who leaves comments.

      Wish you would translate more consistently, like having a certain day for releases. Would pay a monthly membership as well. Most likely 30-40% of the readers on this site would too.

      If you don’t enjoy translating anymore, please let the community know and let someone else take your mantle. I get the feeling you don’t.


      • pay someone monthly to translate for you then and don`t ever come back here, Lord bagel is translating this awesome novel for us from his own free will and time, if he wanted he could drop this any time he wanted and only keep the novels to himself but he chooses to share, and yet you come here to complain??? fuck off man seriously people like you that tends to ruin everything.

        Bagel-sama if you are reading this please consider that ungrateful fag a troll and ip ban or something i can assure you everyone that comes to your website except for that bastard is 1000000% grateful for your hardwork

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      • What? Be grateful “angry reader”. Why don’t you translate it yourself? I love Bagelson’a selfless commitment to giving his reader’s top-quality translations at a very fast pace.

        Thank you Bagelson for your fast timing.


      • There isn’t any need for hero worship or any such nonsense. But there is something called gratitude, Bagelson does this on their own time as a hobby. Be more appreciative.

        People have lives, you don’t consider this at all clearly. Far as I’m concerned, the release quality has been both outstanding and steady, I can’t understand why so many people are complaining about Bagelson taking time off.

        So many self entitled children without the tiniest modicum of patience for something that a person does freely on their own time for the benefit of others. Obviously if Bagelson can translate this, they could have read it all and been done with it for their own interest in the story, but here we have translation because it’s being shared with us. If you aren’t happy with it, then don’t read it.

        Don’t post negative comments to someone who has shown the kindness to take time and translate this in the first place. I swear the arrogance is ridiculous. Find a hobby of your own to occupy your time between releases, and if you truly have nothing else to occupy your time with between releases maybe examine that lack within yourself and resolve it as opposed to complain about others.

        Thank you for the translation, Bagelson. It is definitely appreciated. I hope you will not let the complaints of a vocal few dissuade you from the project. But don’t burn yourself out on it either.

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        • You find that his post is negative ? He is just expressing his opinion
          He is not asking him to speed up, but to be more consistent, that’s all

          Yes, Bagelson is doing a really great job, but this shouldn’t prevent us to suggest things


          • Suggestions are fine, but the name used was “Angry reader” not “Constructive reader” there was clear snark “Sorry if I don’t worship you” “I know that’s what’s expected” I don’t know how you can read that as anything but asinine behavior. The poster wasn’t being helpful or positive in the slightest. Also, it was implied that Bagelson taking a break, after a spree of daily translations was ‘unacceptable’. My comment wasn’t just specifically in reply to that post, but in the attitude of a select few who are ungrateful and do not appreciate what is done for them.

            TL’ers for whatever reason get a lot of flak. I cannot fathom how, people can read these Chinese light novels, where the protagonist spends the whole of the series meditating and bettering them self. Displaying strong moral compass and standing by what is right even at the cost of their own detriment. Yet, the lesson is lost altogether on some. Patience is a virtue. So is compassion. Gluttonous self entitled types might be better served curbing their incessant need for instant gratification. Simply be grateful, that worrying about when the next chapter is going to be translated is even a remote concern for you at all. First world problems…seriously.

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          • No. See you allow comments like that and suddenly the translator doesn’t feel like doing it anymore. Frankly If you ‘re not being a motivating factor you can sod off as far as I’m concerned.. AT any rate This translation speed quality and “consistency” is top rate. NOBODY else is doing 3 part chapters like this.

            I’ve seen these little snide trolly comments kill projects. But thats beside the point its an obvious troll.

            Here is some perspective.
            “@Bagelson, sorry If I don’t worship you. I know thats what’s expected from everyone else who leaves comments.”

            ” HI Noeimie sorry (giggle) If i totally don’t worship you. I know that’s what you expect from everyone you meet”

            “If you don’t enjoy translating anymore, please let the community know and let someone else take your mantle. I get the feeling you don’t.”

