Douluo Dalu – 146 – Return To Clear Sky School

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118 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 146 – Return To Clear Sky School

  1. Thanks a lot—-!
    Ah—-i thought he’d meet his uncle in this chapter! Ah, oh, well, i’ll wait…!-trembles in excitement- so excited to meet his uncle! I hope his uncle’s reaction is satisfactory!

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  2. Da heck man.. Nobody cares about the damn terrian and how far up high the damn sect is.. Literally spend half of the chapter describing the road.. Damn author!!

    Thanks for the translation!

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  3. Ahhhh.. That was too short but thanks anyway… I was just visiting the comment section when I found out that there’s already a new update.. Thanks Bagelson.!


  4. Thanks for the supersonic two chapters Bagelson!

    And Bibi Dong, you bitch. I wish I can just hop inside a cryopod and sleep until Bagelson reaches the one chapter that (hopefully) describes Spirit Hall’s complete and utterly humiliating destruction at the hands of Tang San in great, great detail.

    Xiao Wu better not get killed or permanently harmed in any way author! *scowl* *scowl*

    Seriously though I think I may need to put this series on hold again just to build a buffer 😛 So. Damn. TENSE.

    I love this series but also hate how it’s killing me mentally lol.

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    • Stellar Transformation, Coiling Dragon and Douluo Dalu are the best
      every time a new chapter is released makes enduring the waves of anxiety worth it


    • well it just matter of point of view..
      in bibidong view point.. the killer of her teacher are a live and she want to take revenge..
      in tang san view point, the main suspect that make his parent to be like that already got killed so what did he want again???
      yes their starting point is because someone trying to get his mother spiritual ring..

      and in my memory.. tang san also didn’t have problem in kiling some random spiritual beast..
      should all that beast child go took revenge and kill tang san?

      and is this matter is it really that simple?
      (i still smell some other party involved in how SH found his mother as 100k years spirit beast, and how bibidong teacher got killed, since his father parting away and only left him injured)

      but ya.. looking bibidong start making move.. i think next few chapter is gonna be really dark…. 😦


    • Unless the author doesn’t revert on his own story, Xiao Wu’s development (Health, safety) shouldn’t be impeded in a major way. In chapter 20 she is referenced as “Soft Bones Douluo Xiao Wu”.


  5. Umm…. i remember someone translating the entire doulou dalu series using bing translator and posting the file in this website, but i can’t find it. Can someone plz repost it or tell me where the file is? (I think it was in one of the chaptor comments). I can’t enter the raw website for some reason 😦

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  6. I came and check the site after a week or 2 and I find plenty of chapters
    Thanks for the great work hope see more in the future. ~_~


  7. god…. this is addictive ._. with two chapters now im so eager for more 😦 we really need to get a translator to help bagelson with half of the work, and obviously that would speed up haha


  8. Hey, recently started on this and really wanted to say thank you for your translations, which are quite enjoyable to read!


    • And I’ll follow up with a sledgehammer. We don’t need another tragedy to happen just to make Tang San more angry or worse yet angsty. Fingers crossed eh?


    • “This site is a spoiler free zone, please don’t share spoilers in the comments.

      If you feel the need for spoilers, look to the forum or the spoiler document in the Google Drive folder.”

      Please follow the rules of this page many dont read the manga and even if not everything the manga does happens in the light novel some things are close or the same so let the people find out themselfs what will happen 🙂


  9. Thanks for the chapter!! I was really happy to see another chapter today. 🙂

    Although I still have no idea what a Spirit Hunt is or what it has to do with the schools.

    And flight is an awesome ability. I wonder how effective his lances and hammer would be in conjunction to flight. Probably pretty good.

    Can’t wait for the next chapter! Heh.


    • A spirit Hunt if Im infering properly is Basically a Mass purge of all beings that pose a threat to spirit halls complete dominance over the spirit master world. THE top 7 schools would be part of those hindrances. So it’s probably safe to safe to the nxt handful of chaps is gonna a showdown between spirit hall and the other clans most likely involving tang San since she seems hell bent on capturing Xiao wu.


  10. sigh… so so so gooood wish there was a way for a faster translations .. I guess I will have to see for some Chinese lessons or work on my addiction problems. thx a lot for another grate chapter^^

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  11. How come the chapters are released on the blog, but the Google Drive folder only shows up to 145_1 ?
    In the “About” section is written the GDrive would be the main node, for everything related to DD ??

    Also strange: The blog links to an Google Doc, maybe GDrive is screwing around abit?


  12. thanks for the chapter, but wtf they spent the whole chapter going on in detail about the journey going to the clear sky school. dafuq


    • 145 Part 2
      “As long as he used force with his right leg, he had a kind of feeling as if floating in the air to fly. And the ability given him by the blue silver right leg bone, was Flying. Flying with very little spirit power consumption. It was also only hundred thousand year spirit bones that could produce such a top quality spirit ability.”


  13. Suddenly I cannot open anymore… It says that I do not have access to this page??

    Does anybody knows why this is so? And how does the translator get access to the raw if we cannot access that website? Is there another cache of raw somewhere? Maybe in Google Drive / PDF? If there is, can anybody point it to me?

    I am still learning Chinese, and sometimes like to peek ahead to the raw. My reading skill is still way too slow, even if using PeraPera. Or else I would volunteer to help translate


  14. Bagelson you beast 2 chapters in 1 day again awesome 😀 Thanks for your hard work on translating 🙂
    Cant wait for the next chapter im patroling the Google drive folder all 5 minutes like a madman looking for his next shot 🙂


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