            “Hey you got a nice car parked in your drive way why don’t you give it to me? I haven’t seen you drive it lately so I have a feeling you don’t want it anymore.”

            SO he insulted all the posters here in his first sentance and then insulted the translator..and yet you don’t see the negatives. W

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      • @angry reader, you need to throw your self entitlement out the window, seriously. Bagelson is doing a great job. Any person doing this kind of thing (translating) as a hobby and sharing it free of charge is a kindhearted person.

        Some may worship, some may not. You don’t have to bash anyone over it. But the fact is, almost everyone bar trolls like you, appreciate his work and his work ethic.

        Bagelson, don’t mind narrow minded people like these. But rather please remember us who appreciates you. I stand in your defense.

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      • Unbelievable…

        I agree he’s ungrateful. I agree he should not have made this comment. But come on, can you be respectful when answering to him? At least, he was.


        • Your idea or respectful and mine widely differ. He’s obviously an ungrateful troll, why shouldn’t we flame someone who has doused himself in gas, thrown lighters at us and started to shout obscenities?


      • Scrolling through all of the expletive laden comments to get to the top, I wondered what kind of hate-filled and insult-laden comment towards Bagel may have been made, but I don’t detect much hate or insult from what the angry reader wrote.

        In my eyes he is just misinformed, and a little bit too entitled for his own sake. Translation takes a long time, especially between languages that have a significant culture gap. It’s easy to be left wanting if the faucet stops running, but we’re going to have to make do with the trickle we’ve still got.

        As much as I am grateful to Bagel for his hard work translating this great novel, I don’t feel that reacting so heavily to one dissenting comment benefits this blog, or Bagel himself for that matter. I hope that just knowing that the vast majority of readers, me included, are very grateful for what we’ve been given, is enough to encourage him to continue, at whatever pace he chooses.

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      • wow what an new innovative idea, u have there douchebag. if he wanted money he would have already said so and we would have already donated a lot but dont you know that there is such a thing known as goodwill in the world. he have already completed more than 1/3 of it. why do u think he does it, huh. there divine people like bagelson in world who cares about us, so that is why we get to read such a wonderful translation. dont think money runs the world a**h**e. if u have got a lot a money then hire ur private translator and dont come here.


      • @angry reader
        “Fucking idiot”, those were my words when I read your comment, yeah… just informing. What I want to say is, look at the release dates of the chapters and shut up.

        And thank you Bagelson, I’m grateful and hope you continue translating with the passion which you have been.


        • WTF is wrong with you people? It’s a site with translations or some kind of islamist forum for fanatics made specially to throw insult at everybody that don’t worship your god?

          Angry just asking for something like schedule on wuxiaworld, where translator have better contact with readers and can at least write about how many chapter he can/want make each week and NO ONE is making a fuss or hating when someone suddenly changing schedule. Because readers know that translators have life, and after Ren write about that “translators hardship” on reddit EVERYONE are grateful.

          Donations system- in my opinion, one of the greatest thing that exist in this work, because taking money for translating means that one day it may be sufficient to take less work and have more time for translating. I think translators on wuxiaworld have much easier with donations that without them. And who said that with donations there must be strict system like 50$-next day premium chapter? Its just a way to show gratitude, nothing more, nothing less.

          So, lastly, think for yourself- is it really worth coming few times everyday with slight hope that “maybe its out”? And it can be done just by writing posts and letting readers know when and how much chapters going out this week. Something that easy can lift great weight from our mind when waiting and day after day refreshing just to be disappointed.

          Thank you so much for translating.

          And sorry for my bad English.. 😉


          • let me ask you if I force you to do 2 chapter a week for let’s say 3 year when you pass the 2nd year can you say you do it out of passion or will it become something like a home work. what people do is what they choose you have no right in any way to ask more from them. does bagelson have to follow what other translator are doing does he have to slave himself and force himself to do this. I don’t want to drag this on but think about it.


          • I believe some people just want to convey that gratitude is of most importance and if you want to criticize, it should be done constructively.
            Since we were told to expect sporadic releases, why get mad because we don’t see a new chapter everytime we refresh the screen. Read something else meanwhile, as simple as that.

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            • First, Bagelson don’t need to create schedule, it’s only suggestion. And nobody’s forcing translators to creating at least 1-2 chapters every week. It’s all about information system. Maybe you don’t get the idea, it cost nothing and can save all comments like angry’s. It’s really simple- Bagelson just posting, that he want to do 1 or 2 chapter this week. And what’s people reactions? Yeeeeey. Or posting that it will be tsunami with 5-6 chapters. And what’s people reactions? YEEEEEEEEEEY. Or posting that he don’t have time this week. And what’s people reactions? OK. And that’s all. Nobody will complain about how slow or non consistently it is, because everyone will know whats they may expecting each week. I slowly realize that if i order you people to bring me thousand bricks then you will working with your hands, only because you cant get the idea that with cart it will be more comfortably. Are you just bunch of masochist? Joshua, it’s not a homework. Nobody forcing translators to make chapters. Just chose- sitting and waiting nobody know how long or just waiting, for example, six days for new chapter. Do you know what’s the difference? Difference is small note “next chapter in 6 days”. You think it’s really that hard? Or, even simpler “I don’t have time this weekend and I don’t know if i can translate in next week, i will let you know next Monday”. And nobody will be angry. Let’s summarize: nobody’s forcing Bagelson to doing more that he want. Just small note when we can expect new chapter and everybody will be happy. It’s like finding 100$ on the ground- it wont hurt you, only make you happier.


              • That is generally a good suggestion, the only problem is that you won’t always know how much you can finish in a certain time. Especially if you’ve got a lot of other stuff going on. And if you say that it’s going to be done next week and then it turns out you misjudged the time and can’t do it in time you can prepare yourself for a serious shitstorm. I mean yes, it’s great if there’s a scedule and you know more or less when the next chapter will be, but I don’t think it’s fair to force anyone to conform to a scedule (in “scedule” I include having to declare when a chapter is to be expected). Simply because having to conform to a scedule will likely result in more stress for the person doing the translating, even if it might make life easier fo the readers.


                • It’s all about knowing more or less. And honestly, how rarely it would be to misjudge the time and don’t translate one chapter in 2 weeks? And if it occur, perhaps nobody will get angry (at least I wont). It don’t need to be precise, just “expect new chapter this week if nothing unexpected happens”. I would be in 100% satisfied. And it’s only normal to have a break after posting 4-5 chapter in one go. We might speculate if it’s good or bad, but it’s still Bagelson choice and I won’t complain if he didn’t agree.


                  • All this rage start was because angry reader want the translation to be consistant. And ok i admit my words wasnt appropriate but i was a little annoyed was because of this post “WTF is wrong with you people? It’s a site with translations or some kind of islamist forum for fanatics made specially to throw insult at everybody that don’t worship your god?”


                    • I understand, but please look at few first post- insulting just because someone tell what he thinks? Add that worshiping part and you have sect with medieval-level culture like Islam or Christian 700 years ago; “You don’t agree with our God ways of thinking? Wanna change anything? Then fuck off or be burned/crucified/others”. It’s the way in which civilized people in XXI century talking? Please… And this rage didn’t start because Angry was wrong- he just gave suggestion. It may be good or bad, but it was lack of culture that destroyed this conversation. Why people can’t just present their argument and have a constructive ending, in which everyone will be happier? Nooo, it’s better to ban this fag. I of course exaggerate, but that’s the way in which we starting to discriminate others. And why? Just because they are not so dumb as we and starting to ask questions.


                    • suggestion are good and I encourage more of that but do you need to say “If you don’t enjoy translating anymore, please let the community know and let someone else take your mantle. I get the feeling you don’t.” even more so when he said “I get the feeling you don’t”. does this need to be added? does this count as an question? I don’t claim my self as a good or just person but I do believe in one thing ” don’t do to others if you don’t want them to do it to you”. saying this I strive to apply this to my everyday life though I fail to achieve applying it non stop but is it needed to say “I of course exaggerate, but that’s the way in which we starting to discriminate others. ” if you do know the cause try to avoid it you can change your word when you type before you send it, you sometimes say words before you think it through and that I can understand. but when I write and type I always try to remember to read it through.


                  • For me it would happen constantly (not being able to judge how much time I would need to complete a chapter). Except for holidays, I very rarely know how much free time I will have per week and how much I have to devote to university and stuff. I can very well imagine that others might feel the same. And yes I do think there would be people who would get angry if the chapter didn’t come.. Not many perhaps, but angry people tend to be very vocal and attention-catching.

                    And besides, the information “the chapter will be released some time next week” would probably still leave most people refreshing the page daily, because “today could be the day”. So, no change there.


      • Well, just ’cause I got to read an “angry stupid whatever”, I’ve got to let a message to say how much I appreciate your releases.
        Like many others who almost never post, I connect almost every day looking for your good work.
        Here in France I quite managed to get a few friends fan of your doings.
        Just keep up, we appreciate soo much, and thx


    • He’s just taking it easy after the chapter spree, and I say he’s done a lot more than he really needed to under that spree. The rest is WELL-EARNED!

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    • Doesn’t “Phoenix Guides Nine Chicks” sound… I don’t know… cutesy to you guys? It sounds fluffy and filled with love and puppies…. until it lands an instant-kill critical in your back…

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        • well yes, but actually I meant;

          “These three moved simultaneously. All held a body in one hand, a weapon in the other. Under the effect of their deep spirit power, they charged at Tang San from three corners. Their minds were already locked in on this sixty seven victory Asura King. They knew that the outcome lay in this one move, and they only had this one chance.
          ‘Want to block my hidden weapons? Fine, then I’ll let you die from hidden weapons.’
          Body hastily rotating one turn, nobody clearly saw just what Tang San did with his hands. Nine thin as willow leaf arcing flying knives already flew out from him.
          Tang Sect hidden weapons ninth rank, Phoenix Guides Nine Chicks.
          Nine flying knives were like nine phoenixes flapping their wings and crying, swaying in the air.”


      • That’s the point, when the name is shouted out loud and the opponent hears it, they are distracted in thoughts of a mother phoenix doting on it’s fluffy, cute chicks, and they are so moved as to ignore the flying knives that seconds later get stuck on their eyes.


  1. Thank you for the chapter.

    Concerning Part 3, after reading the following part:

    After three days, Hell Slaughter Arena.

    I seriously thought the next line will be describing Hu Liena’s epic dump because of Tang San’s pill…. Was that wrong of me?

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  2. Thanks for the chapter I wonder what the slaughter king will do when tang says he will also not accept his offer and I would love to play a virtual reality game of this can you imagine the awesomeness that game would be,and trying to get great spirit rings would be great ohh my god this needs to happen,we need virtual reality within the next 40 years


    • Personally, I think this is another case of Grandmaster and Bibi Dong happening. Both guys are in love with another girl, with both women having unrequited love towards them. Both women are also part of spirit hall and are also the Supreme Pontiff. (Will be in Hu Liena’s case.)
      Like master like pupil.

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        • I think the pupil has already surpassed the teacher. Every female spirit master that Tang-san comes across seems to fall for him. I think blue silver grass has a passive charm ability.

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      • Bibi Dong’s love wasn’t actually unrequited… it was just that higher powers kept her away and at this point, they are now on enemy sides…. so mutual love that cannot be.

        Now, there is a chance that Tang San may actually gain some feelings for Hu Liena, but he’s already having a lover and is starting from the enemy side.

        Bibi Dong actually had a chance that Spirit Hall took from her, and its too late to take it back…

        Hu Liena never had a chance. Even if Tang San could fall for her, he already found Xiao Wu.

        In my opinion, her master’s situation is worse than hers. She fell in love knowing the other side was an enemy, Bibi Dong had to watch her love become an enemy.


    • I also would like harem “ending”.

      Tang San’s “current harem” (correct me if I forgot someone)
      Xiao Wu
      Ning Rongrong (ex)
      Huo Wu
      Hu Liena

      then there are those two cases of “shotgun marriages”
      Meng Yiran
      Dugu Yan

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        • I don’t think any of “Zhu sisters” (yes, I included Jiang ZHU) ever was interested in Tang San (two cases might be because of Xiao Wu, and other two because of Dai brothers).

          About skywater females I don’t remember.

          And of course there is bunch of females in slaughter city drooling (wooing?) over Asura King.


          • I don’t count slaughter city.. and the younger Zhu Zhuquing showed a tiny tiny bit… but I’m just adding her cause she’s hot and it’d be better with Tang San…

            Boy needs a harem dammit!!! Though my favorite with him is Rongrong and Huo Wu…

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              • Well that’s just mean… probably didn’t even mean it, but still mean….

                And Nah… I kinda just find it funny, yet at the same time…. I just ship him with too many people…. just can’t make up my mind…

                though to be fair, I’m not too serious about it…. just that I like some MCs with harems, and some without.

                Btw, I’m also cool with reverse harems.

                Don’t judge people’s tastes in fiction with people’s taste in real life…

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  3. Chapter at last! Chapter at last! Thank God there is a chapter at last! *was reduced to shivering uncontrollably in the darkest corner of my room* Bagelson…can I kiss you? Just this once.

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  4. Slaughter King saying it to a guy who’s currently living his second life…
    “Perhaps you don’t know how terrible the Hell Road is. Hell Emissary, I hope you understand that people only live once.”
    I guess our MC is not a people anymore eh?

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  5. Thanks for the chapter, it was really intense!
    Oh! I can’t wait to end this ‘slaughter’ arc. It’s just too bloody and intense for me…


  6. Thanks for the Chapter Bagelson!

    This one was a high anticipated and awesome chapter, glad the author didn’t kill Hu Liena, she’s a nice plot point to bring up later not to mention how much the situation mirrors Grandmaster’s own, would love for her to find out when they leave due to Tang Hao maybe waiting for him at the exit.

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  7. Damn! recently I’ve joined the list of ppl who try to get that first comment… But damn 2 and a half hours and there’s already this many comments… well…
    I’ll never give up! One day! I’ll be there (ಥ﹏ಥ) for sure, I’ll be there!


        • Yeah don’t bring in manhue shit here since it’s spoiler. And also there is no way that Xiao Wu truly dies cause being the main love interest there will be some way to bring her back or something if she does happen to die.


          • I really hope Xiao Wu gets to live, but if she does die- for the love of god, don’t let the author go full Dragon Ball on this shit. If you’re killing off a main heroine, do it GRR Martin style, make it mean something.

            Going to pray comment spoilers were wrong though, plenty of manga/anime out there that absolutely butchered the source material. The manhua’s been kinda inconsistent when it comes to the story anyway.


                • I regret reading the comments if that helps, there’s like 4 people who mention it. I stopped reading the manhua myself after chapter 100 somewhere because I didn’t want to spoil the story with the half-assed adaption.

                  GRR Martin style refers to Game of Thrones, the series where everybody dies all the time forever.


                  • Comments have become a spoilerfest recently since the manga has passed the translation, better not read them at all.
                    The manga is at a point where it skips two thirds of the content, including some stuff that seemed pretty relevant to me. I wonder how they’ll ‘fix’ the story though.


  8. I wonder how many other useless power boost someone can have in this story hahaha !!

    Ok, the Domain thing is tempting and since both his father and Bibi Dong have it, its probably something worth getting.

    But is it worth the risk now I wonder?

    Tang San have Bibi Dong disciple at her mercy. If he get the power, so will she. Of course, he cant suspect (or rather knows, as I would have suspected myself she got a other one cranium spirit bone since the one Tang San have was destined to be hers to began with).

    I wonder if Tang Hao knows she was there. Me, I think he didn’t know.

    Yes, storywise, it will probably go just like his Grandmaster and Bibi Dong love story: unrequiered love and such. But cmon, thats too predictable!

    Me, I would love Tang San pill to be a other form of poison. Or I hope he will say no to the invite and knows she cant do it on her own.

    If he kill her, he get a other spirit bone. While not useful for HIM, it could prove useful for others Shrek devils OR be traded for a other kind of spirit bone.

    Tang San lifeline with Bibi Dong disciple is thin. Once she knows who he is, its killing time. She didnt realize yet because of his luck and different look but Im sure she will found out eventually. Tang San is not a liar.

    In this world, Tang San knows he have lots of enemies. Bibi Dong is among them. He should remember that anyone who knows the truth about Xiao Wu will want to kill her. Im sure Bibi DOng would want her spirit allow and spirit bone goes to her disciple too.

    Not only chosing to kill her would make more sense storywise but also proof he would do anything for her. Tang San and Tang Hao are already enemies of Spirit Hall.

    Hell, they probably wanted to capture Tang San mom and Tang Hao had to defend her while she was giving birth.

    If I was Tang San, I wouldn’t push my luck and kill her. If she die, in the future, it mean Spirit hall greatest strenght could be someone less strong then him.

    Sorry, I had to vent. I love this world and the rich background it have but storywise, I feel its so frustrating at time. Heck, Tang Hao maybe wanted Tang San to have that power but thast not what he said to Tang San. Heck, its a other reason why I woudnt do it if I was Tang San: I know he passed his rebellious stage in his past life but killing her and get her spirit bone would prove as useful, even if its not as powerful as the power he would have got.

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    • I was seriously wondering who the other Death God was that they were referring to besides Tang Hao, could have been Ghost Douluo as well imo. Hu Liena confirmed it as Bibi Dong for us though. I had a good laugh looking back at the Slaughter King’s comments about being more worried of an individual (Death God Tang Hao) rather than the whole of Spirit Hall (Death God Bibi Dong), lolz!


      • It just said that Spirit Hall’s Deathgod was female right? Never specified it was Bibi Dong, could be one of Spirit Hall’s other powers….. Oh, who am I kidding, it’ll end up being Bibi Dong, the author does alot of things well but he does like to cram way to many powers into one person instead of spreading them around

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        • lolz true, the only spreading happening here is the brain matter of Tang San’s enemies on the ground. If you’re going to make an epic OP mc, he’ll need equally epic OP enemies as well, it’s no fun if he just breezes through confrontations


  9. I spent the last 2 days reading (& catching up :c) the LN: Martial God Asura,
    It’s just as addicting as this story, so I can recommend it to those who are impatient about the new releases here as a way to get their ‘fix’.
    Though i’ll have to warn u, it’ll make this story seem very mild in the violence, ruthlessness & killing-department… (yes even this arc)

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    • IMO DD is a lot better than MGA.
      MGA is mainly about a total dick who effortlessly conquers the world by killing and torturing like he pleases.
      And he is still less ruthless than the averange citizen of his world.
      Also I have the feeling half the story is just about how people are astonished about him.
      Not saying the story is bad but sadly not even in the same realm as Dd.


      • I don’t think the MC in MGA is a dick. Everyone he’s killed deserved it. Sure he may act a little high and mighty every now and then , but it’s justified with the way his society is run.


          • the first time that happened, he was also the one who was raped technically, he had no control over the situation. the second time, he raped the person trying to have him raped, i kinda see that as just deserts.


        • Hey there it’s me again.
          Dunno if you read the same novel as me, but I remember several occurrences when Chu Feng murdered and tortured innocents.
          Think about black tortoise village or how it was called for example.
          Sure he killed many who might have done just the same to him and killing the weak seems pretty fucking normal in his world but I don’t believe that’s an excuse.


          • Its the same for Xian Ni, you don’t read MGA expecting some heroic considerate MC to follow the right path, protecting humanity and living in accordance to a stringent moral code or something (like with Shen Yin Wang Zuo). You don’t even expect the MC to create and follow his own moral code with his friends and family as the center piece (like good’ol Tang San does or with the case of ATG).

            With MGA you expect the MC to be a crazy anti-hero muther who does as he pleases when he pleases without so much as twitching an eye, nevermind the rest. It honestly took me a while to get used to the whole anti-hero thing, but hey, the dark side has cookies. It’s refreshing to read something completely different than the usual.

            Although DD stays at the top as my all-time favorite.


    • yeah its really nice and looks like u guys have been reading for a short time so you havent seen the true face of FBT. he’s the real evil, god of cliffhanger. second volume just started so wait a while. when the cliffhanger comes u will definitely regret reading it


      • Yeah and FBT is starting to influence Ren with CD since he has been leaving terrible cliffhangers recently and compounded with the fact that Ren is in the process of moving we only get 1 CD chapter a day which makes it even worse. Though I think Ren is taking more after one of hte CD characters and becoming a God of Trolling and is just using the cliffhangers to further his Trolling.


  10. Bagelson, thank you for the translation work. I also do some translating (not Chinese) occasionally, so I really appreciate you making the effort to translate. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy reading it!


  11. Thank you for new chapter Bagelson!

    Clearly I have to start looking this site weekly, instead of many times a day. (As if that is going to happen).

    Last time I made comment about 200 remaining chapters and if daily updates continued end would be reached within a year. And after commenting I noticed Bagelson’s note about “more sporadic releases now.”


  12. Man this translations are awesome as always. And the story? Heavenly amazing hahahaha. Thank you very much for the hard work


  13. In middle early part 1 : “Passing the forging of three great immortal herbs and two great spirit bones ”
    Two spirit bones? One is the skull type, what is the other one? Is it the external spirit bone?


  14. Thank You So Much!!!! I have been waiting for what felt like an eternity for this chapter to appear and will be waiting anxiously for the next one! I love the series, and truly appreciate all of your hard work! I hope you can keep updating new chapters regularly, and look forward to reading them!


  15. I wonder if tang san will accept the domain ability might be useful but seems to be also detracting due to the fact that it scales with muder aura that leads to madness.


  16. I don’t get why Tang San just accept the women who want to bed him.he could atleast increase his knowledge on how to pleasure women.after all xaio wu is his future wife are you gonna make your first impression on the bed bad for your wife.hell no……..but then again he could have some secret Tang sect pleasuring arts,not to mention he can create the most potent aphrodisiac anyone can make after all even Dugu Bo had to admit his skill and knowledge in poisons and herbs a bit lacking or inferior compared to Tang San.hell Tang San might even use an immortal herb with long lasting aphrodisiac effects on xaio wu 😉


    • Um well… If he bedded a woman from hell city then it would probably end in death. And Brother San? Really? Not my cup of tea


    • Please do note that I haven’t read any spoilers, but, sadly, I’m afraid that it wasn’t a case of the manhua butchering the story.

      Considering the foreshadowing about being able to absorb any spirit ring regardless of level as long as the spirit beast willingly sacrfices itself, along with the fact that Tang San has five empty slots on the sky hammer. All in all, I would be suprised if Xiao Wu survived. Even if it is for the sole purpose to truly mobilize Tang San against spirit hall.


        • Yeah, If I remember right, Dai Mubai, says that Titled Boneless Douluo was the last person you would want to antagonize because you would incur the wrath of Thousand Hands Asura. It was something along those lines.


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